"Let me tell you how this works..." 

Show the mansplainers in your life how it's done with Magnetic Poetry Kit's Mansplain Edition. You too can sound exactly like an annoying, know-it-all dude with such words as "hormones," "correct," and "expert." It's easy!

The Mansplain Edition Kit contains over 200 magnetized words and word fragments that will make you both laugh and roll your eyes. 

Arrange the tiles on a fridge, file cabinet, locker door, or any other steel surface, and watch the condescending poetry emerge.

Magnetic Poetry Mansplain Edition Features:

  • Includes over 200 magnets
  • Sticks to any steel surface
  • Includes such classic mansplainer gems as "technical" and "me"
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Can help you decompress after being talked at for two hours by a mansplainer
  • Made in USA

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