Unique/Unusual/DIY Gifts For Him

Unique/Unusual/DIY Gifts For Him

Rose MacDowell

Tired of the usual store-bought gifts for men? Looking for some interesting ideas that will stand out from the pack?  Your search is over! We've put together an extensive list of the very best unique, unusual, and DIY gifts for men to take the guesswork out of shopping.

No matter the occasion, who he is, or what his personal taste may be, you're sure to find something to make him feel special. From home decor to personal accessories to cool and crafty objects he'll treasure, your ultimate unique gift guide has arrived.

Homemade Charcuterie Board. Who doesn't love a charcuterie board? If he's still serving olives, cheese, and cured meat on a plate, make him an easy but super-impressive charcuterie board from a simple piece of wood. Just buy a round slice of wood (with a bark edge for a bit of rustic charm!), clean the bark with a wire brush, sand down the wood surface, and cure it with a bit of mineral or butcher block oil. Presto! In the hall of fame of unique birthday gifts for him, this gift is close to the top.  

Leather Keychain. A leather keychain is not only cool in an old school way, it's durable and practical, too. All it takes is a little tooling leather and a few simple tools and you're in business. There are lots of patterns online to suit your taste and his. Choose from black or lighter leather colors depending on the season and his style, loop his keyring through, and add a monogram for extra style points. 

Homemade Beard Oil. It's one thing to have great facial hair; it's another thing entirely to smell like a lumberjack all day long. Homemade beard oils can help solve both problems at once. Mix up a batch of homemade beard oil using ingredients like oils from coconut, rosemary, fir, and cedarwood. Put it in a chic glass bottle with a dropper and label and you've got a great gift for him and his beard. 

Tabletop Fireplace. It may not be DIY, but a tabletop mini fireplace is certainly unique! This small version of a fire pit is fashioned in stylish concrete and comes complete with smokeless, odorless fuel. The perfect addition to any living room or patio, this tabletop fireplace is perfect for whipping up s'mores for two. 

Custom Family Portrait. Take your favorite pic of the man of the hour and have it turned into art! Make his portrait or family photo extra special by having an artist create an illustration or painting from it. From caricature to watercolor to royal portrait complete with crown and scepter, you can find any style of art to transform his picture into a truly unusual gift. 

Roasted Nuts. Perfect for foodies, roasted nuts are great make-at-home gifts almost everyone loves. The recipes are easy and the costs are minimal, but the results are deliciously impressive. Try roasting almonds with honey and cinnamon, cashews with curry and sea salt, pecans with maple syrup, or walnuts with bourbon and vanilla extract. 

Homemade Wall Art. If you're looking for unique gifts for men who have everything, problem solved! Create a sign of his favorite street, restaurant, or phrase using simple stenciling and a piece of wood or plaster. Order an antique map of the city where he was born and have it framed, blow up a pic of his favorite pet, or put your own artistic skills to work with a painting or watercolor that will blow ordinary, store-bought gifts out of the water. 

Pet Supplies. Have a clear glass mason jar etched with the name of his favorite living being -- his dog or cat! -- and fill it with treats to sit on his kitchen counter. Gift him some monogrammed food bowls, a plush pet bed, or a throw that will make his pet happy and keep his couch (relatively) fur free. If he's particularly busy with work, school, or parenting, try offering your pet-walking services a certain number of times per week for one month up to a year. Talk about DIY!

Homemade Spice Rubs. Has he ever remarked on your BBQ chicken or divine steak? Try gifting him some homemade spice rubs so he can recreate all that deliciousness at home. A classic Montreal seasoning, herb blend, and Cajun spice blend are great versatile options that can work for just about any type of meat or fish.

Handmade Coat Rack. If his taste leans toward the traditional, try making him a handmade wall-mounted coat rack. Not only will it add some serious vintage style to his entryway, a coat rack is ultra-practical and can last him a lifetime. All it takes is a nice slab of wood in just about any finish and some coat hooks, or if you're feeling artistic, hand paint it in a color or unique pattern. He'll think of you every time he comes through the door. 

Sangria Kit. If he likes to throw parties, there's nothing like a sangria kit to keep the good times rolling. Put together a few bottles of red or white wine, sangria fruit like oranges, cherries, blueberries, and lemons,  pitcher, and some sangria glasses, and he's ready to serve a crowd. If you've searched "unique gifts for him birthday" and come up empty-handed, a sangria kit could be a great choice.  

DIY Laptop Case. Create an uber-easy unique gift with a DIY laptop case! Have a neoprene laptop sleeve or plastic case printed with a meaningful photo or design he'll love. A personalized laptop case won't break the bank if you're on a budget, plus it can go with him everywhere. Wallet-friendly, unique, and practical? Sign us up. 

Homemade Butter. If anything says "indulge yourself," it's delicious varieties of handmade butter. Butters made with honey, berries, garlic, and rosemary are crowd pleasers he's sure to love, especially if he's a gourmand or loves to cook.

Pasta Machine. If he's a fan of pasta, look no further. Pasta machines are easy to use, look swank, and make delicious fresh pasta of all kinds. They come in many shapes and sizes, from handheld models perfect for quick meals at home to larger models that can feed a family. 

Personalized Coffee Mug. This gift idea is as fun as it is functional. Have a picture of his face put onto a mug, or choose a quote or saying that relates to him. He'll think of you with his morning coffee, whether he's home or at the office. A personalized coffee mug is one of our favorite unique gifts for him on Valentine's day, and it works just as well on anniversaries and birthdays, too.