Mother's Day Gifts For Wife

Mother's Day Gifts For Wife

Rose MacDowell

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for your wife that will stand out from the usual bouquets of flowers and dinners out? Not sure what she'll love?

If you're wondering how to make your wife feel special on Mother's Day, you've come to the right place! We've put together a comprehensive list of the best Mother's Day gifts, from the unique to the meaningful to the downright luxurious.  

Let's start shopping!

  • Washable Silk Pajamas. Looking for a can't-go-wrong gift she'll use for years? Washable silk pajamas should be at the top of your list. Not only are they convenient (machine washable!), they look great and feel fantastic. She can sleep in them, lounge in them, walk the dog in them, even work in them if she's got a home office!
  • A Spa Day. Asking yourself, "What should I get my pregnant wife for Mother's Day?" Gift her a full day of pampering! A mani, pedi, massage, and facial is heaven for most pregnant women, especially as the due date approaches. Give her flowers in the morning and take her to dinner in the evening to make her feel even more special. 
  • A Satin Sleep Mask. If she's like most mothers, she loves sleep and doesn't get enough of it! Help her drift off into dreamland with a satin sleep mask. Satin helps her cool while she blocks out unwanted light to enjoy a little shuteye. A sleep mask is also a great gift option if you're watching your budget. 
  • Her Favorite (Insert Gift Here). Is there something in particular she really loves? A high-end candle with a scent she adores? A specific type of rose champagne? Has she had her eye on that gorgeous pair of heels? Splurge on what she really craves and watch her whole face light up when she opens the gift box. Who doesn't love getting exactly what she wants?
  • An Ice Cream Maker. Help satisfy her sweet tooth with homemade ice cream! Perfect for foodies (and their kids!), an ice cream maker is a great gift for summer get-togethers and days with the family. 
  • Ultra-Fluffy Slippers. Forget the bright pink slippers of days gone by. Today's fluffy slippers are not only comfortable, they're super stylish. Look for extra thick faux fur that will cradle her feet in cloudlike softness. And don't be surprised if she wants to wear them out with jeans or a skirt (yes, the new slippers are that fashionable!). 
  • A Splurge In Her Favorite Store. Is your wife a huge fan of a particular designer, makeup, antique store, or home decor boutique? Spoil her by giving her the ultimate gift of some serious retail therapy. Take her to lunch and then surprise her by stopping by her favorite store to browse and choose whatever she's been coveting most. 
  • Noise Canceling Headphones. Give her the blissful gift of silence with a pair of noise canceling headphones. She can listen to music or just escape from the world for a while, a rare treat for most moms. Noise canceling headphones are also great for airplane flights and long car rides, and are crucial if she works from home.
  • Beauty Box Subscription.  If you know your wife has always wanted to try a beauty subscription service but never got around to signing up, this is the perfect opportunity. Beauty boxes are a fun way to keep track of all the products she receives in one place without having to pay for each item individually. Plus, it gives her access to products she may have otherwise missed out on.
  • Wine Chiller.  Wine lovers everywhere agree: nothing beats a perfectly chilled bottle of good white wine. Enter the wine chiller, which keeps your wife's favorite bottle nice and cold during dinner parties, picnics, and barbecues outside on warm afternoons. Add a reserve bottle from a vineyard she loves and you've got the Mother's Day gift. 
  • Supersonic Hair Dryer. The Supersonic hair dryer makes blow drying easier than ever before. It features an innovative design that allows air to circulate more efficiently, resulting in faster drying times and less heat damage. This means no more frizz!
  • Matcha Kit.  If she loves green tea, try gifting her a matcha tea kit! Matcha tea is made using finely ground green tea leaves, and it contains many health benefits. It helps boost energy levels, improves digestion, and even boosts metabolism. 
  • Luxury Bedding.  Luxury bedding sets are not only beautiful, they're practical too. They come in different fabrics, styles, and colors so there's sure to be something that will suit her taste. Try super-smooth bamboo, silk, or long-staple cotton for the ultimate in sleeping comfort.
  • Enamel Dutch Oven. Does she love to cook? A dutch oven is a must-have kitchen tool for everything from baking bread to roasting vegetables. It’s especially useful when making soups because it retains heat well and prevents boiling over. There are even heart-shaped dutch ovens that are perfect for Mother's Day!
  • A Class. Whatever she loves to do, help her do it better! If she's a cook, gift her a cooking class. If she loves to dance, a beginner's hip hop dance class. A budding rock climber, a membership at a climbing gym. Or maybe she's been dying to try something new like scuba diving, cross country skiing, or knitting. Whatever her interests may be, there's a class for that!
  • A Romantic Weekend Away.  When was the last time you took your significant other away on a romantic getaway? Maybe it was years ago, or maybe it was just a weekend trip with friends. Either way, Mother's Day weekend is the perfect time to whisk her away for a special trip together. A staycation in the same town is a great option if you want to stay close to the kids. 
  • Flower Subscription. If she loves keeping fresh flowers in the house, a flower delivery subscription is a great gift idea for Mother's Day. Choose from flowers of all kinds, including roses, tulips, daisies, lilies, carnations, or a blended bouquet of flowers to be delivered each month.