Romantic Picture Ideas

Romantic Picture Ideas

Sarah Riccio

Taking romantic pictures with your partner can be a great way to bond and leave you with beautiful memories that'll last forever. So, what's the key to taking perfect pics? Be yourselves! The more authentic and relaxed you and your boo are in front of the camera, the more natural and effortlessly stunning the finished product will look. 

Of course, coming up with creative photoshoot ideas on a whim can be tough! But don't sweat it — I'm here to help. Follow along as I detail the top 10 romantic picture ideas for couples, as well as important tips and tricks for snapping the perfect pics! Plus, I'll point you in the direction of the top romantic photographers so you know where to look. Let's get started!

How To Take The Perfect Romantic Photo

Before we get into specific romantic photo ideas, let's go over some fundamentals. Nailing down the right location, poses, and lighting are all key to success here, whether you're snapping engagement photos or first-date pics. Take a look at my tips for curating the ideal photoshoot environment! 

Location: Where Should You Take Romantic Photos?

When it comes to capturing romantic photos with your love, location is everything. Of course, there are so many different places to take pictures, but picking a spot with sentimental value attached is a surefire way to capture the moment.

  • Our Spot. If you and your love have a spot that's special to your relationship, have a photoshoot there! Perhaps you've made a ritual of having coffee and a bagel at the cafe around the corner, or going for long walks around the park in your neighborhood. Pick a spot that's extra meaningful to you as a couple, and make photo magic together.
  • First Date. A first-date photoshoot is a unique and romantic idea with two main ways to go about it. You could take creative photos on your very first date (which could potentially be awkward, but make for the best memories later on!), or take your longterm lover to the scene of your first date and relive the romantic experiences you had there! Either way, it's bound to ignite all the feels.
  • Seasons of Love. Maybe your first kiss was in the rain, or your partner proposed at Christmas. Or maybe you met on a beach in the height of summer! Pick the time of year that holds the most significance for you and your partner, and find a way to incorporate the spirit of that season. 
  • Vacation. Vacation pictures are pretty much guaranteed to turn out great because you're relaxed, sun-kissed, and spending loads of free time with the love of your life. So, before you take your next vacation, spend some time researching photographers local to your destination! 

Obviously, the above suggestions are just a couple romantic ideas, and there are so many concepts to explore. Just remember to stay true to your unique style, pick a place that's meaningful, and research romantic photographers before booking your shoot!

Poses: How Should You Pose for Romantic Photos?

Alright, now let's tackle the tough part — posing. Smiling for the camera can feel forced and awkward even when you're not on a special romantic photoshoot. But don't worry, there are several ways to put you and your partner at ease while striking a pose. 

  • Use Props. Having something to hold or look at with your lover can make you both feel less okay-what-do-I-do-now  because it gives you something to focus on. So bring a book, glasses of champagne, toy lightsabers... Any props that reflect your mutual interests can make the whole photoshoot experience easier!
  • Tell a Joke. Forget about the photographer for a moment and just joke with your partner while they snap candid shots. The more you and your partner play around and get comfortable, the easier posing will be. Plus, there's nothing like a good picture of genuine laughter. 
  • Get Cozy. Wear clothes that make you feel sexy and comfortable. Donning garments that are too tight, itchy, or otherwise uncomfortable can keep you from posing naturally, and the last thing you want is to look irritated in your engagement photos. If you want to take comfort one step further, have your photoshoot in bed or cozied up on the couch!
  • Kisses & Hugs. Don't shy away from PDA! There's no need to get explicit, of course, but holding hands and sharing a smooch with your lover on camera can be a great way to capture a sweet moment. Plus, being physically intimate can be comforting and ease some of those on-camera jitters.

Remember: these are your romantic pictures, so get creative! When in doubt, take a look at some famous Hollywood kisses and try to mimic their poses. Hint: there are some great romantic poses in The Notebook.

Lighting: When Should You Take Romantic Photos?

Ultimately, your photographer will edit the photos so that the lighting is perfect and you both look great. That said, things like weather and time of day can affect the overall mood of your romantic pictures, so let's dive a little deeper.

  • Bright & Sunny. Taking pictures with abundant sunshine gleaming overhead sets a playful and optimistic mood that can make for some great photos. Or, if a mid-afternoon shoot doesn't appeal, aim for the perfect sunset shoot as soon as the clock strikes Golden Hour. There's something about the warm, yellow light that makes for extra romantic pictures!
  • Starry-Eyed. There's no rule against having your romantic photoshoot at night. Just because it's dark out doesn't mean the right photographer can't work their magic! If you go this route, I suggest picking a place with clear, open skies and a good view of the stars. 
  • Rain or Shine. If unexpected weather comes to dampen your photoshoot, try to embrace it. After all, getting creative with the elements can make for a great set of romantic photos (hello, rooftop kisses in the rain!). Even if it's snowing, grab a cute umbrella, pop your heel to the sky and strike a pose. 

Now that we've taken a look at the methodology behind the camera, let's jump in front of the lens and talk picture ideas! Keep reading for a list of the top 10 romantic picture ideas for you and your lover. 

Top 10 Romantic Picture Ideas For You And Your Lover

Running low on creative concepts for your romantic photoshoot? Draw some inspiration from the ten ideas below!

1. Coffee Shop Romance. 

For some couples, coffee is a love language. If this sounds like you, a romantic photoshoot at your go-to café might be just perfect! Bonus points for choosing the coffee shop where you had your first cup of Joe together. 

2. Bubbles & Bubbly. 

For this idea, you'll need your partner, a bottle of champagne, two glasses, and lots of bubble bath. A bathtub photoshoot is playful, romantic, and tastefully sexy. 

3. Into The Wild.

If home is where the forest is, you might consider doing a romantic, nature themed shoot in your favorite campsite or national park. If you're the Christmasy type, wait until it's super snowy for a Winter Wonderland moment. 

4. Library Love.

If you and your partner share a love of literature, why not head to the library for a uniquely romantic shoot? You'd be surprised how eye-catching a backdrop of books can be. Plus, this photoshoot idea gives you lots of room to play with props. 

5. A Fair Affair.

Is there anything more wholesome and romantic than a day at the fair with your lover? Whether you climb aboard the Ferris Wheel or just walk the fairgrounds with cotton candy in one hand and your partner's hand in the other, a fair makes for some great romantic pictures.

6. Hands On. 

For a stunning set of romantic and artsy photos that not everybody has, try honing in on a specific body part, like your hands. Sometimes a simple image such as a pair of hands, intertwined and sporting engagement rings, can speak louder than more complex photos. 

7. Home Sweet Home.

Home is where your heart is, literally. So why not cozy up to your sweetheart in the comfort of your own home? Besides, the more comfortable you are during the photoshoot, the more natural and effortlessly stunning the pictures will turn out. 

8. Starlit Kisses.

Find someone who specializes in long-exposure photography and get ready for a starlit photoshoot you won't soon forget. A nighttime shoot like this gives new meaning to the phrase "starry-eyed lovers."

9. Landmark Love.

Sometimes it's good to let the background do the talking. If theres a particular landmark that's meaningful to you, hop in the car and take your romantic photos there! 

10. The Whole Family.

Grab the kids and fur babies for a love-filled photoshoot that includes the whole family!

Romantic Photographers in the U.S.

Not sure where to find the right romantic photographers? Don't worry, I did the research for you. Take a moment to browse below. 

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