Birthday Gifts For Women In Their 30s

Birthday Gifts For Women In Their 30s

Rose MacDowell

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for a woman in her 30s? Overwhelmed by the options? We get it. There are so many things you could buy, but which gift is right?

If you’re looking for a stand-out gift that will make her day extra special, look no further than our list of birthday gifts for women in their 30s. These unique presents will not only help her celebrate an important milestone but also show how much you care about her.

Without further ado, here's our list of the best birthday gifts for women turning the big 3-0 and up. 

Best Gifts For Women In Their 30s 

Sure, you could give her a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers, but if you want your gift to rise above the rest, it'll take a bit more effort! Here are some of the most unique gifts for her 30th birthday and beyond.  

  • Custom Birthday Shirt. A custom tee shirt emblazoned with a birthday theme is a great funny gift and useful, too. Options include "Property Of" followed by the year she was born, "Vintage 90s", "Birthday Girl" with a crown, "Chapter 30" (or 31, 32, etc.). The best part of a custom birthday shirt? Every time she wears it she'll think of you. 
  • Personalized Birthday Gift Box. You can't go wrong with personalized 30th birthday gifts, and a gift box is the perfect way to present them. Not sure which to choose? Think about her likes, hobbies, passions, and the way she lives her life. You can build a custom gift box around any interest, from wine to travel to pets to makeup to astronomy to get the picture.   
  • Birthdate Star Map. A birthdate star map displays the unique position of the planets on the day she was born. Customize it with her birthdate, name, and special message, and have it framed for easy display. 
  • Custom Front Page Puzzle. If she's a news junkie or a fan of her hometown newspaper, try gifting her a custom jigsaw puzzle of a newspaper as it appeared when she was born. As she puts it together, she can check out the important events that happened on the same day she came into the world.  
  • Initial Necklace. An initial necklace tops our list of affordable luxury gifts for her birthday. Personalized jewelry is always a great way to make a birthday girl feel special. Feel like splurging? Spell out her entire name while you're at it, or add her birthstone for a little extra sparkle. 
  • Silk Pajamas. For a gift that feels both ultra-luxe and caring, you can't go wrong with silk pajamas. Great for hanging out, sleeping, and working from home, pajamas made from silk are one of the most popular choices on our list.  
  • Three Circle Necklace. Commemorate her 30s with a 3-circle necklace. If you're looking for 30th birthday gift ideas for your best friend, a 3-circle necklace is a special item she could wear for many years to come. 
  • Monogrammed Wine Bottle Tote. A monogrammed wine bottle tote is practically a necessity if she likes dinner parties or wine (or both!). She can bid farewell to ordinary shopping bags and stash her bottle for the host in a chic, customized tote. 
  • Faux Fur Robe. Nothing says self-care like a plush, faux fur robe. Made for lounging, a robe with faux fur trim radiates luxury but comes in lots of different price options. Hooded versions are perfect for birthday queens who live in cooler climes. 
  • A High-End Hair Dryer. High-end hair dryers really are different. If she's still using a drugstore model, a quality hair dryer will feel like a treat. Pricier dryers tend to be lighter and quieter and dry faster, an excellent feature for the woman who tends to be short on time.  
  • A Custom Doormat. Need a gift for a new homeowner in her 30s? A custom doormat is useful, welcoming, and can feature any message, from funny to quirky to sweet. 
  • A Filtering Water Bottle. If she's a hiker, biker, or totes her own water to work, a filtering water bottle is a unique gift she'll actually use. Choose from models with splashy patterns or a monochromatic design, and include a replacement filter or two. 
  • Outdoor dishes. Does she love to entertain in her backyard or on her terrace? Stylish outdoor dishes are typically made from sturdy melamine and can look as party-ready as porcelain. A set of tumblers, plates, and salad bowls makes for a great gift and are budget-friendly, too.  
  • A Silk Pillowcase. Few things telegraph luxury and pampering like silk. A silk pillowcase is a classic that feels uber-smooth on the skin and helps banish sleep lines and wrinkles. 
  • Smart Lamp. A smart lamp is not only a great sleep accessory, it offers sleek, low profile lighting. She can program it to wake her up and turn off gradually at bed time, and portable models can be carried anywhere 
  • Unique Wine Glasses. She may have a cabinet filled with glasses for all types of wine. But does she have glasses made from copper, rose gold, or stainless steel? These eye-grabbing glasses are insulating, unbreakable, and bring some serious oenophile style to the game. She can also use them outdoors and for picnics and camping. 
  • Wireless Fast Charging Station. If she's like most of us, she has lots of devices to charge but none of them charge fast enough. She'll think you read her mind when you give her a wireless fast charging station, which will solve her low-battery woes and save her tons of time in the process. 
  • Portable White Noise Machine. Travelers and light sleepers will love a portable white noise machine. Soothe them into dreamland at home or on the road with a light, packable noise machine, which usually includes multiple relaxing sounds like rain, static, and ocean waves. 
  • A personalized apron. Does she love whipping up dinners for friends? Can you find her on weekends at the farmer's market or a cooking class? Then you can't go wrong with a personalized apron. A simple monogram is always in style, or have your favorite picture of her (or the two of you!) splashed on the front.