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Meet the new Eva II, a hands-free, distraction-free vibrator designed to provide consistent clitoral stimulation during sex.

With the help of two flexible wings that tuck under the labia, the Eva II is designed to stay out of the way in the moment, giving you a boost of stimulation while leaving your hands free to focus on intimacy.

Compared to the Eva I, the Eva II's button sits on top for easier and more intuitive access. Eva II has shorter wings and a slightly different profile for better overall fit. Eva II is 10% lighter, 18% smaller, and fully waterproof.

Both Eva I and Eva II have 3 vibrating modes/levels, but Eva II has a bit more rumble. The Eva II comes with a sleek wireless charging and storage case. 3 year warranty.

What's Included: Charging Case
Length: 2.5 inches
Width: 1.7 inches
Depth: 1.1 inches
Materials: Medical-grade Silicone
Power Source: Charging Pod
Vibration Levels: 3
Vibration Patterns: 1

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