Amazon sex position

What's The Amazon Sex Position?

Rose MacDowell

What is the Amazon sex position?

Also called reverse missionary, the Amazon is a sexy (and rather athletic!) cross between cowgirl and missionary. Hard to imagine? Picture this: the Amazon typically has the penis-owner lying on their back with their knees bent and their legs in a tabletop position. Shins flat to the ceiling, in other words. The vulva-owner squats on top in the traditional male position, a dominant pose that conjures a female warrior from Greek mythology. 

If this all sounds a bit vigorous, well, it is. For those who skipped their workout today, this is a great way to make up for it!

Amazon sex position

Why should you try it?

The Amazon lets both partners experience giving and receiving penetration without resorting to ordinary, unmazing positions. In fact, it’s ideal for novelty-seekers and those who like a little challenge. If you’ve torn through your 365 Sex Positions desktop calendar and are still hungering for variety, the Amazon is a perfect diversion from the everyday!

And let’s not forget the pleasure factor. Due to the angle of penetration, the Amazon can help stimulate the G-spot and give more control to the partner on top. And with a little practice, the Amazon can work for both vaginal and anal intercourse! 

Beyond the purely physical, the Amazon position is great for breaking out of traditional gender roles and enjoying sex with fewer traditional boundaries. And who doesn’t like to switch things up once in a while? Or as often as possible?     

How do you do it?

Mastering the Amazon position can take a bit of entertaining trial and error. Let’s check out the most common variations. 

Vulva-Penis: The penis owner lies back, knees bent and legs raised with ankles resting along the hips of the partner. The vulva owner squats, knees alongside the partner’s body, hands supported on the partner’s bent knees.  

Vulva-Vulva: This position is the same as the vulva-penis position, but can involve a strap-on or strapless dildo worn by the partner lying back. This position is also great with a double-headed dildo!  

Penis-Penis: Partners with penises can enjoy anal penetration in the Amazon position instead of vaginal penetration. 

Solo: For a solo version of the Amazon position, wedge a dildo or vibrator between pillows or cushions and squat over the toy. The solo Amazon works especially well with a suction cup dildo stuck to a floor or other smooth, flat surface.  


Not sure the Amazon position is for you? These modifications may change your mind! And of course, as with all things pleasure-related, you’re free to take a little inspiration from the Amazon and roll your own.    

  • To make the position more comfortable for the squatting partner, turn to the side and rest one knee on the bed or other surface. This reduces pressure on the hips, making it better for folks with hip and knee pain or mobility issues. Two vulva owners may also find this a great position for tribbing! 
  • Ankles over the shoulders or feet to the chest are great variations for more flexible or advanced Amazon practitioners.
  • The standing Amazon allows one partner to lie on a bench in the usual Amazon position while the other partner stands, feet on either side of the bench, knees slightly bent to allow for penetration. 
  • The reverse Amazon involves turning around reverse cowgirl style, but in a squatting position with the prone partner’s knees bent as usual. This is an ideal way to enjoy anal sex Amazon-style!

*Illustration by our very own Sarah Riccio!*