How to Motivate a Male Submissive

How to Motivate a Male Submissive

Sarah Riccio

Are you a dominant partner looking for ways to motivate, humiliate, or otherwise engage with your loyal male submissive? Join me for four delightful possibilities! 

Dress Them Up

Choosing your sub's clothing is a great way to control how they look and feel and give them a visible sense of your unique power dynamic. 

Make them wear panties beneath their work clothes. The lacier the better! Demand that they put them on in front of you while you say things like:

  • Maybe you've fooled everyone else into thinking that you're a big dominant man, but we know better, don't we?
  • Turn in a circle for me. Slowly
  • Don't those look pretty on you?
  • Tell me how much you like wearing panties for me

This one is ideal for folks into sissification and public humiliation, and pairs perfectly with a chastity cage and butt plug designed for extended wear. 

Already done the panty thing? You can strap an apron on your sub, make them wear frilly socks, give them barrettes to wear in their hair, or instruct them to wear makeup in the house or when you're out together.

All of these suggestions serve to demonstrate your control in a way that's visible and tangible, even when you're apart.

Take Submissive Selfies

If you're in a long-distance dynamic or just like to exercise control throughout the day, make your sub send you periodic selfies. And not just any selfies, but the kind accompanied by explicit direction. For example:

  • Open your mouth as wide as you can and stick out your tongue. Send me a selfie along with a list of 10 ways that mouth can be of service
  • Get on your knees in a public location and take a video praising me as your mistress/master
  • Send a photo of your erection every hour, on the hour 

Put Them to Work

Domestic chores are great for service subs and subs in need of a productive form of punishment. When your sub takes care of household labor, they stay occupied, give you time to pamper yourself, and create an inviting environment for both of you to enjoy.

Many chores need to be repeated often, giving you a recurring supply of tasks to assign. Need suggestions? Check out the following:

  • Tell them to handwash the kitchen floor today and do a good job because they'll have to serve themselves dinner on it this evening
  • Hand them a toothbrush, some grout cleaner, and point them toward one or more bathrooms
  • Instruct them to iron and fold your clothes and make sure they're free of wrinkles
  • Give them a bucket, a Squeegee, and a bunch of windows to keep them happily busy for hours

Domestic dominance pairs perfectly with a riding crop, collar and leash, all of which you can use to escort them from room to room.

Make Them Watch

Finally, my personal favorite: make them watch you self-pleasure. Tell them you have no use for the tool in their pants, but they can stand in the corner and hand you the toys you request.

Whether you allow your sub to tend to themselves is up to you, but either way, I suggest you behave in a way that makes them really wish they could participate. This could mean a long, luxurious session that can allow their arousal and frustration to build almost to the breaking point. 

Watching their Dominant masturbate is ideal if a sub is into cuckolding, and typically pairs best with a toy that's much bigger than they are.