Intimate Gifts For Women

Intimate Gifts For Women

Sarah Riccio

If you're shopping for intimate gifts for the woman in your life, you've come to the right place. In this guide, you'll find the top intimate gifts for women. So, whether you're shopping for your wife, your bestie, or that co-worker you're super cool with, you're bound to find something special. 

Best Intimate Gifts for Women 

Before we dive into my list, I want to point out sex toys and adult pleasure products are not gendered. This means that anyone can enjoy any sex toy that makes them feel good, regardless of how they identify. That said, the list below reflects toys that ranked especially well among women!

Without further ado, let's get into it. 

1. Dame Intimate Touch Limited Gift Set 

This romantic gift set features some of the brand's best selling products: Dame Arousal Serum, the Dame Pom, and Alu lubricant. The serum warms the body up, the Pom vibrator stimulates it, and the aloe-based lube offers a sensuously silky glide. 

2. Pretty Plugs Swarovski Plug 

So, you've gotten her some jewelry and now you're looking for an intimate gift to match. Queue the Swarovski crystal embellished plug! Not only is it super cute, but it makes the perfect temperature play tool or G-spot stimulator.  

3. Dame Eva II Couples Vibrator 

This lightweight, flexible couple's vibrator is designed to be enjoyed during sex, together. It's perfect for slipping between bodies, and makes a great romantic gift that you can both enjoy as a couple. 

4. Lelo Etherea Silk Cuffs 

These silky red cuffs are great for any occasion, but their festive style makes them perfect for Christmas! If you and your partner are interested in exploring kink or restraints, this sultry set of silk cuffs makes a fantastic gift. 

5. Kiki Etoile Gold-Plated Bullet 

This gold-plated bullet is an absolute beauty. If you're looking for a vibrator that'll make her straight up swoon, this uniquely stylish and powerful vibrator is the right way to go. 

6. Suckle Rose Toy 

If you're planning to get roses for the number one woman in your life, you might want to include the Rose Toy too. This mega-hyped sex toy became social media famous almost immediately after its debut, and there's a reason for that! Well... multiple reasons. 

7. Le Wand Petite All That Glimmers Vibe 

The All That Glimmers wand is a sleek, special edition vibrator that comes packaged with all kinds of cool goodies like nail polish, body lotion, and more. If your girlfriend is into pink and sparkly, she's definitely going to like this shimmery vibrating wand. 

8. Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps 

If you're looking for something small and cute to accompany the more extravagant gift you got her, these heart padlock clamps come in clutch. They're cute, budget-friendly, and make a fabulous intimate gift for the woman who holds the key to your heart. 

9. Fun Factory Blow & Glow Kit

Oral pleasure is the name of the game, here. This sexy gift set includes toys for all bodies, as well as some extra goodies to make your intimate time together as seamless and sensual as possible. Plus, this gift includes detailed instructional videos!  

10. Womanizer DUO

The Womanizer DUO was one of the best selling sex toys during pandemic lockdown, and with good reason. Its multifaceted design leaves no sweet spot unturned, and comes packaged in a gorgeous gift box with its own silk carrying case. 

11. She Comes First by Ian Kerner

Let your girlfriend or wife know know that her pleasure is important by gifting this book after you've read it. Trust me: she'll want to know what you've learned from a clinical sexologist! 

12. Lelo Tiani 24K Couples Vibrator 

This is one of the world's most luxurious sex toys. Ringed 24-karat gold, this couples vibrator is the perfect way to say, "let's get intimate." Not to mention, it's waterproof!

13. Le Wand Feel My Power Vibe 9-Piece Set

This limited edition wand-style vibrator was made in collaboration with a New York artist, and symbolizes the power of pleasure. Aside from the cool, custom vibe, this 9-piece set includes magnets, stickers, keychains, and more creative gifts!

14. Together Couples Vibrator 

Lesbian couples looking for intimate sex toys should definitely give this rabbit style dual-ended dildo a try. While it's designed to be used together, this pleasure product works great for solo play too. 

15. Lora DiCarlo Drift Warming Bullet

This trans-owned brand always delivers in the pleasure department, and its warming bullet is no exception. This sex toy makes a great gift for any occasion, but its warming features make it particularly perfect for Christmas! 

16. Slow Sex Shimmer Dry Oil

This sexy, shimmery body oil is the perfect bath and body gift for women, or anyone looking for luminous, moisturized skin. 

17. We-Vibe Date Night Special Edition Set 

This special gift set is serving up orgasms for two! Perfect for a date night at home, this app-controlled set of toys is a great way to give the gift of pleasure. 

18. Wicked Ultra Heat Warming Lube

Looking for a warming lube to go with your hot sex toy? This one from Wicked is silky smooth, body-safe, and warms you up in all the right places. 

19. Laid D.2 Black Granite Dildo

This stunning sex toy is made from 100% absolute black granite, and is just as pleasurable as it is  gorgeous. It's smooth, firm, and kind of looks more like an art piece than an adult product! 

20. The Book of Massage by Lucinda Lidell

When your girlfriend asks you to give her a massage, are you prepared to give her a professional one with all the right moves? If not, don't worry! This expert book on massage will perfect your technique in no time. 

21. Lelo Indulge Me Pleasure Set

This pleasure set includes a little bit of everything so you and your partner can enjoy a thorough and intimate sensory experience together. A silk blindfold, feather teaser, and couples vibrator are a few of the pleasure products included! 

22. Coochy Botanical Blast Body Oil Mist 

If you're not ready to gift your gal a sex toy, but you still want the gift to be intimate, try this sexy body oil mist. It's made from premium natural ingredients, and will leave her skin feeling (and smelling!) good enough to eat. 

23. Intimate Earth Fresh Strawberries Glide

This strawberry flavored lubricant is the perfect topping on any body part. It's vegan, yummy, and smells like fresh berries! 

24. Belou Rose Gold Flutter Ring 

If you're shopping for a ring but not the ring, try this pretty pleasure product! It has a rose gold ring design, but is actually a vibrator. Clever, huh? 

25. Sliquid Balance Soak

Make your partner feel totally relaxed and spoiled with this therapeutic soak from Sliquid. It makes your skin feel silky smooth long after you get out of the tub! 

26. Mimi Rhinestone Skin Jewelry

Looking to bedazzle your body for a sultry night at home? Get these for your partner or wear them yourself and give her a show. Either way, this skin jewelry makes a unique and intimate gift for your special lady.

27. Bijoux Pearl and Bead Nipple Clamps

Whether you're stuffing them into a Christmas stocking or slipping them inside an anniversary card, these little clamps are elegant, affordable, and romantic! 

Happy shopping!