Gifts For Long Distance Girlfriend

Gifts For Long Distance Girlfriend

Rose MacDowell

It's her birthday, she's far away, and you can't deliver yourself to her doorstep. It's hard enough to be apart the rest of the year, but her birthday can be especially challenging.

How can you make her feel special and appreciated despite being miles apart (or even a few blocks during quarantine)? Don't panic! We've got you covered with our complete list of the best birthday gifts for long distance girlfriends.

From the unique to the luxurious to the shamelessly romantic, we've compiled a list of memorable gifts that will help her feel closer to you on her special day.

  • Dual Zone Watch. A dual zone watch lets you set two times simultaneously hers and yours. With a dual zone watch, she never has to try to calculate the time difference between your zone and hers. It's also a great practical gift, and something that could last her for many years.
  • Long Distance Touch Lamp. Like looking at the same moon, a long distance touch lamp can make you and your girlfriend feel a little closer. Just connect your respective lamps to WiFi, and when one one of you touches their lamp, the other lamp will light up. It's not quite as good as being in the same room on her birthday, but it's a great way to feel more connected.
  • Engraved Bar Necklace. A gift of jewelry always feels special and intimate, especially between partners. If you want to give her something she'll never take off, try an engraved bar necklace in gold, sterling silver, or white gold. Personalize it with her initials, a special note, or nickname, and watch it become one of the most treasured items she owns. 
  • Homemade Candy. Want to make her something truly heartfelt? Send her a care package that includes homemade candy. Perfect for the partner who likes to cook, homemade candy takes time and effort, which makes it feel even more special. Include a card, a silk pillowcase, and bath salts, and she'll feel positively spoiled. 
  • A Charm Bracelet. A charm bracelet is the perfect way to show how much you love her and understand who she is. Pick out charms that represent things about your relationship, like symbols of trips you taken and interests you share, and add them to a bracelet. 
  • A Silver Fortune Cookie With A Personalized Message. Create a custom fortune in a silver fortune cookie, and give her a message of love and encouragement for the year ahead. Ready to pop the question? Surprise her with an upcoming visit? Use the fortune to let her know and make her birthday unforgettable.
  • Plane Tickets. The best gift for a long-distance girlfriend is time together! Watch her eyes light up over Zoom when she opens a card with plane tickets inside. Bring her to you, fly to see her, or buy two tickets for a birthday vacation someplace she's always wanted to go. 
  • Boyfriend Body Pillow. Want to make her smile? Does she miss sleeping in the same bed together? Take a picture of yourself lying in bed with your eyes closed and have it put on a plush body pillow she can snuggle up to every night.  
  • Love Coupons. Give her a homemade coupon book filled with coupons for dates, meals, spa treatments, and anything else she wants to do together. She can redeem coupons for massages, game nights on Zoom, or relaxing on the couch while you do the dishes during your next visit.  
  • Gift Certificate To Her Favorite Restaurant. You may not be able to be with her, but you can still take her out to dinner for her birthday! Give her a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant, and encourage her to invite a friend or two as well to help her celebrate. If you know when she's going out, you can even have the waiter bring her a bottle of wine or champagne.  
  • Activity Tracker. Do you and your girlfriend love to go to the gym together? Give her an activity tracker so you can share step counts and make a game out of your workouts, no matter how far apart you are. An activity tracker is also a great way to help her be accountable if she's trying to get into shape and wants a partner to help motivate her.
  • Video Compilation. Share memories from your relationship by creating a video compilation of your life together. Take snippets of videos from when you first met to the present, and edit them together in a slideshow. Include clips that are funny, romantic, and significant, and don't forget videos of important milestones like graduations and vacations. 
  • A Star. Make her feel like the star she is to you by gifting her a star for her birthday. Choose your star, register it, and send her the certificate along with a map of constellations so she can find it in the night sky. If you're feeling particularly romantic, you can also gift her binary stars, which are two stars that orbit each other.  
  • Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set. Let her know how much you miss her by sharing a set of long distance touch bracelets. These on-trend bracelets are waterproof, rechargeable, and designed to keep you in touch across long distances. Just touch the bracelet when you want to let her know you're thinking about her, and her bracelet will light and vibrate (and vice versa!).
  • Wireless Headphones. Does she love music? Make her workouts, commute, and study sessions a lot more fun with a great pair of wireless headphones. They're easy to use, comfortable to wear, and rechargeable, and she can even use them for your Zoom calls.   
  • Adjustable Cell Phone Stand. Chances are, you and your girlfriend spend a lot of time on video calls. Make them easier by giving her an adjustable cell phone stand! Whether she's lying on her bed, at her desk, or lounging in a chair, she can talk hands-free and let her cell phone stand do the work.
  • A Caffeine Lovers Gift Box. If coffee is her drug of choice, then a gift box loaded with coffee beans and accessories could be the ideal way to brighten her morning. Fill the box with single origin coffees from around the world, including espresso blends, flavored coffees, and cold brews. Add some mugs, filters, and even a grinder to create the perfect cup of joe. 
  • A Self-Care Gift Box. Help her pamper herself with a self-care gift box filled with products that will leave her feeling refreshed and relaxed. Bath products, massage oils, fragrant shave creams, lotions, and other soothing indulgences are a perfect way to spoil her when you're far apart.