Best Valentine's Day Decor

Best Valentine's Day Decor

Rose MacDowell

When you think of Valentine decor, you probably picture three things: hearts, hearts, and hearts. And maybe a vase of flowers. Sound a bit humdrum? You can pay homage to traditional Valentine's design while giving it your own personal creative spin! Level up your living space with fresh ideas that bring personality and style to the most romantic holiday of the year.

How Can I Make My House Romantic For Valentine's Day?

You've made cards by hand, written notes to your loved ones, and planned a Valentine's menu. But now the big day is almost here and your ambience needs a little love of its own. 

Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, Valentine's Day doesn't get the same attention when it comes to decorating. Red roses are a start, but aren't enough to turn your home feel like a true lover's haven. So how can you transform your space in a few simple steps? Here are some chic ways to sweeten up February 14th.

1. Create A Love Quote Wall

Want to love up your decor on a budget? For affordable and cute Cupid-approved decor, consider a quote wall. Quotes can set the mood for any occasion, but are especially suited to Valentine's Day. To make a temporary and ultra-romantic quote wall, go for easy-to-use non-permanent supplies. Try 3D PVC lettering or decals from a craft store, and intersperse your words with meaningful pictures. Washable paints or crayons are great options, too.

Not sure which quote to use? Try spelling out I love you in a few different languages. Choose a line from your favorite love song, poem, or romantic movie and bring it to life on a bedroom wall. Or make it ultra-romantic and spell out a nickname or phrase that only you and your partner would know.  

2. Bring A Little Romance To Your Bedroom

You don't need a round bed covered with rose petals to create a sweet Valentine's vibe. The key is to focus on a few romantic details that speak for themselves. Because Valentine's Day is a winter holiday, we like warm, soft elements like Edison-style lightbulbs for an ultra-inviting gold glow. Pop one into a bedside lamp and watch the mood go from ordinary to enchanting in an instant.

The right bedding can turn your bedroom into the perfect Valentine's haven. There's nothing like a soft, faux fur throw, a fluffy down comforter, and a pile of plush pillows to make the holiday feel off-the-charts romantic. Add champagne, a bouquet of roses, and a dish of classic conversation heart candies, and your love den is complete.  

3. Put Hearts in Unexpected Places

There's much more to Valentine's hearts than foil balloons and paper doilies. Here are some of our favorite heart decoration ideas for the perfect romantic ambience. 

  •  A heart-shaped circle of candles. Here's a low-effort, high-impact decoration that works every time. Grab a few dozen votive candles in red or white and lay them out in a heart shape as coffee table decor or on a safe area of flooring. Light them a few minutes before your celebration begins, and get ready to take your partner's breath away. 
  • Hearts made from rustic materials. Expand your heart-shaped repertoire with a nod to tradition. Paint red hearts on interesting pieces of antique flooring or driftwood, and set them out in a country-inspired display.   
  • Heart-shaped neon. No matter which color you choose, a neon marquee heart lights up a room with retro romantic glamour. We love it on a wall over a bar laid out with a heart-shaped cake and wine glasses, or propped on a mantel with candles and flowers above a crackling fire. 
  • A burlap heart garland. Burlap brings an element of down-home chic to Valentine's Day. Using sharp scissors, trace heart shapes on burlap and cut them carefully. Sew two pieces together, using pillow stuffing to stuff them. Don't worry if your needlework looks rustic -- that's part of the charm! Use thread or a glue gun to affix a bow to the top of each heart. Then string your hearts together with a long piece of twine, and hang them along a wall or above a doorway as you would a string of mistletoe. 
  • DIY heart balloons. To create heart-shaped balloon decorations with a personal touch, make your own! Blow up a bunch of white balloons, grab a heart stamp and a pad of red ink, and press heart shapes all over the balloons for a charming DIY look. Or grab a red lipstick and cover some balloons with kiss marks! 
  • Valentine nails design. Don't stop with your decor! Try dressing up your nails to match your home with a Valentine's Day manicure. Hearts, tiny crystals, and a red and white color scheme can turn your nails into a Valentine's Day decoration of their own. 

4. Flower Power

Valentine's flowers are practically a must, but which are the best flowers to gift? A dozen roses may be a tradition, but the best Valentine's Day flowers are the ones that will mean the most to the recipient.

Red flowers for Valentine's Day are the most common, but may not be the right choice for you. When choosing flowers, remember which color the recipient likes best. Blue? Yellow? A splash of their favorite color can add thought and meaning to the usual Valentine's bouquet.

And don't forget to think ahead. For Valentine's Day flower delivery, place your order as far in advance as possible. A local flower shop can often create the freshest and most original bouquets, and may have more flower options available. 

Still not sure which flowers to order? Try looking up Valentine flowers pictures for inspiration, or check out a florist near you. Florists are often able to help you choose the best Valentine's Day flowers, including seasonal blooms or romantic extras that can make your bouquet feel extra special. 

Did You Know? The five most popular types of flowers to give on Valentine's Day are, in order:

  • Long-stemmed red roses
  • Carnations
  • Lilies
  • Alstroemeria, or Peruvian lilies
  • Tulips