Anniversary Gifts For Husband

Anniversary Gifts For Husband

Rose MacDowell

Search for "anniversary gift for husband" and you'll find a thousand very different ideas. How can you choose among all the wallets, tools, and beer-making accessories to find something that reflects your husband's personality and the time you've spent together? You may feel like you know him, but when it comes time to give him a gift, your mind is a blank. 

Never fear. We've taken the stress out of shopping for your husband, fiance, or boyfriend with our Ultimate Anniversary Gift Guide!

What Makes An Anniversary Gift Special?

First things first.

Gifts are all about inspiring a feeling. Before you start shopping, think about how you want your husband to feel when he opens your anniversary gift.

Want him to feel surprised? Go for something he'd never think of, or or has forgotten he wanted. Loved and cherished? Choose a gift that reminds him of an important time in your relationship. Desired? Pick something that shows how much you value your intimate time together. Supported and understood? Choose a present related to his favorite hobby or sport. Thrilled? Try gifting him an experience, like a trip or adventure he'll talk about for years to come. 

No matter who your man is, the size of your budget, or which anniversary you're celebrating, we've got you covered with our Ultimate Anniversary Gift Guide. 

The Ultimate Anniversary Gift Guide 2022

  • A Personalized Journal. A personalized journal invites your significant other to chronicle who he is and what's most important to him. Perfect for the chronicler of experiences, the artist, or the pic collector, a personalized journal shows that you value who your husband is and how he thinks.    
  • A Cigar Humidor Case. Some gifts get better with age, and a leather cigar humidor case is one of them. A humidor keeps your SO's cigars at the right humidity level and makes for great storage, too. You may or may not enjoy your man's penchant for cigars, but a humidor is a great way to honor his love of cigars. 
  • A Bartending Class. Is your husband an amateur mixologist? A fan of interesting liquors? A bartending class could be the ideal anniversary gift. He can whip up interesting concoctions, learn which glass goes with which cocktail, and show off his newfound skills for you later at home. Or make it a couples' class and shake, stir, and pour together.  
  • A Personalized Toiletries Bag. A toiletries bag does more than keep your husband's stuff organized while he's away. It's a way to remind him of home and make his life a little easier when he's on the road. A toiletries bag is also a subtle invitation for weekends away, exotic trips, and staycations, and a large version can hold some of your spillover products, too. Win win.   
  • A DNA Kit. Whether your man is proud of his ancestry or not sure where he comes from, a DNA kit can help him discover more about himself and his extended family. He can even find genetic matches of potential relatives, and learn about his unique physical and personality traits. We love a DNA kit for a new or expectant father, or as a gift for the man who has just about everything (except info about his family tree!).
  • A Portable Fire Pit. Your husband's quest for fire ends here. If he always wanted a fire pit, woodstove, or fireplace, a portable fire pit is the next best thing. Give him one of these low-profile, easy-to-operate fire pits and watch his face light up, literally. Easier than a bonfire but just as inviting, a portable fire pit is perfect for camping, too. 
  • A Personalized Leather Phone Case. If you want to give your husband, fiance, or boyfriend something he'll actually use, try a personalized leather phone case. Not only does a phone case protect his phone if (when!) he drops it, it prevents scratches and gives his phone a unique, personal style. Leather takes on a vintage patina with time, giving it a look all its own.
  • A Memorable Adventure. Bring out your husband's daredevil side with an anniversary present he won't soon forget. A trapeze lesson, heli-skiing trip, whitewater rafting weekend, or ziplining session is the kind of gift a true adrenaline junkie can get behind. 

Anniversary Gift FAQs

What's the best 1st anniversary gift for my husband? The first year of marriage is special. A romantic anniversary gift for your husband will take a little more effort than clicking "add to cart." To make your gift memorable, make it unique.

Check out handmade gifts you can personalize, such as a candle holder that projects the date of your wedding on the wall, a watercolor painting of a picture of the two of you, or a customized map of the places you and your SO have been together. 

What's the best 20th anniversary gift for my husband? China, platinum, and emeralds are often given as gifts for a 20th anniversary. What can you get for a husband or long-term partner after 20 years of bliss?

Platinum rings, bracelets, or cufflinks are always striking and perfect for the occasion, and can be given in an emerald colored pouch for even more traditional cachet. A platinum gray silk pocket square or tie are less pricey options, and a personalized platinum key ring is both luxurious and super practical. 

What is the most romantic anniversary gift? The most romantic gift is something that speaks to your relationship with your significant other. At the heart of romance is intimacy, and intimacy means knowing someone deep down. A romantic gift reflects the hours you've spent listening to each other, supporting each other, and spending time together.

When thinking about a romantic anniversary gift for your husband, consider what means the most to him. What would show him that you understand him like few other people? What does he love doing? Which inside jokes do you share? What's your nickname for him, and his for you? Regardless of budget, gifts that are founded on closeness and intimate knowledge are always the most romantic.