Best Vibrators July 2021

Best Vibrators 2021

Rose MacDowell

Looking for the best vibrators of 2021? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite vibrators for 2021 in the most popular categories. From gasp-inducing power wands to rumbly rabbits to the latest suction toys, the best in show are down below. 

Best G-Spot Vibrators 2021

G-spot vibes target the hidden side of the clitoral network, a few inches inside your vagina. You’ll know a G-spot toy by its slight seductive curve and rounded head. While there are a lot of great G-spot toys to choose from, these 3 stand out for cutting-edge design and luxurious features.       

  • Fun Factory G5 G-Spot Vibrator. This silky-smooth silicone toy features a curvaceous shape, bulbous tip, and prominent ridging, all powered by a supercharged motor and flexible shaft. It’s waterproof, too!
  • VeDO Rockie Rabbit-Style Vibrator. An uber-strong motor in the shaft and one in the clitoral stimulator make this slim, sleek vibe a mind-blower. 12 vibe functions mean the pleasurable surprises never stop coming. 
  • Kiki de Montparnasse Dual Warming Wand. A luxe G-spot vibe that brings the heat? Sign us up! The Kiki wand gets toasty in 60 seconds, delivering intense internal vibes and gentle, soothing warmth. 

Best Powerful Wand Vibrators 2021

Power wands are all about stimulating the full clitoral network with deep, strong vibes. These toys are big and ridiculously robust. If you’ve never road-tested one of these legends, you’re in for an experience. 

  • Doxy Die-Cast 3R Rechargeable Vibrator. Word is that the Doxy is the world’s most powerful vibe, and that very well may be true. We’ve yet to find a toy that can match its titanium construction or supersonic 9000 RPM motor speed. Imagine that. 9000 RPM.
  • Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator. If ever there were an icon in the vibe world, the Magic Wand is it. Developed 50 years ago as a body massager, the Magic Wand has stood firmly atop “Best Vibrator” lists for decades. You haven’t truly masturbated until you’ve tried it. Want more info about this game-changer of a toy? Check out Sarah's in-depth Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator review!
  • PalmPower Extreme Wand. The PalmPower wand lives up to its name and then some. PowerBullet technology delivers the deep rumbles for big, whole-body orgasms. Plus, the angle of the head and ergonomic handle make this ultra-fun vibe comfortable to use and easy to hold. 

Best Rabbit Style Vibrators 2021

These toys are all about blended orgasms (a combo of clitoris and G-spot!) and exploring the full range of vaginal sensation. Named for their 90s-era, bunny-eared shapes, rabbit-style vibrators now come in an array of enticing designs.

  • Femme Funn Essenza Thrusting Rabbit. As if G-spot and clitoral stimulation weren’t enough, Femme Funn ups the ante with a ridged, thrusting shaft. Try the Essenza and we dare you to feel bored for even a second. 
  • Romp Jazz Rabbit Vibrator. For a bunny on a budget, it’s hard to beat the Romp Jazz. Crafted from silky silicone in a crowd-pleasing size, the Jazz features 6 speeds and 4 patterns for customized rumbly vibes. 
  • Happy Rabbit Wand Vibrator. This sleek black toy features a classic rabbit shape and 10 patterns of nicely powered vibes. We love how maneuverable it is, and the waterproof factor is great, too. 

Best Suction & Air Pressure Toys 2021

Never tried one? Curious what all the “feels like oral sex only better” buzz is about? Here are the suction and air pressure toys we’d grab from the overhead bin before parachuting onto a desert island. 

  • Lelo Sona 2. Sucking, blowing, a little bit of nibbling sensation what’s not to adore about the Lelo Sona 2? This sonic wave air pressure toy is not a vibrator, exactly, but we promise you won’t care a bit. This smooth little sucker (pun intended) is a game changer. For the full rundown, check out Sarah's Lelo Sona 2 review!
  • Womanizer Duo. This toy flies off the virtual shelves for a couple of very good reasons: clitoral stimulation and G-spot thrills. Put the two together and they spell BLENDED ORGASMS (yes, in all caps). This toy may look a little unwieldy, but it’s surprisingly easy to maneuver and endlessly pleasurable. Find out all the thrilling details in Sarah's Womanizer Duo review!
  • Dame Aer. We love the slightly larger mouth on this toy, which fits clits of all shapes and sizes. If a tongue fluttering sensation sounds up your alley, the Dame Aer is down to deliver. This toy has a sleek profile and is a perfect bath companion.    

And there you have it -- our favorite vibrators of 2021! Still not sure you've found the right toy for you? Want a personalized recommendation? Feel free to reach out to us at, or DM us on Instagram or TikTok! We're always happy to help.