Femme Funn Klio Review

Femme Funn Klio Review

Sarah Riccio

I'll come right out and say it: I've never reviewed a rabbit-style toy like this one before. The Femme Funn Klio is a triple-action vibrator that provides thumping stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot and, well, it might be my new favorite. 

Come along as I explore the ins and outs of this innovative vibe! In my Femme Funn Klio review, you'll find everything you need to know about how it works, what it's made of, and why it's perfect if you're in search of blended orgasms.

Femme Funn Klio: Quick Stats

No time to read the full Femme Funn Klio review? Take a moment to scan the need-to-know info, and scroll to the end for a list of pros and cons. 

  • Made from premium body-safe silicone
  • 8.4 inches long, 5 inches insertable length
  • 1.3 inches wide
  • Flexible for a comfortable fit
  • Clitoral stimulator delivers thumping stimulation ranging from gentle to intense
  • Internal stimulator both thumps and vibrates
  • Operate all 3 types of stimulation together or independently
  • 5 internal thumping speeds, 10 internal vibe modes, 3 external thumping speeds
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Safe for use with water-based and hybrid lubes and any toy cleaner

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Femme Funn Klio Triple Action Rabbit Vibrator

How Does the Femme Funn Klio Work?

We know the Femme Funn Klio can simultaneously vibrate and thump on the clitoris and G-spot, but how does it work and what does it actually feel like? Let’s dive into the details! 

Construction and design 

The Femme Funn Klio is a triple-action rabbit-style vibrator made from 100% body-safe silicone, a non-porous, silky-smooth material that’s easy to clean and free from phthalates or toxic dyes. The Klio is fully waterproof, which means you can take it in the shower, hold it under water, and do anything else that might get it really wet. 

The shape of the Klio is unlike anything I’ve seen in a toy, and I’m here for it. The shaft resembles a long, crooked finger with perfectly placed curves at the middle and tip. The idea here is that, as the shaft thrusts in and out of the vagina, the curves massage the G-spot in a very stimulating way

Speaking of thrusting, the ergonomic handle at the base of the Klio makes it a cinch for a partner to hold or to maneuver yourself during solo play. As we tested this toy, my partner pointed out that the handle might be helpful for those with hand/wrist mobility issues as it hooks onto your thumb — no tight grip required. 

Then there’s the clitoral stimulator which, again, isn’t like any I’ve seen on a rabbit toy. That’s because it thumps on the clitoris instead of vibrating, as is typical for most rabbits. To me, it feels like very fast tapping rather than the rumbly or buzzy sensations you might experience from vibration

The construction of the Klio exhibits the kind of high-quality, innovative design we’ve come to expect from Femme Funn. So, let’s take a closer look under the hood, shall we?

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Femme Funn Klio clitoral stimulator

Features and settings 

The Klio’s internal motors offer three main functions: internal vibration, thumping stimulation to the G-spot, and thumping stimulation to the clitoris.

Each function can be enjoyed independently or together, in any variation you like. You can have the clit and G-spot stimulators thumping at the same time with no internal vibration. You can enjoy the shaft’s vibes solo. You can have all three functions on full blast. Take your time to find what feels good! 

In total, the Klio has 10 vibration modes, 5 internal thumping speeds, and 3 external thumping speeds. To turn the Klio on, press and hold any of its 3 buttons for about 3 seconds. This activates standby mode, which means it’s ready for your next command.

How to cycle through the Klio's various modes:

  • Activate the internal vibe modes by pressing the button with the Femme Funn logo on it
  • Cycle through the internal thumping speeds by pressing the middle button with the wave on it
  • Cycle through the clitoral thumping speeds by pressing the button with the mouth on it

To stop any of the functions without turning the toy off, press and hold the corresponding button for 3 seconds. To turn the Klio off altogether, press and hold each button one by one until none of the buttons are lit. 

Now that we’ve seen what the Femme Funn Klio is made of and how it works, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons so you can decide if it’s the right toy for you.

Should I Buy the Femme Funn Klio?

It thumps, it vibrates, it’s easy to thrust with, but is it a must-have? Here are some of my favorite Femme Funn Klio features. 

Femme Funn Klio Pros

It’s unique and innovative 

Of all the rabbit-style toys I've tested, the Klio really stands out. The curves of the shaft, the thumping stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot — this triple-action toy really is different from your run-of-the-mill rabbit. 

If you love blended stimulation and want a toy that offers a twist on the usual clit/G-spot vibration, I heartily recommend the Femme Funn Klio.

It’s heavenly for the G-spot 

My favorite thing about the Klio is the way it simultaneously massages, taps, and vibrates the G-spot. Folks who love G-spot pleasure are sure to enjoy the Klio, especially with the internal thumper on full speed. 

It’s easy to hold 

The ergonomic handle makes the Klio super easy to grab onto and thrust with, which is particularly great for partnered play. My partner noted that the handle allows her to thrust the toy without needing to keep a firm grip or rotate her wrist. 

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Femme Funn Klio Potential Cons

Every sex toy comes with potential pitfalls. Here are some things to consider about the Klio.

It doesn't vibrate the clitoris 

Remember: the Klio taps on the clitoris in a way that feels like fast thumping. Make no mistake — it can get pretty powerful, but if you prefer traditional clitoral vibration, you won't find it here.

It's on the slender side 

This is a matter of personal preference, but if I had to change something about the Klio, I might give it a slightly girthier shaft. With a diameter of 1.3 inches, the shaft is about two fingers wide. This might be bit narrow for size queens, but perfect if you prefer slimmer internal stimulators.

You can only use water-based lubricant 

Some silicone toys are safe to use with hybrid lubes, but the folks at Femme Funn give strict instruction to use water-based options only. If you're a silicone lube enthusiast, check out water-based options that closely mimic the feel of silicone lubes, like Tenga Hole Lotion and Sliquid Sassy

Final Thoughts 

The Femme Funn Klio is one of the coolest, most innovative sex toys I've reviewed in a while, and my G-spot agrees. On a personal note, my girlfriend would like to add that this is her "new favorite rabbit toy," and she's a pretty tough critic! 

If you're not sold on the Klio, take some time to browse our guide to choosing the right vibrator, or reach out to me directly for a personal recommendation. There's a perfect toy for everyone and I'm confident I can help you find it. 

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