Complete Guide To Air Pressure Toys

Complete Guide To Air Pressure Toys

Sarah Riccio

If you thought nothing could ever dethrone the mighty vibrator as your sex toy of choice, heads up: air pressure toys are giving traditional vibrators a run for their money. Popularized by the Rose Toy of social media fame, these bestselling devices use air pulses to deliver unique and very intense stimulation. 

That's right, air pulses. And they feel out of this world. 

Intrigued? Read on. This complete guide to air pressure toys offers everything you need to know about how air pressure toys work, why they can result in epic, long-lasting orgasms, and how to choose the perfect model for you. 

What Is An Air Pressure Toy?

Air pressure toys use sonic technology to stimulate erogenous zones like the clitoris, vulva, and nipples. Quick bursts of air flow through a suction pad that sits flush inside a circular nozzle, often referred to as the mouth, and create pleasurable pulsing waves. 

The stimulation from a suction toy is sometimes compared to what it feels to stand in front of a subwoofer at a nightclub. Why? Turn on a suction toy, look into the mouth, and you’ll see that the suction pad moves in a way that resembles a bumping speaker.

Though they're commonly referred to as suction toys, air pressure toys do not suck, or draw in air when you use them. The air pulses they expel toward the body may feel like suction, but only an actual suction toy or pump can truly suck the clitoris or another part of the body.

We-Vibe Melt air pressure toy

What Does an Air Pressure Toy Feel Like?

The stimulation from a vibrator typically feels rumbly, buzzy, or a combination of both. By contrast, the sensations from an air pressure toy are often described as similar to very good oral sex. Imagine a combination of sucking, blowing, pressure, and gentle vibration all at once. 

While sex toys can't duplicate cunnilingus with a partner, air pressure toys come very close. When pressed against a clitoris or nipple, the soft, circular nozzle of a suction toy feels a lot like a mouth, and the air pulses feel like sucking or even gentle nibbling. 

Air pressure toys are renowned for delivering orgasms that feel deeper, more intense, and more long-lasting. What makes them so effective? They're designed to stimulate erectile tissue beyond what the eye can see. And when it comes to the clitoris, that’s most of it. 

Like rumbly stimulation from a vibrator, air pulses penetrate the surface of the skin to activate nerve endings in the deeper clitoral network. Let's take a quick look at the clitoris to understand why the stimulation from an air pressure toy can result in such powerful pleasure.  

What is the clitoris? 

Most of the clitoris is invisible to the naked eye. The part you can see, known as the glans clitoris, makes up the external part of the clitoral structure. The majority of the clitoris is hidden inside the body, and looks a lot like the structure of the penis!

The entire clitoral network — both internal and external — is made of erectile tissue that swells, expands, and lubricates when you become aroused. That’s why stimulating the whole clitoris (not just the part you can see) is a great way to deepen an orgasm and heighten pleasure. And air pressure toys are designed to do exactly that. 

Many women and clitoris owners who use air pressure toys describe their orgasm as deeper, longer, and more powerful than those they experience with vibrators. 

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What is the G-spot?

The G-spot is a pleasure-packed part of the internal clitoral structure located about 2 inches inside the vagina. When stimulated, the G-spot becomes engorged, lubricated, and more receptive to penetrative pleasure. 

The majority of air pressure toys are for external use, and don’t stimulate the G-spot directly. However, some feature a rabbit-style design, with one piece that directs air pulses at the clitoris and an internal piece for G-spot stimulation. This combination can result in intense pleasure and blended clitoral and G-spot orgasms.   

What is a nipple orgasm?

Stimulation of the genitals isn’t the only way to achieve climax! Yes, there is such a thing as a nipple orgasm or, as some folks call it, a nipplegasm. 

If you've never heard of a nipple orgasm, rest assured it's not a myth. It’s possible — and not uncommon — to orgasm from stimulation of areas like breasts, lips, thighs, and even ears. 

Nipples in particular are highly sensitive. Stimulating the nips can result in powerfully pleasurable sensations that lead to orgasm. Using an air pressure toy on the nipples is a great way to boost blood flow, heighten sensitivity, and experience a unique form of arousal

Pro Tip: If you have two air pressure toys, hold one against your nipple and the other on your clitoris for mind blowing blended stimulation.  

Dame Aer air pressure toy

How Do You Use an Air Pressure/Suction Toy? 

