Vibepad grinding vibrator review

Vibepad Review

Sarah Riccio

Ready for a departure from the daily, um, grind? You’ve come to the right place! Today I’m reviewing the Vibepad, one of the best toys for people who like to get their grind on.

If straddling a pillow, your partner’s leg, or even your own hand feels good to you, or you just want to try something different from your average vibe, read on. 

I’ve spent some serious quality time with the Vibepad and have all the details about this uniquely orgasmic toy. Come with me as I dive into the upsides, downsides, tips and tricks for how to use it, and everything else you need to know!

Vibepad: Quick Stats

No time to read the full review? Don’t worry. Take a quick look at this toy’s essential stats, and browse the FAQs at the end of this review for the need-to-know info.

  • Made by German pleasure product company Orion
  • Classified as a grinding vibrator
  • 7 vibration patterns and speeds 
  • Rumbly vibes that range from gentle to intense
  • Made from 100% body-safe silicone and ABS plastic 
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Fully waterproof
  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 8.15 inches
  • Height: 1.15-1.65 inches

Vibepad: First Impressions

Right out of the box, the Vibepad looks different from any other sex toy I’ve ever seen. It features a flat, flexible, oval body, not the shape most of us imagine when we hear the word “vibrator.” But rest assured the Vibepad is very much a vibrator, albeit one specifically designed for folks who prefer grinding methods of masturbation. 

In the middle of the toy you’ll find two raised ridges, one larger than the other, and this is where the vibration (and magic!) happen. You can operate these vibrating ridges independently so that only one vibrates, both vibrate at the same time, or both vibrate at different speeds. Included along with the toy itself is a small, palm-sized remote that controls all seven vibration modes and speeds.  

How To Operate The Vibepad

As you may have guessed, the Vibepad isn’t a traditional toy with control buttons on the handle. But don’t worry it’s very easy to operate. To turn it on, just press the power button on the underside of the toy once. You’ll see a little blinking light, which means it’s in standby mode. Tap the power button again and both ridges will start vibrating. To turn the toy off, just hold the power button down for 3 seconds.

Now, it’s interesting to note that the Vibepad’s remote control powers the vibration in the ridges but doesn’t turn the toy on or off. This can be a bonus during play so you don’t accidentally switch the toy off, but it was a surprise nonetheless. 

Vibepad grinding toy review 

Vibepad Design and Construction

Let’s talk about the Vibepad’s design, which really distinguishes it from other vibrating toys. The first thing you’ll notice is that the ridges are different sizes and positioned a few inches apart. This allows for two points of stimulation as well as sort of a “custom fit” for bodies of all shapes and sizes.  

The Vibepad is made from a deep pink silicone that feels silky-smooth to the touch and is 100% body safe. The ridged surface is easy to glide and grind on, and has a nice slip when you add lube or your body’s natural lubricant. 

The controls are on the underside of this toy, and that makes sense given that the entire upper surface is for playing on. The pad itself feels flexible but not too flimsy, which to me is the perfect balance for this toy. It keeps its shape but doesn’t feel stiff, so I was able to move comfortably without losing contact and could count on the toy to stay put.  

How Does The Vibepad Feel?

Grinding vibrators are different from “pinpoint sensation” toys designed to stimulate smaller parts of your body. Toys made for grinding particularly if they have a larger surface area can deliver vibration to the clitoris, vulva, perineum, and anal area, separately or all at once.  

And that, to me, is the best part of the Vibepad. If you want to stimulate more of your body with the same toy, this could be a great option. Remember that it is limited to external areas you won’t get any penetration with the Vibepad! But you can take those areas for a very pleasurable ride, one at a time or all together.  

The vibration from this toy is on the rumbly side, which is perfect for deep stimulation that reaches the clitoral network or the nerves of the perineum and anus. Gentler modes are good for warming up or for sensitive folks who don’t like intense sensations. This toy does get more intense on higher settings, so fans of powerful vibes will find plenty to like here.  

Vibepad grinding vibrator

My Experience With The Vibepad

I found the Vibepad really user friendly and intuitive to control. Once I turned it on and positioned myself over it with the remote in hand, all I had to do was settle down to start feeling what this toy is all about.

For me, the larger ridge was perfect for reaching my clitoris and sitting flush inside my vulva. When I turned the pad the other way around, I had to sink down as low as possible to get the smaller arch to reach my clit, and even then it didn’t offer quite enough pressure for me. But the smaller arch was ideal for massaging my perineum and stimulating my entire genital region. I’m hard pressed to think of another toy that can do that. 

