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Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator Review

Sarah Riccio

The Magic Wand Original was made to relieve neck and back pain — or so they say. For the past 60 years, its real claim to fame has been an unparalleled ability to stimulate the clitoris. In fact, the Magic Wand is considered one of the most iconic sex toys ever invented!

And just when folks thought it couldn’t get any better, a cordless, rechargeable model hit the scene. But in a rapidly changing industry filled with high-quality pleasure devices, does the Magic Wand still deserve a cherished spot in millions of bedside drawers?  

Well buckle up, everybody, because I’m about to review the “little black dress” of vibrators. I’ll show you how it works, who it’s best for, and how it compares to the original corded Magic Wand. Plus, I’ll let you in on my personal tips and tricks for making the most of your orgasm.

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Brand Snapshot 

The Magic Wand was invented in the late 1960s by Hitachi, a Japanese brand that was (and still is) a world leader in electronics. Hitachi originally marketed the Magic Wand as a massage tool, touting its extra-powerful vibration as the remedy for neck and back tension, but the sex-positive people of the 60s quickly discovered its hidden potential. Before long, the Hitachi name became almost exclusively associated with sex toys, prompting the brand to bring Magic Wand production to a halt (nooo!). 

Luckily for us all, sex toy distributor Vibratex persuaded Hitachi to keep manufacturing the beloved vibrator under a new name — Magic Wand Original. Since then, there have been consistent improvements to the 60s model, including the introduction of a sleek, cordless, rechargeable wand. And guess what? We’re about to check it out.  

Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator

Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator: Quick Stats

No time for the full Magic Wand review? Take a moment to peruse the need-to-know basics below. You can also scroll to the end of this review for a list of Pros and Cons!

  • Vibrator/massager for external use only 
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Automatically shuts off after 20 minutes
  • Charger included 
  • Battery life approximately 3 hours with full charge 
  • 4 power intensities 
  • 4 vibration patterns 
  • Not waterproof
  • Made from body-safe ABS plastic and silicone
  • Available in one color (white)
  • 13-inches long
  • 1.5 lbs
  • 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Intrigued? Read on for all the juicy details and my full Magic Wand review!

Magic Wand Rechargeable unboxing

Unboxing the Magic Wand 

As eager as I am to dive right into the fun stuff, let’s take a quick peek at packaging. The Magic Wand comes in a cardboard box that’s sturdy enough to repurpose for easy toy storage, which is always a nice perk. You’ll also find some good information on the box itself, including warranty details, motor strength, and a little history of the Magic Wand Original. 

Inside the box, you’ll find the Magic Wand, its charger, and a pretty thorough User Manual that illustrates everything from charging and wash care to troubleshooting and proper storage. The manual also includes detailed instructions for how to use it but — not to toot my own horn or anything — my explanation is much more exciting. So let’s get into it. 

Magic Wand Rechargeable wand handle

My Magic Wand Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Okay, I’m going to try very hard to give an unbiased review here, but I should disclose that the Magic Wand has been my go-to vibrator for over ten years. It’s also responsible for the very first orgasm I’ve had during sex with a partner; so, it does hold a special place in my heart. But before I really get into my own experience with the Magic Wand, let’s take a closer look at what it’s designed to do. 

The Magic Wand Original is an external vibrator ideal for clitoral stimulation. It’s offered in both corded and cordless options, both of which are very powerful, but have their own special set of benefits. The newer, cordless model (which is what we’re looking at here) features four levels of speed intensity, as well as four different vibration patterns. If you’re concerned that the Magic Wand might be too intense for you, rest assured that its lowest setting is gentle and rumbly. 

That said, folks in search of strong vibration sensations are probably going to be most compatible with the Magic Wand, as it’s powered by a motor that can reach up to 6,300 RPM (rotations per minute). For context, 6,300 RPM is approximately equivalent to a speed of 90 miles per hour. So, if you’ve been wondering if this vibrator is really as powerful as they say it is — trust me — the rumors are true. 

As far as construction goes, the Magic Wand is 13-inches from end to end. The body of the wand is made from body-safe ABS plastic, the head is made from silicone, as is the flexible neck that joins the head to the body. The super smooth silicone head is perhaps the biggest improvement to the early Magic Wand model, which used thermoplastic rubber instead. 

Magic Wand Rechargeable controls

On the body of the wand, you’ll find three buttons — one to regulate speed, one to change vibration patterns, and one to turn it on and off. As I said, there are four different vibration speeds and patterns (another nice improvement to the corded Magic Wand), with the highest speed being quite intense.  

Something great about the length of the Magic Wand is how much room it (literally) gives you to experiment with partnered play. If you want to vibrate your partner’s clit while they’re tied to a chair that’s three feet from where you’re sitting, simply hold the end of this wand like a sword and have at thee! Or, if you’re playing with more than one person, this wand’s 9.5-inch body can easily accommodate several pairs of hands. 

For those who like to get creative with furniture, you’ll be glad to know that many brands design pillows, ottomans, and other accessories specifically to be used as Magic Wand mounts. But if you’re not looking to drop dough on new sex furniture, this vibrator can also be rigged between couch cushions, strapped to a mattress, fastened to the seat of a car… so get creative! Wherever you put it, the Magic Wand’s smooth, round, silicone head makes it a great toy to grind on.

