Note: Njoy does not allow this toy to be sold for less than our current price. Toys that look like or claim to be the Pure Wand but are priced for less are not genuine.

You've heard about it, and wonder if it's all they say it is. Take it from us —  the Njoy Pure Wand is in a G-spot-loving class by itself. This sensually shaped beauty creates a direct connection to the prostate, G-spot, and other deep, undiscovered pleasure centers.

Crafted from Njoy's trademark medical-grade stainless steel, this gleaming toy brings 1.51 pounds of erotic perfection to the game. Douse it with lube, slide it into place, rock it back and forth, and feel the fireworks go off. 

The Njoy Pure Wand is fully waterproof, body-safe, and perfect for temperature play. Compatible with all lubricants. Lifetime warranty

Height: 8 inches
Diameter: Smaller end: 1 inch. Larger end: 1.5 inches
Materials: 316 Grade Stainless Steel. May contain nickel

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