Best Rose Toys

Best Rose Toys

Rose MacDowell

If you've heard the words "Rose toy" (and who hasn't?), you could be forgiven for thinking that there's only one of them. Or that somewhere out there in a veritable sea of Roses is the mythical original, which must be the best because of all the hype it created on social media. Right?

Well, there's actually a wide variety of Rose toys from different brands, and it's hard to say which one was the original (or if it was better). But what I do know is that a few of today's Rose toys rise to the top of the heap in terms of value, features, and design. 

If you're not sure which Rose to buy or what distinguishes one from another, join me as I discuss my three favorite Roses and why they stand out from the pack. 

Best Rose Toys

ROMP Rose This next generation Rose is styled in bright pink and yellow and is a cheery alternative to the many red Roses on the market. Powered by Pleasure Air Technology, this smooth, silicone toy has ten stimulation modes and is fully waterproof.

What I really love about this toy is that, instead of the flat mouth you'll find in a lot of ordinary Roses, the ROMP's is raised. This helps to direct its air pulses at the clitoris so the stimulation feels more focused and, for me, more pleasurable. This feature also makes the toy easier to clean, especially if you like to slather on the lube the way I do. 

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Fifty Shades of Grey Hearts & Flowers Rose This striking black and gold Rose gets top marks for design. The buttons give off a striking violet glow when the motor is on and the matte silicone is velvety-soft, making this toy a joy a use. Like the ROMP toy, the Fifty Shades Rose has a raised mouth that makes it easier to hover over and stimulate the clitoris. 

One of my favorite features of this Rose is that it's truly waterproof. I've tested many a Rose that claimed to be bath-friendly, only to have it end up waterlogged and non-functioning after a session in the tub. The Fifty Shades Rose can pleasure you during an extended dunking without breaking or taking on water. 

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Suckle Rose The Suckle Rose looks a lot like a traditional Rose toy except for one very pleasurable feature: its long, vibrating stem. Use the stem as a handle to make the Rose end easier to angle or enjoy it as a penetrative toy and G-spot stimulator. The Suckle Rose has 5 air pulse functions, 10 vibration functions, and 2 motors that can operated independently of each other, making it endlessly versatile. 

The stem of the Suckle Rose is 5.5 inches in insertable length and 1.3 inches in diameter, great dimensions for beginner to intermediate users of internal stimulators. The entire toy is fully waterproof and (of course) made from body-safe materials.  

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