Realdelicto TikTok Glossary

Beans and Gorilla Spots: The Realdelicto TikTok Glossary!

Rose MacDowell

If you're new to Delicto, welcome! Perhaps you’ve wandered over from TikTok and are wondering why on earth Sarah is talking about gorillas, beans, and pickles, and exactly what she means by all that. Well, wonder no more!

Here you’ll find the Complete Realdelicto Glossary of Terms used exclusively on TikTok (to avoid community guidelines violations!). 

Realdelicto Glossary

Arena - vagina, mouth, or rectum (depending on context) 

Arrive - to have an orgasm or climax

Backdoor - anus 

Bean - clitoris 

Bean owner - woman or person with a vagina

Bedroom appliances - sex toys

Blossom - to have an orgasm

Come to completion - to have an orgasm 

Come to fruition - to have an orgasm

D & H - degradation and humiliation

Finish - to have an orgasm 

Fishing rod - penis 

Gorilla spot - G-spot

Hand-hug - choke

Hot spots/hot zones - Sensitive areas or erogenous zones

Lotion - lube, lubricant 

Get mouthy - perform oral sex

O - orgasm

P- penis 

P owner - man or person with a penis

Panda spot - P-spot or prostate

Penn Station - penetration

Pickle - penis 

Pole - penis 

Pose - sex position 

Swallow the sword - deep throat 

V - vulva 

Virginia - vagina

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