Combine soft suction and a lining studded with smooth, squishy ball shapes, and what have you got? An eye-opening sensation like you've never felt before. The Tenga Crysta Ball Sleeve has a smooth, body-safe elastomer lining that grips and strokes you with orgasmic texture.

This compact toy focuses mind-blowing stimulation on the upper two thirds of the penis and responds to the pressure of your hand for customizable pleasure. Just add a few drops of water-based lube, lie back, and you're off to the races. 

The Crysta Ball Sleeve stretches to fit most sizes and can be cleaned with simple soap and water. Fully waterproof and reusable. 

Width: 2.24 inches. Internal width stretches to 1.97 inches
Height: 3.54 inches
Depth: Stretches to 6.69 inches
Materials: Body-Safe PP and Elastomer

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