If you want to stimulate your testicles and anus/perineum, you might want to keep the smaller ridge in front and let the bigger one work the back. And don’t be afraid to get creative! This is an unconventional toy that can be used in many different ways depending on your anatomy and what feels good to you. 

I thoroughly enjoyed road-testing the Vibepad, which gets high marks across the board from me. Now let’s dive deeper into the pros and potential cons of this toy so you can decide if it’s right for you. 


The Vibepad is a unique toy that fills an overlooked need in pleasure product design. While there are other grinding toys on the market, the Vibepad has a number of advantages that make it a stand-out. In my experience, the Vibepad is:

  • Versatile. If you get bored of the typical vibrator’s limitations, the Vibepad could be a great choice. I loved that I didn’t have to hold it, lie in any particular position, or do much to maneuver it.
  • Hands-free. A lot of people like their pleasure hands-free and I’m no exception. There’s just something about not having to control every movement of a toy that adds to the experience for me. Another perk of the Vibepad? No buzzing sensations or numbness in my hand, a potential side effect of some hand-held toys.  
  • Body-safe. Like all the toys we sell on Delicto, the Vibepad is made from 100% body safe, non-porous materials. That means you can feel free to rub your body against it and not worry about phthalates, BPAs, toxic dyes, or other irritants. Plus, its non-porous construction makes it easier to clean and safer to share among partners. Beyond the safety factor, the Vibepad’s silicone surface is ultra-smooth and a joy to grind on. 
  • Great for non-bed fun. Another thing I love about this toy is how easy it is to pick it up and put it anywhere. You can set it on a pillow, the arm of a chair, the passenger seat of a car, or, my personal favorite, on top of your partner’s leg. It's also fully waterproof, so it makes a great bath or beach companion. No matter where you like to get your grind on, chances are you can do it with the Vibepad. 
  • Remote-controlled. I love that this toy is so easy to control with the small remote, and the range of vibe modes makes it easy to switch things up and explore different sensations. Plus, if you’re playing with a partner, you can let them control the remote, which is really fun, too. Also, feel free to enjoy no vibration at all! The shape and smoothness of the Vibepad offers great pressure and stimulation even to the non-vibe fans among us. 
  • Accessible. Another great feature of the Vibepad is how accessible it is. If you have hand or wrist mobility issues or can’t hold a toy for very long, the Vibepad’s hands-free design could be the perfect solution. It’s also great for folks who need to stay seated during play.
  • Great for grinding. Of all the products I’ve tested, I truly can’t think of a better toy for people who like grinding methods of stimulation. If that sounds like you, the Vibepad should be at the top of your wish list.

How to use the Orion Vibepad


So, what’s not to like about the Vibepad? To be honest, it works exactly as advertised and I don’t have any complaints. But there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to using this toy:  

  • People with penises, take note. In my opinion, this toy is ideal for vulvar stimulation. If you have a penis and/or are new to sex toys, you might want to try a sleeve or stroker before you check out this one. 
  • Water-based lube only. Remember this mantra: silicone lube and silicone vibes don’t mix. Silicone material can absorb silicone lube molecules, which damage and degrade the toy. When using the Vibepad, stick with lubes that are safe for silicone, such as water-based and some hybrid lubes
  • No G- or P-spot stimulation. If it’s G-spot or P-spot stimulation you’re after, the Vibepad may not be the best choice. Yes, the ridges can massage and stimulate the opening of the vagina or anus, but if you’re looking for a toy that offers deep internal stimulation, you’d do better with a vibe created for that purpose.

Vibepad FAQS

Can I use Afterpay for the Vibepad?

Absolutely! Afterpay is available for all Delicto products over $15. 

How long does the Vibepad hold a charge?

Once it’s fully charged, the Vibepad can last up to 130 minutes, a pretty exceptional run-time for a vibrator. 

How do I clean the Vibepad?

The Vibepad is fully waterproof and submersible, so feel free to wash it with mild soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. 

Is the Vibepad quiet?

Yes! Even on its highest settings, the Vibepad gives off only a low hum. The motor is even quieter when muffled by your body. 

Final Thoughts

The Vibepad is a more-than-worthy addition to the relatively small array of grinding toys on the market, and has quickly become one of the go-to vibes in my arsenal.

Before I wrap up, remember that I review many more toys on, where you’ll also find in-depth tutorials, sex education articles, and a huge array of pleasure products. And if any questions come up along the way, feel free to DM me on Instagram or TikTok, or send me an email. Don’t be afraid to reach out! I’m always happy to help.