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OhMiBod Esca 2 Review

Sarah Riccio

Introducing the OhMiBod Esca 2 by Kiiro, an app-enabled, wearable vibrator that can be controlled from anywhere in the world. If you’re a webcam model or in a long distance relationship, you’re going to want to pay extra close attention to this one. Spoiler alert: this toy responds to virtual tipping!

Keep reading my OhMiBod Esca 2 review for all the details on this uniquely interactive toy! 

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Short on time? Take a moment to scan the need-to-know info below. You can also scroll to the end of this review for a list of pros and cons. 

  • Interactive, wearable vibrator 
  • Ideal for G-spot stimulation 
  • Bluetooth enabled, app-controlled 
  • Body-safe silicone, ABS plastic 
  • 1.5 hours for full charge 
  • 3 hours continuous runtime 
  • USB rechargeable
  • LED display of vibrations

Esca 2 vibrator unboxing


    The Esca 2 comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box that can be used as toy storage, if you like. Personally, I recommend investing in proper toy storage cases for all your playtime goodies!

    Inside the box, you’ve got your User Manual (which is refreshingly thorough in its description of how to use this toy and navigate the apps), USB charging cable, cute carrying case for your toy and, of course, the Esca 2 itself. 

    As I mentioned, the Esca 2 is a wearable, interactive vibrator that can be controlled by your partner no matter where they are. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

    Esca 2 bluetooth enabled vibrator


    OhMiBod and Kiiro are two of the biggest players in the interactive sex toy industry… and guess what? They teamed up to make the Esca 2. So, if you’re looking for a toy with a heavy focus on interactivity, this is going to be a great fit for you as it was designed for folks looking to engage in discreet public fun, virtual playtime, and long-distance love making. 

    But before I get carried away, let’s talk materials. 

    The Esca 2 is made from body-safe silicone that feels super smooth to the touch. When I say body-safe, I mean it’s free from phthalates, latex, BPAs, and anything else you wouldn’t want to rub on your bare skin. The only part that is not made from silicone is the LED light on the end of the toy, which is made from body-safe ABS plastic. 

    The Esca 2 has a curved, flexible body, with a larger, egg-shaped vibrator on one end, and the power button/LED light on the other. To use it, insert the vibrating egg into your vagina, allowing it to stimulate your G-spot and get your internal clitoral network pumping, while the other end of the toy rests against the head of your clit. If you’re someone who prefers internal stimulation, the Esca 2 was designed with your G-spot in mind. 

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    Esca 2 app enabled vibrator

    The motor inside this little toy is surprisingly strong, so take some time exploring its various intensity settings and vibration patterns by either pressing the power button, or adjusting the controls on the OhMiBod or FeelConnect Apps. That said, you might be wondering, “what’s the deal with the LED light?”

    Well, as I said, the Esca 2 is very interactive, and the LED light is just one of the features that lets you play with a partner (even if they’re watching you from afar). The light is programmed to flash in rhythm with the vibration happening inside you, giving your partner visual feedback while they control the pattern and intensity from their phone. Essentially, the LED light lets your partner see the pleasure you’re experiencing in more ways than one. 

    Esca 2 wearable vibrator LED light

    The main thing that sets Esca 2 apart from other interactive toys, in my opinion, is the amount of control the Apps give your partner. Not only can they control the speed, pattern, and intensity of the vibration you’re experiencing, but they can also sync the vibration to a song or the sound of someone’s voice. Cool, right?

    If you and your partner are playing via sites like Chaturbate, the FeelConnect App allows you to set the toy’s vibrations to react to certain tip amounts you receive. Meanwhile, the OhMiBod App lets you log every orgasm you have, which can be very useful in power play dynamics, especially if you’ve been given strict instruction to meet a daily orgasm quota. 

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    You and your partner can also use the apps to video chat and share photos and messages! Basically, the Esca 2 Apps let you get as close playing together as you can possibly get without actually being face to face

    Okay, now that we’ve seen what we’re working with, let’s recap the perks and potential pitfalls of this toy to help you decide if it’s the best fit for you. 

    Ohmibod Esca 2 wearable vibrator


    There’s a lot to like about Esca 2, so let’s start with the good stuff. 

    • Body-Safe: Firstly, the OhMiBod Esca 2 is made entirely from body-safe materials, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh dyes or porous jelly rubber or anything like that. 
    • G-Spot Love: Another great thing about this toy is its G-spot-centric design. Its girthy, egg-shaped vibrator rests perfectly against the G-spot in order to stimulate all the yummy erectile tissue inside of you, while its long, flexible neck can be used to put extra pressure on the head of your clit. 
    • Interactive AF: In my opinion, this toy’s claim to fame is the way it lends itself to interactive play. With the OhMiBod and FeelConnect Apps, your partner can control the toy’s settings, while you control the toy. So, even if you’re not in the same room or even the same state, you’re still very much playing together. That said, I do think that webcam workers are at the top of the list when it comes to compatibility with Esca 2 because it can connect with various camming sites, and sync with tips received. 

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    Ohmibod Esca 2 camgirl vibe


    Of course, there are a couple things to consider before making any buying decisions. 

    • Not Waterproof: The Esca 2 is water-resistant, not waterproof. So, it’s no big deal to wash it with soap and water, or even enjoy it in the shower. However, you can’t submerge this toy or you could damage or destroy it. 
    • Lube: Another thing to consider is lube! This particular toy is not compatible with silicone-based lubes, as is often the case with silicone toys. Instead, I recommend using a water-based lube.
    • App Differences: Although both Apps allow for interactive connections between partners, only the FeelConnect App lets Esca interact with other Kiiroo toys and vibes. So, if you want to sync your Esca 2 with other Kiiroo products (which you can totally do), you’ll have to exclusively use the FeelConnect app for that. 

    Esca 2 remote controlled wearable vibrator


      Well, that’s it from me! Now you’re ready to show your overseas playmates and virtual fans everything you’ve learned about the Esca 2. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more reviews, tutorials, and sex education. You can also e-mail me at info@delicto.com if you’re looking for a personal recommendation! 


      Is the Esca 2 loud?

      Nope, not at all. It does get quieter when it’s inside of you, but even when it’s not, it’s highest vibration setting doesn’t quite hit 70 decibels. So, it gets about as loud as regular indoor conversation. 

      Do I need to use the LED light on the Esca 2?

      Nope! In fact, Esca 2 has three different bluetooth settings: one for full-motor strength and full-strength LED light, one for half-motor strength and full-strength LED light (this is the setting typically used by webcam workers to help preserve battery life and reduce the intensity of certain settings), and one for full-motor strength with no LED light. 

      How do I pair my Esca 2 to my device?

      When you turn your Esca on, a light will start blinking, which indicates that it’s in bluetooth mode. At this time, you’re free to pair your toy to the Apps on your phone or tablet. Then, you or your partner are ready to control the vibration settings remotely. If you want to transition the toy to manual mode, simply press the power button 3 times in order to cycle through the 3 different bluetooth settings. And remember: this toy comes with a user-friendly manual that provides step by step pairing instructions. 

      Is the Esca 2 good for clitoral stimulation?

      It can be, yes! The Esca 2 was designed for internal stimulation, but there’s no reason you can’t use this vibrating egg on your clitoris. In fact, its rumbly vibrations and soft silicone surface feel really good on the head of the clit and all over the vulva. That said, remember that this is not a super strong vibrator, and its motor strength isn’t going to match many of the wand-style vibrators out there.