How To Practice Sex Magic

How To Practice Sex Magic

Rose MacDowell

There's sex so good it's magical, and then there's sex magic. Also called sex alchemy, this unique spiritual practice is said to harness the energy of sexual arousal to help you create positive change and manifest your deepest desires. 

What are the basic principles behind this newly-trendy concept, and do they work? 

Join me as I explore sex magic, including where it began, how to practice it, and why enthusiasts swear by it. I'll also discuss easy visualization techniques as well as sensual rituals for solo and partnered play. 

What Is Sex Magic?

Sex magic is the concept of using sexual energy and rituals to manifest your desires through sex and orgasm. Practitioners of sex magic believe that harnessing the powerful force of sexual energy can lead to enlightenment, help you achieve your goals, and make your relationships deeper and more fulfilling.  

The Origins of Sex Magic 

The earliest origins of sex magic can be traced back to early tantric teachings in Central Asia. In the 1800s, sex magic was popularized in the Western world by American spiritualist Paschal Beverly Randolph, a son of a slave, who believed human beings could access the divine realm at the moment of orgasm. According to Randolph, we can use the power of pleasure for both spiritual enlightenment and to achieve our ambitions in life and love.  

Sex Magic and Sexual Energy

In sex magic rituals, sexual energy is considered a tool that can be harnessed for magical purposes. It's all about focusing your intent during moments of intense arousal and orgasm. According to proponents of sex magic, these are the peak times when you're most connected to your body's natural energies and to the universe.

The process of sex alchemy involves not just physical pleasure but concentration and the power of visualization. This combination of sexual stimulation and mental focus is thought to direct powerful energy toward achieving goals of all kinds.

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The Role of Self-Love in Sex Magic

The concept of self-love is a crucial element of sex magic. Practitioners believe that when you love and accept yourself, you're better able to harness your sexual energy. This process begins by acknowledging your desires — physical and otherwise — without judgment or guilt.

Self love also means accepting your body as it is, without criticism of your weight or individual body parts. Sex magicians believe that acceptance of the body opens up pathways to pleasure and allows for a deeper connection to the soul and the divine.  

Performing Solo Sex Magic Rituals

When it comes to sex magic, solo rituals can be a powerful way to tap into your sexual energy and use it as a tool for manifestation. A solo sex magic ritual involves masturbating to orgasm — considered the moment when your energy is at its highest potential — while focusing on what you want most. 

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Steps for Conducting a Solo Ritual

Create a sacred space

The first step of a solo sex magic ritual is to create a sacred space where you  feel safe and relaxed. This could be anywhere that feels comfortable and private. Decorating your space with candles, crystals, or sensual fabrics can help to set the mood.

Some practitioners of sex magic like to stimulate all the senses during a solo ritual. They might do this by burning incense, wearing perfume or cologne, playing music, or keeping a favorite food or drink nearby. 

Set intentions

Next, set clear intentions about what you want to manifest through your practice. Setting intentions means identifying exactly what you want to achieve during each session, whether it's personal growth, healing from past trauma, attracting abundance, or improving a relationship. 

The more specific you are with your intention, the more powerful it becomes. Don't be afraid to get detailed!

Visualize what you want

Visualization is another crucial aspect of sex magic rituals. Visualization involves creating a clear mental picture of what you want to manifest during the peak moments of sexual arousal or orgasm.

New to visualization? Try the following techniques: 

  • Create vivid mental images. The more precise your visualization, the stronger the impact on your subconscious mind. As you build sexual tension during your session, visualize your intention as clearly as you can
  • Breathe deeply. Deep breathing helps you to maintain focus and enhances relaxation 
  • Maintain positive emotions. Feelings like joy, excitement, or love can intensify the power of visualization
  • Resist judgment. Accept your experience of visualization, whatever it may be. If you see unexpected mental images or feel uncomfortable, accept it as a momentary distraction and allow it to pass
  • Practice. Visualization can feel awkward at first, but gets easier with practice. Try practicing in 30-second intervals, gradually adding time until you can visualize comfortably for several minutes
  • Believe in yourself. Trust that you have the power to manifest your desires. Feel confident in your ability to feel pleasure deeply and utilize it for a higher purpose

Steps for Conducting a Partnered Ritual

Partnered sex magic rituals can be a powerful way to connect with another person. Partnered rituals are similar to solo rituals, but with different dynamics due to another person's involvement. Shared rituals can create intense physical and mental excitement, particularly when the intentions of the session are shared by both partners. 

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Before beginning a partnered sex magic ritual, it's important to communicate and set clear intentions together. This involves discussing what you both want from the ritual and agreeing on it beforehand. 

Talk about boundaries and expectations so you both feel comfortable moving forward. Create a safe and sacred space, free of distractions, where you can focus solely on each other and the energy you share.

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Synchronize energies 

Practitioners of sex magic believe that synchronizing energies can double the power you bring to a partnered ritual and bring you that much closer to your intentions.

One effective technique for this is synchronized breathing, which helps you focus and align your energies. Synchronized breathing not only fosters intimacy, but also helps concentrate sexual energy towards achieving your set intention.

Visualize together

Visualizing goals for your lives and relationship can help you and your partner connect on a more intimate level. The combination of reciprocal sexual pleasure and shared visualization can add a fulfilling depth to intimacy that lasts long after your ritual is complete. 

Make it romantic

Sharing sex magic rituals can help restore romance and keep it alive. Amp up the passion with dim lights, candles, a pre-ritual bath, or a mutual massage to help you both relax and get into the magic-making mood. 

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