Intimate Anniversary Gifts For Wife

Intimate Anniversary Gifts For Wife

Sarah Riccio

If you're searching for something special and intimate to gift your wife for your anniversary, this shopping guide is here to help. Keep reading for a look at some important factors to consider when looking for the perfect intimate anniversary gift, as well as my handpicked list of the top 20 anniversary gifts for your wife.

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What Is The Best Intimate Anniversary Gift For Your Wife?

The best anniversary gift for your wife is special, well-planned, and something you just know she will love. And sometimes that means doing a little research, especially if you're shopping for an intimate anniversary gift. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Do You Know Her Favorite Things?

It can be hard to think about all the many things your wife enjoys, so try narrowing down your search before you start shopping. Yes, you know you want to pick something intimate, but ask yourself if your wife would prefer a sex toy or lingerie. A sex education book or brand new kink equipment? The world of intimate adult gifts is vast, so take some time to pick a couple categories within to search before you dive right in. 

What Do You Want To Try Together? 

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate your love together, so try shopping within the category of "couples toys" and products you'd like to try together. By giving a gift that encourages physical and emotional intimacy, you're not just giving her a present — you're extending an invitation to experience pleasure together. And that's a pretty great way to honor an anniversary, if you ask me. 

Knowledge Is Power

If you choose to gift your wife a sex toy or similar adult product, it's always a good idea to include some literature with it (especially if you're new to sex toys!). There is so much information and so many great books about the power of pleasure, both with yourself and with others. Including sex education literature with pleasure products lets your wife know that you did your homework and are committed to doing things the right way. 

How Can You Surprise Your Wife on Your Anniversary? 

Before we take a look at the top 20 intimate gifts for your anniversary, let's talk about the element of surprise. When it comes to sexual intimacy, consent is priority number one. So, things can get a little tricky if you're trying to surprise your wife with a sex toy because, well, what if she's not interested?

Here's what I suggest: take some time to have a casual conversation with your wife about sex! Talking about sex together is a great intimacy building exercise anyway, and asking specific questions about adult products or sexual activities she's interested in can be the perfect way to figure out what to get her for your anniversary. 

For example, if you're thinking about gifting her a couples vibrator, ask her something like, "I saw this vibrator that couples can wear during sex and it looked fun! Would you be interested in trying something like that with me?" If she says yes, you're free to start shopping for couples vibes. 

Now, without further ado, let's browse my list of the top 20 intimate anniversary gifts for your wife!


20 Intimate Gifts for Your Wife on Your Anniversary

1. Dame Intimate Touch Limited Gift Set 

Looking for a little variety? This gift set includes the brand's three top selling items: Dame Arousal Serum, the Dame Pom, and Alu lubricant. The serum warms things up, the flexible Pom vibrator brings the action, while the aloe-based lube tops it all off with a luxuriously silky glide. Plus, it all comes neatly packaged in a gift box perfect for wrapping! 

2. Le Wand Little Pleasures Kit 

Give your wife the gift of pleasure with this 6-piece kit that features some of the brand's prettiest products, including the Bullet and Point, both of which are travel-sized vibes. The Point features a rumbly motor and contoured shape, while the Bullet has a textured silicone sleeve for extra sensation. Not to mention, each toy features in special edition chrome finish! 

3. Laid D.2 Black Granite Dildo

This show-stopping sex toy kind of looks more like an art piece than a pleasure product, and I wouldn't blame you for displaying it on your mantle. But sure enough, this 100% absolute black granite dildo is a orgasmic as it is gorgeous — perfect for an intimate anniversary gift. 

4. Pretty Plugs Swarovski Plug 

If you've already gotten her jewelry and you're looking for a luxurious and intimate gift to match, might I suggest this Swarovski embellished plug? It's perfect for temperature play, G or P-spot stimulation, and comes in a variety of pretty colors! 

5. Dame Eva II Couples Vibrator 

Okay, so this is more like a gift for both of you, but it's your anniversary too, after all! This lightweight couple's vibrator is designed to be enjoyed during sex... say, for example, after your anniversary dinner? Bon appétit, am I right?