We know that air pulses feel fantastic on areas like the vulva, clitoris, and nipples, but how do you actually use an air pressure toy? 

Most air pressure toys have an intuitive, straightforward design. You just turn the toy on and place its mouth wherever you like! You can use a suction toy on your clitoris, nipples, perineum, anus — anywhere that feels good. 

Simple as most air pressure toys may be, there are some creative ways to use them and explore different sensations.  

Let it hover

For gentler, less direct stimulation, let the mouth of your air pressure toy hover over the area you want to target. The sonic waves still provide pulsing sensations, but in a much gentler way.

Press down and rotate 

For particularly strong stimulation, press the mouth of the toy into the area you want to target so it’s completely engulfed by the circular nozzle, and can receive the air pulses directly. To kick the intensity up a notch, gently rotate the nozzle back and forth for extra pressure. 

Hold it to the side

If the hover method feels too mild and pressing the mouth directly into your skin feels too powerful, aim it to the side for a more balanced feel. For example, you can hold the mouth of a toy beside the clitoris instead of directly on top or above for indirect stimulation that still feels fantastic.

These are just a few methods of exploring different sensations and levels of intensity. Feel free to get creative with your air pressure toy to find what feels best for you!

How to Choose an Air Pressure Toy 

Now that we've discussed how air pressure toys feel and the myriad ways to enjoy them, how do you actually choose one? When it comes time to browse options, keep the following key factors in mind:


Before you start shopping for a toy, consider how much you’d like to spend. Materials, brand name, and features will affect the price, so take time to prioritize your wants and needs. Think about how you want your toy to feel and the features you want it to have. 

Air pressure toys range in price from under $40 to more than $200. Though there are excellent wallet-friendly options, less expensive air pressure toys will typically be: 

  • Heavier
  • Less durable
  • Louder 
  • Splashproof instead of waterproof
  • Made from plastic or a lower quality silicone
  • Less likely to have multiple settings and features, such as a travel lock, standby mode, or remote/app control

When deciding on a budget, remember that air pressure toys are electronic devices. Like a smartphone, the price of a toy will reflect its design, motor strength, and ability to withstand plenty of use.  


Although dildos and butt plugs might be made from a number of materials, including silicone, stainless steel, glass, or wood, you'll be hard-pressed to find an air pressure toy made from anything but silicone or ABS plastic. Let's look at each of these materials a bit more closely.  


Silicone is arguably the most popular sex toy material. What makes it a favorite of both sex toy users and manufacturers? Silicone is:

  • Body-safe
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Non-porous
  • Resistant to heat and color changes
  • Easy to clean
  • Free from toxic chemicals such as phthalates

Some air pressure toys are completely wrapped in silicone, while others have parts made of ABS plastic. Toys made from 100% silicone are typically more expensive than those that incorporate ABS plastic, as silicone is the pricier and more luxurious material.

    Learn more: What Is Body-Safe Silicone

    ABS plastic

    ABS plastic is a hard, smooth material that feels like, well, plastic. The buttons or handles of an air pressure toy might be made of ABS plastic, a non-porous material that’s safe to use on the body. 

    Because it’s a less expensive material than silicone, manufacturers may use ABS plastic for the body of an air pressure toy and reserve silicone for the mouth. This way, they can produce a budget-friendly sex toy that’s still smooth and gentle where it matters most.

    Womanizer LibertyFeatures

    We’ll discuss the different types of air pressure toys in a moment, but first let’s look at some design features so you can decide which ones are must-haves.

    App-control. Long-distance lovers looking for an air pressure toy that can be controlled from anywhere in the world should consider an app-controlled option. The We–Vibe Melt, for example, can be completely controlled through an app on your smart device. 

    Speed and patterns. If you’re not sure what level of intensity you’re looking for, or simply want a toy that covers all bases, look for a toy that offers a variety of speeds and patterns. Some toys, like the Lelo Sona 2, offer a dozen different pleasure settings to explore!

    Power. Some of us want a blow-your-doors-off kind of air pressure toy, while others prefer softer stroking sensations. If you're a power queen who loves strong, Magic Wand-type of stimulation, look for a high-intensity toy with plenty of stronger settings. If you're on the sensitive side, choose an option with gentle lower settings that won't feel overwhelming or uncomfortable. 

