Sex Toy Features

Sex Toy Features

Rose MacDowell

New to the world of sex toys? Trying to understand what makes one toy different from next? You're not alone. With so many products available, it can be difficult to know exactly which one to pick, and which features are most important.

Join us as we discuss some of the essential components and key benefits of different types of sex toys. We'll take a closer look at key features, including power, design, and operation, so you can pare down the many options and choose the perfect toy for you. 

Sex Toy Features

When it comes time to find the right toy, it helps to know which features are your must-haves. Before you start shopping, start by deciding which type of toy you want.

Are you most interested in penetration? How about penetration plus vibration? Do you want to try a clitoral stimulator, prostate toy, or butt plug? Is a stroker at the top of your wish list? Narrow down the category of toy first, then think about the features that matter most to you. 

The following are some of the most common sex toy features. As you go through this list, think about which are crucial, which would be nice to have, and which you don't need. This can help make finding the perfect toy easier, faster, and, dare I say, more pleasurable. 


One of the most popular toy features is a powerful motor for intense stimulation. The most powerful toys for clitoral stimulation are typically wand-style vibrators with supercharged motors and a high number of revolutions per minute. The best powerful wands typically deliver penetrating vibration that feels rumbly rather than buzzy.

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One of the key features of a sex toy is the sensation it delivers. When you're on the hunt for a new toy, keep in mind the kinds of stimulation you enjoy (or think you might enjoy!) most.

Here are some of the most common types of sex toy sensations, in no particular order: 

Vibration. The most popular sensation is vibration, which penetrates the surface of the skin to stimulate the nerves. Vibration can feel deep, thrumming, and rumbly or more superficial and buzzy. Many people prefer rumbly vibrations, which penetrate more of the network of genital nerves for greater pleasure. 

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Suction. Many air pressure toys and strokers provide suction stimulation, or sensations that feel very similar to suction. These sensations can be created with a vacuum seal in a stroker, or air pulses in an air pressure clitoral stimulator. 

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Thrusting. Thrusting toys deliver penetrative pleasure with a thrusting or pulsing rhythm. Some thrusting toys also vibrate, while others focus entirely on thrusting stimulation. 

Stroking. Stroking sensations are the most common form of stimulation in penis toys, but may also be found in some clitoral vibrators. Stroking toys typically offer smooth friction that can simulate masturbation or hand stimulation by a partner.

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Oral sex. Some sex toys such as air pressure devices and strokers can deliver stimulatiton that feels similar to the sucking, pulling, stroking, and/or licking associated with oral sex. These sensations are created by flickering silicone tongues, air pulses, squishy-soft materials, and/or vacuum seals that create pleasurable suction.   

BDSM. BDSM sensation toys can range from pinwheels to paddles to peacock feathers, and cater to those who enjoy pain as well as those who enjoy more gentle stimulation.

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Texture. Texture is a great way to stimulate any erogenous zone, and is a common feature of dildos, vibrators, and strokers. Dense, intricate texture is a primary feature of TPE, a squishy-firm, suction-y material used in many strokers and masturbators. 

Fullness. A feeling of fullness is typically associated with anal toys and larger vaginal toys, like girthier dildos and vibrators. Fullness stimulates sensitive nerves with gentle pressure and stretching, and can add an extra element of pleasure to solo or partnered play. 

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Popular sex toy features


Travel-friendly toys are designed to be tucked in luggage, hand-bags, carry-ons, and even pockets for pleasure on the go. These types of toys are typically compact, with extras like travel locking features, quiet motors, and cases or fabric pouches to keep them protected in transit. 

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Easy to use

A toy that’s smaller, lighter, or easier to operate can be a good choice for folks with mobility issues or those who just like to keep it simple. These toys often have larger operating buttons, ergonomic shapes, or remote controls for pleasure that’s virtually hands-free. 

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Quiet toys tone down the distracting buzz and keep playtime – whether solo or partnered – ultra discreet. Whereas some vibrators can be distractingly loud, quiet toys let you focus on the pleasure at hand, not the mechanized buzz coming from your nether regions. 

Quiet toys are also a natural choice for anyone who lives with roommates, parents, or kids. The quietest toys have no motor at all, but deliver powerful stimulation through texture, heft, and size.   

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Waterproof toys are perfect for the bath and pool and can be submerged in water for easy cleaning. Waterproof toys are typically have a shell made entirely of silicone to protect the internal components such as motors and batteries, or are motorless and made of silicone, glass, or stainless steel.   

Most waterproof sex toys are classified as IPX7 waterproof, meaning they can be submerged safely in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. 

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Types of sex toys sensations

For couples

Toys for partnered play are designed to stimulate more than one body at a time. Think a vibrating penis ring with a clitoral stimulator, a vibrator that fits inside the body during intercourse, or a strapless dildo that pleasures both partners.   

Many toys for couples can be operated by phone app or remote control, making them popular choices for date nights and long-distance relationships. 

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App or remote-controlled

Remote and app-controlled toys are partner-friendly and come in a stimulating array of shapes and sizes. They’re perfect for long distance relationships and cam performers, and can even be synced to music for customized pleasure. 

App and remote controlled toys may also deliver hands-free stimulation, which can create different sensations and feel more like the real thing. Hands-free toys are also great options for folks with limited mobility, such as hand and wrist issues that make holding a toy difficult. 

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Gone are the days when vibrators and other motorized sex toys had an on/off switch and a single setting. The majority of toys now have several settings for speed and vibration patterns, and many have 20 settings or even more.

If you think you might enjoy switching up the intensity and pattern of stimulation, look for a toy with multiple setting options. Toys with escalating settings are also a great option, as these gradually increase the speed in small increments, making it easier to refine the sensation and find the ideal level for you.


Pleasure products make great gifts. From budget-friendly surprises to fun presents for friends and bridesmaids to luxury splurges to spoil your partner, giftable toys are great for occasions of all kinds. 

When gifting sex toys, choose products made from body-safe materials like silicone, glass, or stainless steel. Items like bullet vibrators, disposable strokers, and massage oil make great stocking stuffers or just-because gifts, while higher-end toys like stylish wands, air pulse toys for men, and vibrators with 24K gold accents are perfect for celebrating important romantic occasions.  

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Kinky products are designed to help you explore desires of all kinds, from impact play or chastity to bondage. Kinky products might include rope, handcuffs, paddles, feather teasers, and pinwheels.  

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