UVee Home Play Sanitizing System review

UVee Puritize Home Play Sanitizing System Review

Sarah Riccio

Allow me to introduce you to Puritize Home Play, the first sanitizing system designed specifically for sex toys. Using Puritize’s patented UV-C technology, this handy accessory kills 99.9% of germs hanging out on your pleasure products in 10 minutes flat. Plus, it serves as a charging station and practical storage solution.

Intrigued? Keep reading my Puritize Home Play review to learn all about how it works, and who might benefit most from its puritizing power. Let’s get started! 

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Short on time? Take a moment to scan the basic info below. You can also scroll to the end of this review for a list of pros and cons.

  • Sanitizing and charging system 
  • Employs patented UV-C sanitizing process
  • Designed for adult toys, but can sanitize jewelry, cellphones, and more
  • Eliminates 99.9% of germs in 10 minutes 
  • Interior dividers for organization and separation of items 
  • 3 USB charging points 
  • 1 wall outlet port for non-USB devices
  • Key code lock 
  • 16.4”x 8.75” x 5”
  • Black, white color options 

Uvee Puritize Home Play System


The Puritize Home Play comes packaged in a large cardboard box, and is encased in styrofoam for extra protection. Aside from the Home Play itself, you’ll find its power cord and a Quick User Guide that provides warranty and registration information, as well as step-by-step sanitizing instructions.

Once your Home Play is plugged in and ready to go, you’re free to sanitize anything that’ll fit inside! Yes, this system was designed with sex toys in mind, but you can feel free to throw your jewelry, car keys, and cellphone in there too. In fact, this sanitizing system is safe for any and all products, making it a great multipurpose tool.

Okay, now that we know what we’re working with, let’s see what this baby can do! 

UVeee Sanitizing System review


Let me start by saying that I use my Puritize Home Play for everything — not just sex toys. I got mine at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, so I quickly adopted the habit of sterilizing my keys, wallet, and cellphone every time I walked through the door. So, again, you don’t need a closet full of dildos to benefit from this sanitizing system as it’s safe for products of all kinds.

That said, the Home Play was designed for adult products. It’s got a key code lock for privacy, can simultaneously charge up to three electronic toys, and serves as practical storage, too. But its main claim to fame is its super-sterilizing ability! Simply put, the Home Play uses UV-C light to blast the germs off your butt plugs, vibrators, and any other intimate items that need cleaning. 

Here’s how it works. First, plug your Home Play into a wall outlet and set up the internal wire dividers. The dividers aren’t a necessity, but I think they make everything more organized. Then, neatly place your item or items inside the Home Play, and close the lid. As soon as you close the lid, the sanitizing process will begin! It’s that simple. 

UVee Home Play System White

The logo on the Home Play will light up blue while it’s working, and turn off when the purifying process is done. Each cycle takes 10 minutes to complete, after which you’re free to enjoy your freshly sanitized toys. And remember: this thing wipes out 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, ensuring extra safe playtime for you and your partners. 

So… what makes the Home Play such an effective germ-killer? 

Well, it’s all about UV-C light, which has been used in clinical and medical settings for decades thanks to its superior germicidal qualities. When you place something inside the Home Play, its UV-C light seeks and destroys all the pathogens it touches. It even breaks down the DNA of each microorganism, rendering it totally unable to reproduce (science, am I right?).

UVee Home Play Sanitizing System interior

Of course, you won’t be able to see any difference after your toys are sterilized, as UV-C light works on a microscopic level. So, if you need more evidence, or want to dive deeper into the science behind the Home Play System, you’ll be pleased to find that myriad studies have proven its efficacy. In fact, Puritize conducted independent studies of its own, all of which pointed to UV-C’s defense against viruses like Covid-19 and Influenza. 

On a personal note, my Home Play has been more than just a handy tool; it’s offered me peace of mind. I still use toy cleaners to wipe down my pleasure products and rid them of any surface-level stains, but I love knowing that my Home Play is the heavy hitter that’ll knock out all the germs that are invisible to the eye. 

Now that we know what the Puritize Home Play can do, let’s recap the perks and pitfalls of this product so you can decide if it’s right for you.  

UVee Home Play System charging station


There’s a lot to love about the Home Play! Let’s start with the good stuff. 

  • Easy to Use: The Puritize Home Play is so easy to use, and no tech-savviness is required. If you’re worried about fumbling around with buttons, wires, or Bluetooth, remember that this sanitizing system automatically turns on when you close the lid. 

  • Multipurpose: In addition to its super sterilizing ability, the Home Play works as a charging station for your electronics. You can charge your vibrator, cell phone, and FitBit all at once, if you like! Plus, its large size and sturdy exterior makes the Home Play great for toy storage. 

  • Key Code Lock: For extra discretion, you can set a key code lock on your Home Play. This way, no one can peek inside while your toys are charging. And remember: you can store your jewelry or other small valuables in your Home Play, too!

  • Superior Sanitizing: The biggest draw to this system, of course, is its ability to destroy germs. It uses UV-C light to target and eliminate 99.9% of bacterial and viral microorganisms, and prevents those pesky germs from reproducing. If you’re looking for a very thorough way to sanitize your sex toys (or anything, for that matter!), this is a great way to go. 

  • UVee Home Play System exernal photo


    There are a few things to consider before buying a Home Play.

  • A Bit Bulky: This isn’t necessarily a drawback, but the Home Play has a rather spacious design to accommodate larger items. Its dimensions are 16.4”x 8.75” x 5”, which might not be ideal for those looking to store this device on a small counter or shelf.   

  • Off and On: Again, this is more of a heads up than a con, but if you want to store things in your Home Play without turning on the UV-C lights, just open the lid for 2-3 seconds and close it again. Just close it once, lift the lid for a couple of seconds, then close it again.

  • UVee Home Play UV Sanitizing System for sex toys 

    Well, that wraps up my Puritize Home Play review! Hopefully, this is the clean, mean, germ-killing machine you’ve been searching for. As you consider your options, don’t forget to follow us on social media (@realdelicto) for more reviews, tutorials, and sex education. 

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    What can I put in the Puritize Home Play?

    You can put whatever you want in your Puritize Home Play! As long as it fits within its dimensions and you can completely close the lid, you can sanitize your keys, cellphone, electronics, and other household items like toothbrushes, pacifiers, pet toys, makeup brushes and more.

    How do I know the UV-C bulbs are working?

    If the UVee logo lights up blue, that means your UV-C bulbs are turned on and working properly. If it lights up green or yellow, that means one or both of the bulbs are not working, and it may be time to call customer service!

    How do I program the lock on my Puritize Home Play?

    Your Home Play is pre-set with the key code 0-0-0, which you can keep, if you like. To reset it with a code of your own, flip the switch inside the system, behind the lock. Then, rotate the dials to your desired code, and flip the switch back to its original position.