Luxury Gifts For Women

Luxury Gifts For Women

Rose MacDowell

So, you want to get her something luxurious, the kind of hit-it-out-of-the-park gift she'll never forget. But she's the proverbial woman who has everything, or maybe you're running low on inspiration. Fret not! We've rounded up plenty of luxurious present ideas for the special woman in your life.

Whether it's the best friend who always has your back, your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or the queen of all gift recipients (your mother!), these lavish gifts will take her breath away and make her day extra special. 

  • A Personalized Spa Day at Home. Picture this: a manicure, pedicure, facial, and relaxing massage, all in the comfort of your own home. Now picture the look on her face when you gift her this very thing. Few gifts can match a full day of pampering, particulary if you add in a bottle of champs and a big bouquet of flowers. 
  • The Perfect Night Out With Friends. If you really want to spoil her, try treating her to a night out with girlfriends. Grab some tickets to a concert, play, comedy show, or sporting event, reserve a table at her favorite restaurant, splurge for bottle service at a club she likes, and take her shopping beforehand for the perfect girls' night outfit. 
  • Gifts For The Foodie. Amateur cooks and culinary aficionados alike will love a gift that helps them enjoy their passion -- food. Try a monogrammed marble charcuterie board, a cooking class with a top chef, a wine tour of France or Napa Valley, or a complete set of professional kitchen knives. Elegant linens such as tablecloths and napkins are always a favorite, or try gifting her some unique  glassware or hand-painted dessert plates. 
  • Preserved Roses. Maybe she adores fresh flowers but wishes they'd last a little longer. How does a year sound? Show her you can literally stop the hands of time with a gift of preserved roses. These breathtaking flowers not only look stunning, they can last a year or longer! Preserved roses are also perfect for the fledgling interior designer or any woman who loves a stylish ambience. 
  • Silk Sheets. Silk sheets are one of those luxuries that every woman should have in her bedroom. Not only do silk sheets feel like pure luxury skin, they’re also incredibly soft and durable. Silk sheets help prevents wrinkles on the face and body, and are one of the most romantic gifts on our list. 
  • An Espresso Machine.  Give her the gift of something to get out of bed for! An espresso machine is a can't-live-without-it essential that's ultra-practical, too. A well-made espresso machine will last for years, so consider choosing one that comes with a variety of accessories, including a coffee bean grinder, cups, and espresso machine cleaner. 
  • A Leather Moto Jacket.  Moto jackets are always in style and look good on almost everyone! Plus they're practical, versatile, and super chic. And because they come in so many different styles, colors, and sizes, there's sure to be one that fits her perfectly. Leather is also naturally water resistant, making it a great choice for rainy days. 
  • A Cashmere Blanket.  A cashmere blanket is uber-luxurious and warm, yet lightweight enough to use all year round. It makes an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys snuggling up under a cozy blanket while watching TV or reading a book, and looks great casually thrown over a chair cushion or sofa back. Her pets will love it, too!
  • A Personalized Duffle Bag. Is she a business traveler or travel blogger? Is her list of bucket list countries a mile long? A personalized duffel bag is the perfect way to make her life easier while she's jet setting. Whether she's heading off to Paris, London, Tokyo, or anywhere else around the world, a personalized duffle looks chic and can last for years. 
  • Chic Cocktail Glasses. Looking for a timeless gift that's all about elegance? Does she love sipping martinis and champagne? Try gifting her a set of swank crystal cocktail glasses. They'll add a touch of sophistication to her bar area and make whipping up cocktails for friends (and you!) particularly special. 

    A Kitchen Knife Set. If she likes to cook, a set of great knives is a must-have. Choose a set that includes everything she needs to chop, slice, dice, and mince. High quality stainless steel knives can be sharpened again and again and are virtually indestructible. Make the set complete with a block for storage and a matching set of steak knives. 

    A Wine Fridge. Does she love to drink and collect wine? A good wine fridge could be the perfect gift. Give her a temperature controlled place to store her favorite bottles and preserve them until they're ready to be enjoyed. Wine fridges come in a variety of sizes and work great in kitchens, home bar areas, small apartments, and garages. 

  • A Charitable Donation. If she has a philanthropic side, a charitable donation could mean more to her than a material gift ever could. Choose a charity that reflects her passions, whether that be caring for animals, a social cause, food bank, homeless shelter, or environmental fund.

  • An Experience. One of the most luxurious gifts you can give is an experience she'll always remember. Before deciding which experience would be perfect for her, think about the kind of person she is. If she's a homebody, consider a series of classes related to things she loves, like gardening, cooking, interior design, or home remodeling. The world traveler might like a trip to an exotic location, a scuba diving course, an afternoon of ziplining, heliskiing, or parasailing, or a day of diving with dolphins. The busy mom might love a long weekend away in a beautiful setting to relax and recharge. 

  • Elegant Games. Whether she loves hanging out with her SO at home or hosting dinner parties with close friends, some chic and interesting games could be right up her alley. Check out a full-grain leather backgammon board, a fashionable acrylic chess set, a dartboard, tabletop shuffleboard, tarot cards, and other party games to make any gathering more fun and festive.