Birthday Gifts For Women In Their 40s

Birthday Gifts For Women In Their 40s

Rose MacDowell

Finding the perfect birthday gift is always tricky, and shopping for a woman in her forties can seem even more challenging. A woman in her 40s has established who she is and has her own sense of style. She's received plenty of ordinary gifts over the years, and knows the difference between a gift that's dialed in and once purchased with thought and care. 

What do women in their 40s want to be gifted? Something that shows how well you know her and what matters to her. If that sounds like a tall order, we're here to help! We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for women in their 40s, including unique, personalized, and budget-friendly options that will honor who she is and stand out from the pack. 

What Are The Best Gift Boxes For Women In Their 40s?

Full disclosure! We're huge fans of gift boxes. They're not only easy to give, but they make a great first impression. Gift boxes usually include more than one item, and arrive put together and ready to open. Packaging and contents run the gamut from low-key and simple to ultra-luxe, and can be shipped just about anywhere.  

There is a huge variety of gift boxes for all types of personalities, whether she's an adventurer, a plant lover, a devoted mom, a world traveler -- you name it! Ready to get inspired? Let's take a look at some of the best subscription gift boxes for women in their 40s. 

  • Flower Box. This gift box is perfect for both the romantic and the woman who loves how flowers light up her home. When it comes to a romantic gift for a woman in her 40s, it's hard to go wrong with a different beautiful bloom every month. A flower gift box is also great for the amateur (or professional!) interior designer, gardener, or flower-lover who works from home. 
  • A Cocktail Box. Trying to find a gift for a 40 year-old woman who has everything? Bet she doesn't have a cocktail box! This gift is chock full of everything a budding mixologist needs to make her own party-worthy cocktails, including recipes, syrups, garnishes, and mixers. She just needs to add her own alcohol and she's ready to celebrate. 
  • A Makeup Box. Shopping for a fashionista? A subscription box of makeup and accessories could be right up her alley. Each month she'll receive a spate of new selections, including lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, skin care, and other items like brushes. 
  • A Succulent Box. Whether the woman in question has a green thumb or just wishes she did, a succulent box could be the perfect gift. You can buy a single box or a monthly subscription that provides hearty succulents, already potted and ready to display. Each box comes with everything you need to care for your new plants, including fertilizer and instructions. 
  • A Lingerie Box. If you're on the hunt for luxury gifts for the woman who has everything, it's hard to top a gift box filled with high-end lingerie. Perfect for wives, girlfriends, and BFFS, a lingerie box can be a one-time sensual event or monthly splurge. You can choose styles and colors for a monthly subscription box, and she can update them anytime. 
  • Kid's Supply Box. For the woman in her 40s who's also a mom, check out a kid's supply gift box. These boxes are all about making her job as a mom easier, and her child's life more fun. Choose from clothing, toys and games, or baby essentials like pacifiers and blankets. 
  • A Pleasure Box. A natural for Valentine's Day, a pleasure box is all about intimate self-care. Try a box filled with massage oils, stones, and candles, or one loaded with discreetly wrapped supplies such as vibrators and lubricant. The ultimate gift from a lover, a pleasure box invites her to enjoy herself long after her special day is over. 

25 Gifts For A Woman In Her 40s

Want to think outside the gift box? Need some more 40th birthday gift ideas? Check out our list of 25 40th birthday gift ideas. And remember, these all double as great gifts for Christmas, an anniversary, Valentine's Day, or just for the heck of it because she's so awesome. 

  • A dart board. Nothing says let's drink beer and have fun like a dart board. It also radiates retro cool. 
  • A day at the spa. Who doesn't love a spa day? If there's a safe gift on the list, this is it. 
  • A charitable donation. A charitable donation shows that you support what matters to her. A charitable donation makes a great gift for the woman who doesn't need more material things.
  • A telescope. Cool, fun, and out of the ordinary. The underlying message? She's a star.  
  • A high-end kitchen knife. A luxe knife made sound practical, but it's actually a high tech kitchen gadget no serious cook can do without. 
  • A luxury candle. Try an intoxicating and exotic scent like orange blossom, lychee, or lotus flower.
  • Season tickets for her favorite sports team. For the die-hard fan. Bonus points if you buy tickets for yourself, too.  
  • A stationary bike. Perfect for the woman who hates the gym but wants to work out, a stationary bike can help her exercise from the comfort of her own home.
  • A paddleboard lesson. The perfect gift for the woman who loves trying new sports. 
  • A bottle of reserve champagne. A crowd-pleaser of a gift that works for any occasion. 
  • Gifts for her pets, including faux sherpa beds, toys, and climbing towers. Not only will she love you, her pets will love you, too.  
  • An espresso machine. A must for coffee lovers and night owls. 
  • A handmade pottery vase. A beautiful pottery vase isn't just great for holding flowers, it adds artistic flair to her decor. 
  • An antique watch. For the woman who likes unique and interesting objects with a history. 
  • Jade face roller. A jade face roller is an essential tool for the woman who loves her skincare routine. 
  • A wine decanter. If she says things like, "It's wine o'clock," you can't go wrong with a decanter. 
  • A pendant necklace made with her birthstone. Jewelry made from her birthstone feels special and thoughtful. 
  • Retro candy from her childhood. A fun and nostalgic throwback you can share. Spree, anyone? 
  • A massage gun tissue massager. A massage gun is perfect for the woman who works hard, works out, or both. 
  • A luxury pillow made from memory foam or goose down. She doesn't know what she's missing until you gift her a truly great, ultra-comfy pillow crafted from a luxurious material. 
  • A personalized charcuterie board. Charcuterie is all the rage. If she doesn't have a board, it's time. Add matching knives for a complete set she'll use for years.  
  • A weighted blanket. A weighted blanket can help her fall asleep, decrease her anxiety, and help her relax.
  • Monogrammed crystal wine or cocktail glasses. Add a touch of personalized class to her cocktail hour. 
  • A session of goat yoga. Something every animal lover should experience at least once. Search for "funny gifts for a 40 year-old woman" and chances are this will come up in the top five. 
  • A turntable for her vinyl collection. More retro cool for the woman who loves music and has (or wants) a stack of vinyl in the garage.