    Dual-stimulation. Do you want your air pressure toy to focus on clitoral stimulation, or add G-spot pleasure to the mix? If you typically love internal stimulation or blended orgasms (or want to experience one!), keep an eye out for toys with a dual design, like the Lora DiCarlo Ose 2.

    Travel-friendly. If you plan to take your toy on the road, you might need to prioritize features like size, weight, and noise level. Products like the Womanizer Liberty are compact, whisper-quiet, and come with special packaging or storage cases to protect in transit. 

    These are just a few of the more common design features you’ll encounter on your shopping journey. Once you’ve pinned down a few features you know you want your toy to have, it’s time to focus on the type of air pressure toy you want. 

    Types of Air Pressure/Suction Toys 

    Air pressure products can be divided into three main categories: clitoral stimulators, rabbit-style, and penis toys. They all incorporate air pressure/suction technology, but serve different functions that meet unique wants and needs. 

    Clitoral stimulator 

    These air pressure toys focus on clitoral stimulation and do not have internal components for G-spot pleasure. Clitoral stimulators can also be used for nipple play, but are mainly designed with the vulva in mind! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and all have one nozzle for suction. 

    Two great examples of a classic clitoral stimulator are the Womanizer Starlet and We-Vibe Melt


    Suction toys with a rabbit-style design have one part for clitoral suction and one part for internal stimulation. This dual construction offers the benefit of blended stimulation, which can (and often does!) result in more powerful orgasms and even female ejaculation. 

    Rabbit-style air pressure toys can be a bit tougher to find because they aren’t quite as popular as clitoral stimulators (not yet, anyway). But one shining example is the Womanizer DUO, which combines clitoral suction and G-spot vibration in one flexible, mind-blowing toy. 

    Penis toy

    Penis toys that incorporate air pressure are still relatively new, so some penis-owners might feel inclined to stick to the strokers they know. But if you'd like to explore new sensations, venture into the world of air pressure penis toys! 

    Pulses of air target pleasure receptors throughout the penis in a way that mimics the feeling of sucking and blowing. Sometimes, no thrusting or stroking is required. You can just insert your penis into the toy, turn it on, and enjoy. 

    Sound amazing? The Arcwave Ion is a great example of an air pressure penis toy that can be enjoyed thrust-free.

    Lora Dicarlo Baci How Do I Clean an Air Pressure Toy?

    While it’s always best to check the manufacturer's cleaning instructions, the following dos and don'ts apply to almost any air pressure toy.


    • Wash your toy with mild soap and warm water. Never submerge a toy that isn't waterproof
    • Spray it down with toy cleaner and rinse or wipe clean
    • Use a cotton swab to gently clean inside the mouth 
    • Pat the toy dry with a clean towel or let it air-dry


    • Use body wash or soaps with heavy fragrances to clean an air pressure toy, which can absorb the odor of scented soap
    • Run your toy through the dishwasher or boil it. High temperatures can damage or destroy an air pressure toy, even if it's waterproof 
    • Apply excessive pressure when cleaning the suction pad inside the mouth. The suction pad is made of a thin layer of material and is easy to puncture 
    • Clean your air pressure toy with dish soap, which can contain preservatives that cause skin irritations and aggravate allergies 

    For the full scoop on cleaning toys of all kinds, check out How To Clean Your Sex Toys

    Which Air Pressure Toy Should I Buy?

    As air pressure toys have grown in popularity, so has the number of options!  How to choose a toy with the right features, shape, and intensity level for you? We've put together a list of the best air pressure toys in popular categories to help you make the perfect pick.   

    Best for gentle stimulation 

    These toys can get pretty powerful on the highest settings, but include gentle lower setting that are ideal for the sensitive among us. 

    Dame Aer

    The Aer is sumptuously smooth, easy to hold, and whisper-quiet. It can work up quite a rumble on its highest settings, but is ultimately a more gentle toy, perfect if you're in search of less intense stimulation.

    Satisfyer Pro 2

    To call this toy satisfying would be an understatement. It features a whopping eleven suction settings, half of which are soft, subtle, and perfect for edging. The Pro 2 is fully waterproof with an ergonomic handle for an easy grip. 

    VeDO Suki

    Small, portable, and uber-stimulating, the Suki is a travel-friendly air pressure toy with intensity levels that range from ever-so-gentle to oh-my-God. This toy also features a handle that slips between your fingers, making it a cinch to hold and maneuver.