Right about now, you might be wondering whether the corded or cordless option is the right fit. Personally, I have both, and adore them equally. But if I absolutely had to pick between them, I’d choose the cordless, rechargeable Magic Wand. It’s easier to maneuver, great for play on the go, and features extra vibration patterns. I will note, though, that it’s slightly less powerful than the corded wand. But don’t fret — this vibrator can be used even while it’s charging so you can enjoy full intensity for as long as you like.

Magic wand rechargeable vs original

The Verdict: New Features, Same Legendary Strength 

In my opinion, this is the definition of “new and improved.” The Magic Wand Rechargeable offers all the benefits of the original, but it’s sleeker, more portable, and offers more speed and vibration variation. Yes, it’s the tiniest bit less powerful but, for me, the difference is negligible. So whether you’re already a Magic Wand loyalist or you’re aching to know what all the fuss is about, I can’t recommend this vibrator highly enough. 

Should I Buy the Magic Wand Vibrator? 

Now you know how I feel about the Magic Wand, but let’s recap the highlights you can really decide if it’s the best vibe for you:

  • Strong Vibration: If you’re in the market for a powerful, wand-style vibrator, this is a great way to go. The Magic Wand’s motor reaches 6,300 RPM, and the battery lasts forever. Between the strong vibration and long battery life, I never find myself racing to finish before my Magic Wand dies. Maybe that’s why its creators call it a “sure thing!”
  • Silicone Head: The Magic Wand has a smooth silicone head that’s nice and gentle on bare skin. Back in the day, when the head was made from thermoplastic rubber, I used to masturbate through a cotton sheet because the material was too rough for direct contact. So, this is definitely an improvement. Plus, its rounded shape is great for grinding on, or holding between bodies to grind with a partner.
  • Rechargeable & Cordless: If you love your Magic Wand but wish you didn’t have to plug it into the wall, this toy is for you. It delivers the same power-packed pleasure as the corded model, but doesn’t require you to play near an outlet.
  • Partnered Play: The Magic Wand is one of my favorite toys for partnered play. If you both have a vulva, slip the silicone head between your bodies and get your grind on together. If you’re enjoying some PIV sex, hold the wand against your clit while your partner reaps the benefits of indirect vibration. 
  • Accessory Compatible: If you’re wishing this toy offered some internal stimulation, be sure to look into Magic Wand accessories. In addition to the furniture and harnesses made specifically for this vibrator, there are a variety of accessories that can be attached to the head of your wand. Some are designed to target your G-spot, some are textured, others mimic the shape of a tongue — the list goes on and on.

Magic Wand rechargeable head

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Magic Wand Vibrator Complaints 

Now’s about the time when we talk about the not-so-hot stuff:

  • Not Waterproof: The Magic Wand is not waterproof, nor is it water resistant — so no bathtime fun to be had here. To clean it, you can use a sanitizing spray and/or mild liquid soap and a wet washcloth. Again, do not submerge this vibrator or get it super wet or you risk damaging your precious wand!
  • Not Whisper Quiet: Because of its larger size and heavy duty motor, the Magic Wand isn’t the quietest vibrator on the market. It’s not noisy enough for me to forgo all the pleasure it brings, but I do wish it sounded a bit softer. 
  • Easy to Rely On: This might not be a “con” for everyone, but because the Magic Wand is so good at its job, some folks might become too reliant on it. And though it’s a myth that your clitoris can become desensitized by this or any sex toy, it is true that orgasms can be harder to come by when we get reliant upon one specific method. So if you find that you’re having a hard time orgasming without your Magic Wand, try switching it up with a different toy to keep things fresh.

Magic Wand rechargeable wand logo

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Delicto Expert Tips

Before you go, allow me to impart a few tips and tricks that might enhance your Magic Wand experience:

  • Indirect Stimulation: If you prefer indirect clitoral stimulation and/or find the Magic Wand to be a bit too intense, try positioning the head of the vibrator above or to the side of your clit. Additionally, using a sheet or your underwear as a buffer is a great way to make that vibrator-to-skin connection feel less overpowering.
  • Automatic Shutdown: You know that feeling when your vibrator dies mid-masturbation and you fly into a blind rage of sexual frustration? Yeah, me too. That’s why it’s important to remember that the rechargeable Magic Wand automatically shuts off after 20 minutes of continuous use. If this happens, just turn it right back on and keep playing! 
  • Experiment with Rhythm: In my experience, it can be pretty easy to rely on the Magic Wand for every orgasm. To keep things fresh and prevent myself from becoming too dependent on a specific kind of vibration, I like to experiment with the Magic Wand’s various speeds and patterns. This way, I keep my clit guessin’ while still enjoying my go-to vibe.

Magic Wand Rechargeable review

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Final Thoughts 

Now that you’re all experts on the Magic Wand, you’re ready to take it for a spin. But before you do, be sure follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more reviews, tips, and sex education. Happy vibing! 


Is the Magic Wand quiet?

The Magic Wand is surprisingly quiet considering its super strong motor, but it’s not whisper quiet. The higher speed settings are going to be a bit louder than the lower settings, but I’ve tested smaller, less powerful vibrators that are much louder than this one. 

Is the Magic Wand worth it?

Ultimately, this comes down to a matter of personal preference, and I can’t definitively say that the Magic Wand is going to be worth it for you. Speaking from personal experience, though, I can tell you that this vibrator could be $500 and I’d still save my pennies to spring for it. For me, it’s more than worth it.