Introducing the VeDO Kimi Dual Finger Vibe, a toy designed to supercharge sensation for folks who like to touch and be touched.

By transforming your fingers into miniature vibrators, the VeDO Kimi is perfect for rubbing, stroking, groping and anything else you can think to do with your hands! Uniquely designed with a flexible silicone bracelet, removable controller, and two finger pods, this handy toy offers 11 different vibration modes. So, get creative! 

By the way, the Kimi's easy-to-use design makes it a fantastic toy for those with hand or wrist mobility issues. It's also great to use in the shower, or take on the go!

Length: 5.125 inches
Diameter: 3.125 inches
Materials: Body-Safe Silicone
Vibration Levels: 
Vibration Patterns:

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