Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts

Rose MacDowell

You've done flowers and chocolate more times than you count, but this year, you want your gift to stand out. What can you give your significant other on Valentine's Day that won't feel like a humdrum repeat?  

Valentine's Day is the time of year to prove your romantic bona fides. No matter what your age, gender, or who your partner is, a romantic gesture is a given. That's where it gets tricky. Coming up with a gift that suits your partner, fits your budget, and strikes the perfect note is a challenge, whether you've been together 3 weeks or 30 years.  

Before you resign yourself to yet another foil balloon/champagne/stuffed animal V Day, take a look at our ultimate guide to the very best Valentine's Day gifts. From meaningful DIY options to luxe ideas to keepsakes they'll treasure, these are the gifts you've been looking for. 

Guide To The Best Valentine's Day Gifts 

Stop stressing, Google searching, and hunting through the mall! These are the best and only Valentine's Day gifts you'll need for everyone on your list. 

Lingerie Subscription. This is a classic with a decidedly luxe spin. Give her lingerie not just once, but every month for the rest of the year! Choose from ultra-sexy styles or more demure, classic options that will make her swoon. Add a candle in her favorite scent and a home-cooked dinner and you've got a gift she'll never forget. 

Heart-Shaped Cutting Board. A heart-shaped cutting board combines the best of Valentine's Day tradition with something the foodie in your life will love! Gift them a heart-shaped board made from marble, bamboo, or food-safe silicone plus some matching cheese knives for the ultimate charcuterie experience. 

Preserved Roses. If you're looking for a special gift that will last until Valentine's Day next year, gift them a box or vase of preserved roses. Choose from just about any color for a look that will bring a splash of romance to their decor. Preserved roses may be on the pricey side, but their staying power makes them hard to beat. 

Heart Filled With Memories. The shape is classic, but the contents are irreplaceable. Take a traditional red cardboard Valentine's candy heart, empty it out, and fill it with precious memories of the time you've shared. You can with simple handwritten slips of paper, or more elaborate designs made from cardstock or other art store material. Bonus points for extras like illustrations, glitter, pictures, and meaningful objects like shells and dried flowers. 

Curated Gift Box. If you know your Valentine well, chances are you know their passions. Do they love long baths? Whiskey? Silk scarves? All three? Create a grab bag of items that speak to who they are and what they like, from antique books to candles to tickets for their favorite sports team. 

Monogrammed Robe. Give your bae some serious pampering with a monogrammed robe made from luxurious fabric like cashmere, velvet, faux fur, or some delicious combination thereof. Perfect for the SO who loves hotel robes and serious lounging, a monogrammed robe is a great way to encourage rest, relaxation, and self-care. 

Weighted Blanket. A weighted blanket is all about soft, cuddly comfort. These special blankets feel heavy in a good way, and are proven to help reduce anxiety, promote sleep, and deliver deep relaxation. If your Valentine suffers from anxiety or insomnia, a weighted blanket is a great way to help them chill out, sleep, or feel better all year round. 

Beard Care. Chances are you both love his beard, so why not help him tend to it with a box of beard grooming items? Fill a gift box with shaving cream, beard wash, beard serum, clippers, scissors, and a soft towel reserved specifically for beard care. Add his (or your) favorite cologne for the ultimate beard care package. 

Personalized Bottle Of Wine. Don't just give your Valentine a bottle of wine, give them a bottle with a personalized label of love. Choose your saying (nothing wrong with "I love you" if you're not sure what to say!) and have it signed with your name. You and your SO may drink the wine on Valentine's night, but chances are you'll keep the bottle as a memento for a long time.

Monogrammed Guitar Pick. If the love of your life is a musician, then this one’s for them! A guitar pick is an essential part of every guitarist’s toolkit, and these picks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Cornhole Board. A cornhole board is the perfect gift for the Valentine who loves games. It comes complete with everything needed to play: a pair of cups, a set of holes, and a bag of beanbags. Just throw down the bags and get ready to enjoy hours of fun together. 

Luxury Candle. Luxury candles make any room smell amazing, and there are plenty of scents to choose from. Whether your Valentine likes sweet or spicy, floral or woodsy, try to find a scent that speaks to them. 

Artisan Liquor. Forget that bottle of champagne! Artisan liquors are typically made by hand and aged in small batches. They're crafted with the same attention to detail and quality control that goes into making fine wines, whiskeys, and spirits. This makes them a unique gift for the person who appreciates craftsmanship and quality over quantity. 

Unique Coasters. Looking for a great budget-friendly V Day present? Coasters are one of our favorite gifts for any occasion, including birthdays and anniversaries. Find a collection of coasters featuring images of things that inspire you, or go for a more personal touch by having custom coasters made with photos of you two together.

Personalized Photo Puzzle. If you're on the hunt for a gift that's both meaningful and fun, we've got just the thing. Personalize a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of the two of you together or your whole family. Enjoy putting the puzzle together and watching a cherished memory come to life in the process.