6. Lelo Etherea Silk Cuffs 

These silky red cuffs might look like a Christmas decoration at first glance, but they're actually much more exciting than that! If you and your partner have been interested in exploring kink or restraints, this is a great (and luxurious!) place to start. 

7. Kiki Etoile Gold-Plated Bullet 

When you want to gift your wife a vibrating bullet — but make it fashion — there is none better than this gold-plated beauty. It's elegant, whisper quiet, and almost too pretty to get dirty... almost. 

8. Suckle Rose Toy 

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you want a sex toy that'll blow your mind, this one's for you. The Rose Toy has earned quite a bit of social media fame in the short time since its debut, and with good reason. Not to mention, it looks like an actual rose, which brings a little romance to the bedroom.

9. Le Wand Petite All That Glimmers Vibe 

It's shimmery, pink, and perfect for giving the gift of pleasure — it's the All That Glimmers wand. This special edition vibrator is sleek, powerful, and comes with all kinds of goodies like nail polish, body lotion, and more. If your wife loves anything pink and pretty, she's guaranteed to like this. 

10. Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps 

So, you already got her the big anniversary gift, and you're looking for something small and cute to go with it? These heart padlock clamps fit the bill! They're charming, budget-friendly, and make a great intimate gift for the person who holds the key to your heart. 

11. Womanizer DUO

There's a reason this sex toy was one of the hottest selling pleasure products during quarantine lockdown. It's designed for people with a vulva, and stimulates every sweet spot you can think of. Plus, it comes it comes in a gorgeous, storybook packaging that looks great under a tree!

12. Together Couples Vibrator 

Lesbian couples looking to get closer (in every sense of the word) might want to consider this dual-action vibrator. Pro tip: this toy works best when you're facing each other, eye to eye. 

13. Le Wand Crystal G Wand 

If your wife asks for something pretty and pleasurable, try this handcrafted crystal wand designed for G-spot stimulation. Curved at the perfect angle and finished to perfection, the wand's bulbous tip targets the G-spot with yummy precision, while its smooth shaft offers a delightful glide anywhere on the body. 

14. She Comes First by Ian Kerner

Let your wife know know that her pleasure is important to you by gifting this book after you've finished reading it yourself. For bonus points, tell her you'd like to explain (with demonstrations) everything you've learned from a clinical sexologist about satisfying a woman. 

15. We-Vibe Date Night Special Edition Set 

"Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low..." This special edition pleasure set is perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or any sexy date night in. Plus, the toys included with this set connect to the We-Vibe app for extra interactive play time!

16. Lelo Tiani 24K Couples Vibrator 

In the world of sex toys, this is about as luxurious as it gets. Made from medical-grade silicone and ringed 24-karat gold, this elegant couples vibrator is a great way to give the gift of pleasure. Plus, it's totally waterproof, which means plenty of shower time fun. 

17. Spartacus Rose Gold Snake Print Collar and Leash 

Kinky couples looking for a shiny new collar and leash should consider this beauty from BDSM experts Spartacus. The snake-print collar is made from silky microfiber with a smooth, padded lambskin lining, and has a matching rose gold leash. 

18. Lora DiCarlo Drift Warming Bullet

Happiness is a warm, vibrating bullet. This sleek and romantic anniversary gift is a great way to warm up before a date night out, or settle in for an intimate evening at home. Either way, this adult toy features unique warming settings that are sure to light your fire. 

19. Le Wand Feel My Power Vibe 

This limited edition vibrating wand was made in collaboration with a New York artist, and features cool custom illustrations all over its body. But the wand is just one part of this 9-piece pleasure set, and includes other goodies that symbolize the power of pleasure.

20. Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski with Workbook 

This book and workbook combo are New York Times bestsellers that will enlighten your sex life. This is another good book to read together because it explores the science of sexuality, and includes educational (and sexy!) activities too. 

Happy anniversary, everybody!