Doxy Die Cast 3R review

Doxy Die Cast 3R Review

Sarah Riccio

Welcome to my review of the Doxy Die Cast 3R, hailed by its legion of fans as “the world’s strongest vibrator.” This UK-made wand has generated a lot of buzz (rumbles, actually), but can it go toe-to-toe with legendary vibes like the Magic Wand?

I’ve personally tested the Doxy Die Cast 3R and I’m here to tell you — power is just one of the reasons this supercharged toy is making waves. 

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Doxy Die Cast 3R Quick Stats  

No time for the full review? Here are some fast facts about the Doxy Die Cast 3R: 

  • Wand-style vibrator
  • Made from polished aluminum and titanium alloy with a medical-grade silicone headcover
  • 11 inches in length 
  • 1.4 lbs in weight 
  • 3-button interface
  • Offers speeds between 3000 and 9000 RPMs (revolutions per minute)
  • Deep rumbly vibration
  • Not waterproof
  • Escalating pulse setting
  • USB rechargeable 
  • Available in blue flame (metallic blue) and matte black colors
  • Includes an aluminum travel and storage tube 

Doxy Die Cast 3R unboxing

Unboxing The Doxy Die Cast 3R: What’s Included? 

First, let’s take a quick look at packaging. I love great packaging, especially if it’s reusable and travel-worthy. That’s why I’m especially fond of the low-profile aluminum tube that comes with the Doxy.

It’s not just appealing from a design perspective; it’s also lightweight and inconspicuous, which makes it perfect for tossing in your luggage or tucking away in a bedside drawer. 

This slim storage tube is also very sturdy, so it’s a great way to protect your Doxy. I was a little mystified when I tried to open it, but it’s actually very simple just unscrew the top and pull the vibrator out.

If you unscrew the bottom, you’ll find the USB charging cable. This is the kind of thoughtful packaging that really adds value to your purchase.

Doxy Die Cast 3R storage tube

My Doxy Die Cast 3R Review: The World’s Most Powerful Vibrator?

I won’t keep you in suspense the Doxy Die Cast 3R is knock-your-socks off powerful. As someone who tests vibrators for a living, I don’t say that lightly. Even the Doxy’s lowest setting is extremely intense, and its highest settings are positively breathtaking.

This vibrator can reach 9000 revolutions per minute, about 2500 more than the Magic Wand, one of the strongest vibes on the market. Impressed yet?

To put that kind of power in context, consider that supercars (yes cars!) are in the 9000-12,000 RPM range. So if I called the Doxy the supercar of vibes, it wouldn’t be too off the mark. In fact, I don’t know of a more powerful vibrator in existence. If you do, by all means, let me know. 

Doxy Die Cast 3R matte black

Now let’s talk about the user experience of the Doxy 3R. Supporting all that raw, rumbly energy is a solid metal body that feels super-substantial and well made.

As its name implies, this wand was crafted using a process known as die-casting, which involves pouring molten metal into a reusable mold. This gives the Doxy a nice heft and makes it easier to hold onto and maneuver, particularly when you reach the higher settings.  

The Doxy’s body-safe silicone head can be unscrewed for easier cleaning, or you can try one of the Doxy silicone attachments for a wildly different sensation. These body-safe attachments are a fantastic way to switch things up or experience penetration while harnessing this wand’s remarkable power.

The Die Cast 3R may be classified as a wand, but the attachments can instantly transform it into a rabbit toy, penis masturbator, or P-spot stimulator

Doxy Die Cast 3R controls

There are 3 simple operating buttons on the Doxy 3R on/off, plus, and minus a nice bonus if you don’t want to fumble around with complex controls in the heat of the moment.

If you enjoy pulsing stimulation instead of steady vibration, just press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. Once the pulse setting is activated, you can adjust the speed with the plus and minus buttons as usual.  

Like all toys, the Doxy 3R will be perfect for some folks and less suitable for others. To make sure this is the perfect wand for you, let’s take a closer look at the Doxy’s main perks and pitfalls. 

Should I Buy The Doxy Die Cast 3R? 

  • Top-notch construction. The Doxy 3R’s solid metal body feels really durable, its soft silicone head is gentle on the skin, and its intuitive, 3-button interface is just the right size. From the packaging to the trim to the ergonomic shape of the handle, this vibrator radiates quality.
  • Removable head. I love that I can unscrew the head for cleaning or slip on an alternate attachment. Again, it all comes back to great design and consideration for the needs of the user. 
  • Storage. The sleek aluminum storage case is a brilliant way to make this toy portable and protect it, as well. Another big thumbs-up for the design folks at Doxy.
  • Power. Let me say it again for the power queens in the back: even at its lowest setting, the Doxy 3R is a rocket. To me, it's just as intense as the Magic Wand, if not more. It’s hard to tease out exactly which one ultimately feels stronger, but the Doxy does have a higher RPM and is made from tough, high-end materials. If you’re looking for a vibrator that’s strong AF, this is a great way to go. Not to mention, the Die Cast 3R is considerably smaller and more portable than the Magic Wand, all the more impressive considering the Doxy’s mind-blowing power. 

Doxy Die Cast 3R head

Potential Doxy Die Cast 3R Cons

  • Power. That’s right. The Doxy 3R’s greatest strength could also be a drawback for sensitive folks. Those who prefer gentle stimulation may find this wand too overwhelming, even on its lowest settings. If you’re looking for a great wand that won’t blow your doors off, I heartily recommend the Le Wand Petite, which I’ve tested, reviewed, and thoroughly enjoyed. 
  • Rumbles. The Doxy is all about rumbly vibration. Fans of higher frequency sensation may want to browse our collection of bullet toys for the perfect buzzy vibe. 
  • Not Waterproof. The Doxy is not waterproof or submersible, and is best cleaned carefully with toy cleaning spray. If bath and shower fun are important to you, browse our wide selection of waterproof wands and vibrating toys. 
  • Weighty. At 1.4 pounds, the Doxy 3R can feel a bit heavy, especially during long solo sessions. If you have hand or wrist mobility issues and are on the hunt for an easy-to-hold toy, check out my review of the Cute Little Fuckers Starsi

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Doxy Die Cast 3R vibrator

Final Thoughts

So there you have it my review of the Doxy 3R, an epic power wand that deserves its reputation as the world’s most powerful vibrator.

If you have any questions about the Doxy or would like a personalized toy recommendation, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or TikTok, or email me. I’m always happy to help! And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out our full roster of mighty power wands