    Best for strong stimulation 

    These toys are air pressure heavyweights that pack on a punch even on the lower settings. In need of some strong suction sensations? Look no further.

    Lelo Sona 2

    The Sona 2 is shockingly powerful for its petite size, and is a great pick if you want to explore supercharged clitoral stimulation. Made from luxuriously smooth silicone, this air pressure toy has (literally) won awards for its exceptional ability to please. 

    We-Vibe Melt

    The Melt is an eye-poppingly pleasurable toy designed specifically for couples. You and your lover can share control of the Melt from anywhere in the world using the free We-Connect app. Its slim profile makes it a perfect addition to intercourse as well as indulgent solo play. 

    Womanizer Premium 2

    With 14 pleasure settings from which to choose, the Womanizer Premium 2 can be as strong or as gentle as you like. I’ve put it in the strong stimulation category because its motor is considerably stronger than the first Womanizer Premium. If you loved the original but wish it were stronger, here you go!

    Womanizer DUOBest for G-spot stimulation 

    Here we have a selection of air pressure toys that care about your G-spot just as much as your clitoris. These are the toys that take blended orgasms very seriously. 

    Womanizer DUO

    The DUO combines external air pressure and internal vibration stimulation, which means you can enjoy air pulses on your clitoris and a powerful G-spot massage at the same time. Sound incredible? It is. Check out my full experience with this toy in my Womanizer DUO review

    Suckle Rose Toy

    The Suckle Rose is the new and arguably improved version of the original Rose air pressure toy. Unlike the original, the Suckle Rose includes a vibrating “stem” for G-spot pleasure, allowing you to switch back and forth between internal and external stimulation. 

    Zalo Unicorn Set

    This gorgeous giftable set includes a trio of pleasure products, including a vibrating egg, mini thruster and (of course) an air pressure toy. If you one purchase that has something special for every part of your vulva, this is a great choice. 

    Golden Moments We-Vibe Chorus and Womanizer Premium Set

    This luxurious set includes two of the most popular pleasure products on the market — the We-Vibe Chorus, a wearable couples' toy, and the Womanizer Premium, a powerful suction toy. But only in this set do these fan-favorites come in a deep black color with gold trim. 

    Best budget-friendly air pressure toys 

    You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy the pleasure of air pressure. Here are a few of my favorite budget picks.  

    Inya Rose Toy

    The Rose Toy is famous for a reason! It’s waterproof, travel-sized, and easy on the wallet. But its real claim to fame is the surprisingly powerful suction produced by its pretty rose-shaped design. 

    Romp Free

    With an easy-to-grip design, rechargeable motor, and ten intensity settings, it’s a wonder this toy is so affordable. But we’re glad it is! If you're looking for strong suction on a budget, the Romp Free should be at the top of your list. 

    VeDO Nami

    A few minutes with this high-powered air pressure toy and you’ll know exactly why the Nami is short for tsunami. Three speeds, seven intensity settings, and a smooth silicone body make this baby a budget-friendly keeper. 

    Luv Inc Pulsing Clitoral Stimulator

    This air pressure toy is fully waterproof, travel-ready, and easy to hold. Plus, it features an extra wide mouth to cover more surface area, ideal for those with larger vulvas or nipples. And with its affordable price tag, the Luv Inc Pulsing Stimulator earns a coveted spot as one of Delicto’s favorite budget-friendly toys. 


    Do air pressure toys fit every vulva?

    To accommodate body diversity, many sex toy manufacturers include stimulation heads of 2 different sizes. You can attach each stimulation head to the mouth of the toy to experiment with sizing and find the fit that feels best. 

    Not every air pressure toy includes multiple stimulation heads, so if sizing is a concern, seek out toys that do. Both the Womanizer Premium Eco and Womanizer Liberty include stimulation heads of different sizes. 

    Can air pressure toys be inserted?

    Most air pressure toys are for external use only, but there are a few rabbit-style toys that incorporate internal stimulation as well. As I mentioned in my best-of list, the Womanizer DUO stimulates the clitoris with air pressure while its internal shaft massages the G-spot with vibration. 

    Are air pressure toys waterproof?

    Air pressure toys are typically waterproof, but it’s always best to double-check before using them in the bath or shower. You can find out if a toy is waterproof by reading the information listed on the packaging, or checking the information listed in the product description on