Delicto Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and earn passive income just by posting links and information about our products. There’s no limit to what you can earn!

Collect 15% commission for every sale you refer through your affiliate link

We'll supply all marketing materials, including pictures, product details, and promotional information

You’ll get paid monthly on all the sales you refer

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How It Works

Just fill out Delicto’s Affiliate Program application. It's free, easy, and takes only a few minutes. 

We’ll provide you with graphics to promote our products. Feel free to advertise them in your own way on social media, your blog, or online forums!

You'll receive a 15% commission for every sale 


Who gets approved for affiliate status?

Your blog, social media account, or website content must be your own. Content should be original and relevant to our products.

How do I get started?

Just send us your application and we’ll start the process! That’s all you need to do. 

Where can I promote Delicto?

You can promote us on your social media pages, blog, website, or in online forums that allow affiliate links. 

Do you provide sales reports?

Absolutely, we do! We use an internet interface that lets you view detailed reports on clicks, sales, traffic, and orders per click. 

How are payments processed? 

Commissions are paid through PayPal at the beginning of every month, and reflect sales from the previous month.