Romantic Gifts For Boyfriends

Romantic Gifts For Boyfriends

Rose MacDowell

Looking for the perfect romantic gifts for your boyfriend? Don't have a clue where to start? You've come to the right place.

Whether you've been dating a few weeks or you've been an item for years, we've got the perfect gift list for you! We've tracked down the best romantic holiday gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine's gifts, anniversary gifts — whatever occasion you can think of, we've got you covered.

Even if your boyfriend is the man who has everything, don't worry we're here to help. No matter what you have in mind, a surprise gift, personalized gift, or intimate gift that will make him feel like the luckiest guy alive, you'll find it on our list of the Top Romantic Gifts For Boyfriends.

Let's get shopping!

Personal Gifts

You don't have to make it yourself to make it personal! There are lots of ways to take a gift from nice to just-for-him, and make him feel exceedingly pampered in the process. We've got the best unique gift ideas for men, even those who are notoriously hard to buy for. 

  • A Night Sky Map. Feeling unabashedly romantic? Does your boyfriend get excited about comets and eclipses? Nurture his inner astronomer with a map of the night sky as it appeared the night of his birth, your anniversary, or the day you met. Talk about written in the stars.  
  • Custom Wooden Name Sign. Put it above the door of your shared abode, on a fireplace mantel, or propped on a credenza with photos of you as a couple. A personalized wood sign bearing both your names has a cool, vintage feel and adds a little rustic chic to the decor. 
  • Morse Code Jewelry. Give your bae a message of love to wear around his wrist or neck in Morse code. Each round bead represents a dot in Morse code, while each long bead represents a dash. Together, the beads signify a secret message known only to your boyfriend and you. Amp up the romance by getting matching bracelets, which are usually designed in a minimalist, unisex style. 
  • Engraved Decanter and Glasses. Is your man a wine or whiskey fan? Can he whip up a mean cocktail? A monogrammed decanter and glasses look super sharp and are right at home on his home bar, in his man cave, or at a dinner party. Or try a personalized flask in sleek stainless steel or leather.  

Funny Gifts

Sometime the best gift is one that makes your boyfriend smile. Check out these gifts that bring humor to the occasion and make any day more fun. 

  • Personalized Boxers. If you want to stay close to his heart and, well, everything else, a pair of boxers emblazoned with your image will do the trick nicely, thank you very much! Personalized boxers are practical, personal, and bring some light romantic humor to your special day.
  • Message In A Bottle. Take a glass bottle, a bunch of colorful capsules, and slips of paper written with messages from you, and you've got the perfect gift for your long-distance love. He can open a personalized message once a day (or only on special days!), and enjoy a unique suprise written especially for him.  
  • A Surprise Party. Sometimes the best gift isn't a material object, it's a room full of his favorite people! Try giving him a suprise bash that will be a blast the night of and linger in his memory for a long time. Nothing says "my girlfriend adores me" like a bunch of his best buddies popping up from behind a couch and yelling surprise. Trust us. 

Intimate Gifts

  • A Smart Light. If you're looking for a romantic gift for a long-distance boyfriend, a smart light is a great way to keep you on his mind. He can schedule it to come on automatically in the morning and turn off by itself at night, and some lamps can be controlled by app, by you, from anywhere in the world. Good morning, sunshine!
  • A Sex Toy For Couples. Search for "romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend" and you'll find a picture of a couples' sex toy. At least you would if we had it our way! A couples' toy like the We-Vibe Chorus gives your boyfriend the gift of pleasure and connection, and who doesn't want that? Bonus feature: many couples' toys are app-enabled, making them fun for all involved even when you're thousands of miles apart.
  • A Self-Care Package. Fill a gift box with sensual goodies and watch your girlfriend cred soar. If you're pondering romantic Valentine's gifts for your boyfriend, It doesn't get more intimate than products designed for pure pleasure. We're talking massage oil, shaving cream for all parts south, a tube of premium lubricant, a C-ring, and maybe a stroker for nights when you're out of town and sexting with you has him all hot and bothered. 
  • An Erotic Story. Ever wanted to write? Here's your chance. Use your imagination to create an intimate story starring the two of you, and watch as his eyes light up and his toes curl. Pen a scenario you're dying to try, or one you and your SO have tried and would love to relive. Write it out by hand for an extra-personal touch, or print it out and bind it in a notebook so you can read it together under the covers.  
  • A Sexy Keychain. Remember that sexy selfie your boyfriend couldn't stop raving about? Turn it into a keychain so he can carry it everywhere. Anytime he starts his car or opens his front door, he'll remember why he's so crazy about you, and thank his lucky stars.  

Gifts To Light His Fire. Literally

Gifts of fire feel passionate and exciting, and have a masculine edge most guys will love. Instead of another picture of the two of you, blow his mind with something that says "I burn for you."

    • A Portable Fire Pit. Bring out his primitive urge to build a blaze with a portable fire pit. Perfect for backyards, rooftops, and campsites, a portable fire pit is ideal for romantic, just-the-two-of-you time as well as social gatherings with friends. 
    • A Personalized Lighter. Whether he needs it to light cigars, bonfires, or the candles on the edge of your bathtub, a personalized lighter is a can't-go-wrong gift for any occasion. Compact and practical with a hint of old school, a good lighter is one of the few items your man can keep for a lifetime.
    • A Hand Forged Fireplace Poker. If your boyfriend loves tending his wood stove or fireplace, a fireplace poker could be the perfect way to light up his special day. Indispensable for bonfires, firepits, and man caves, a poker is the ultimate masculine accessory. And did we mention it's literally indestructible?   
    • A Fire-Walking Class. For the adrenaline junkie who has everything, try gifting him a fire-walking class. He'll learn how to walk barefoot over hot coals, master his impulses, and appreciate the girlfriend who picked out the most original gift he's ever received.