Romantic Gifts For Girlfriends

Romantic Gifts For Girlfriends

Rose MacDowell

Brainstorming a gift list for your bae? Take it from us this is not the time to be practical. On our complete list of Romantic Gifts for Girlfriends, you won't find vacuums, frying pans, socks, or gardening gloves. What you will find is a slew of swoon-worthy presents for all budgets and all types of queens.

From the perfect self-care products to meaningful gifts she won't believe you thought of, welcome to your ultimate guide to all things romantic. 

What's The Best Gift For A Girlfriend?

"Romantic gifts for girlfriend" is probably one of the most common (and desperate!) Google searches, followed closely by "unique gift for girlfriend." After all, flowers and chocolate aren't exactly original, and chances are your SO expects a bit more effort. So, whether you're looking for romantic birthday gifts for your girlfriend or something to sweetly blow her mind on Valentine's Day, it's time to step up your game. 

We've broken down the best girlfriend gifts by category, from luxury to budget and everything in between. Let's start shopping!

Luxury Romantic Gifts For Your Girlfriend

  • High-End Bedding. Nothing says "I love snuggling with you" like a set of ultra-smooth sheets. Your girlfriend spends a third of her life sleeping, and if she's like most of us, values her time in bed. Look for long-staple cotton, silk, or velvety bamboo in her favorite color, or a gorgeous pattern that will call to her (and you) at the end of a long day.  
  • A Couples' Vibrator. It's hard to beat the gift of pleasure, especially when it's wrapped in 24-karat gold. And notice I said couples' vibrator, so it's a present for you, too! Couples' vibrators are designed to stimulate both of you at the same time, and often come with fun, high-tech extras like Bluetooth and remote controls. The best are made from body-safe materials like premium silicone or stainless steel, and the best of the best feature bling-y details like Swarovski crystals and the aforementioned gold. Talk about good vibes. 
  • A Weekend Away. The most coveted words you can say to your girlfriend? "Just bring yourself." It's easy to score points when you plan an entire weekend away and whisk your boo off for a little R&R (relaxation and romance). She'll love that you've thought of everything, including getting there, where to stay, what to do, and where to eat. Take care of all the details and hear her sing your praises for months afterward.    

Budget Romantic Gifts For Your Girlfriend

  • A Handwriting Bracelet. Turn a handwritten thought into jewelry your girlfriend can keep forever. If you're looking for a romantic homemade gift for your girlfriend, you can now turn your own handwritten phrase into a personalized bracelet. From "I love you" to the date you met to the nicknames you share, a handwriting bracelet ticks the "romantic" box like few off-the-shelf gifts can. Best of all? You can find styles that are budget-friendly but still look super chic. 
  • A Faux Fur Throw. Keep her warm, invite her to snuggle up to you, and stick to your budget, all with one gift. A faux fur throw is a cuddly essential and it adds a cozy element to her bedroom or living room (and yours too if you cohabitate!). Faux fur throws come in all sizes and colors, and look especially inviting with a matching pillow or two. Faux fur anything is a great romantic Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend, especially if she l 
  • A Personalized Puzzle. Custom-create a jigsaw puzzle just for your girlfriend, with the location of where you met at the center in a special heart-shaped piece. A personalized puzzle is not only fun and meaningful, but a great way to spend time together without screens or devices. If your girlfriend is a fan of quality time or she loves DIY romantic gifts, this is a great choice.   
  • A Metal Wallet Insert. Take a pic of you and your girlfriend and turn it into something she can carry everywhere. She won't have to scroll through her phone to find her favorite picture of the two of you with a metal wallet insert. The picture is printed on a light, durable metal card that she can tuck safely in her wallet and look at again and again. Engrave the back with a personalized message in your own handwriting for an extra sentimental touch. 

Unique Romantic Gifts For Your Girlfriend

  • An Experience. Choosing an experience takes knowing who your girlfriend is and what she values. What's on her bucket list? Is she a ziplining or watch-the-Northern-lights-from-a-yurt kind of girl? Is a day at the spa her idea of nirvana? Does she love concerts, national parks, California wines? Show you how you understand and cherish who she is and what matters to her. Try gifting her a trip, a wine tasting, a day at a Turkish hammam, or a national parks Monopoly game. If you're looking for memorable gifts for your girlfriend, it's hard to beat tickets to see her favorite band or a romantic dinner at home catered by a private chef. 
  • A Class. I know what you're thinking. Who wants a class for Christmas/Hanukkah/her birthday/Valentine's Day/Mother's Day/her anniversary? Your girlfriend, that's who! There are classes for every interest, including your SO's. If she loves to cook, gift her a cooking class for a kind of cuisine she loves. If adventure is her thing, try a tightrope walking or scuba diving class. Girlfriends of all stripes flock to knitting, jewelry-making, memoir-writing, and photography classes, and they're a great place for her to meet like-minded friends, too. 
  • A Gift Of The Month. Is your girlfriend partial to cake? Makeup? Toys for her dog? Give her a subscription to a club that delivers what she loves every month! Once you sign up, new selections arrive in the mail every 30 days, giving your SO a year of gifts to look forward. From coffee to stuffed animals to scented candles to California wines, you can find a gift of the month club for almost anything! 
  • Hunt A Killer Boxed Set. If haunted houses and dark romance are your girlfriend's style, try gifting her a Hunt A Killer Boxed Set. This true-crime set comes loaded with tantalizing clues to help you track down a serial killer. Perfect for a stormy evening inside with wine and candlelight, the Hunt A Killer Boxed Set is the perfect couple's activity for girlfriends who love unusual gifts with an edge.