How to use a stainless steel sex toy

How To Use A Stainless Steel Sex Toy

Rose MacDowell

They’re sexy, they’re shiny, and they beckon with the promise of orgasmic pleasure. They can also look a bit intimidating. We’re talking of course about stainless steel sex toys.

These gleaming dildos, massagers, and butt plugs not be as intuitive as most vibrators, but they can deliver uniquely mind-blowing sensations — if you know how to use them. 

Come along as we discover what makes stainless steel toys special, and how to wield them like a pro.  

How Are Stainless Steel Sex Toys Different? 

There are several types of hard material sex toys, including wood, glass, and stainless steel. Each has its own distinct feel and features, but stainless steel stands out for its heft and durability. 

Stainless steel is made mostly of iron and carbon like other kinds of steel, but includes chromium and nickel to make it corrosion resistant. It’s this resistance to corrosion that makes stainless steel a perfect material for sex toys. 

The highest quality steel toys are made from grade 316 stainless steel, which contains a higher percentage of nickel along with a mineral called molybdenum. In fact, these elements make 316 steel so corrosion resistant, it’s used in boats and medical devices. 

What does this mean for your gleaming new stainless dildo? If grade 316 steel can handle ocean-going vessels, it can take bodily fluids, lubricants, and toy cleaners (and massage oil and body heat and chocolate sauce) lying down. 

How Do Stainless Steel Sex Toys Feel?

In a word, weighty. And that’s the whole point. 

Stainless steel creates a pleasurable pressure on the skin and sensitive areas like the G-spot and prostate. While everyone experiences toys differently, the feeling of steel is often described as a deep, substantial stretch that goes beyond surface stimulation.

Instead of gliding across your nerves like a lighter toy might, stainless steel engages them with heft and stiffness. A stainless steel toy might also feel: 


Steel conducts heat — meaning it draws warmth from your skin — more quickly than other hard materials like wood. This makes it feel cooler to the touch, even at the same temperature. To heat up your toy, just run it under warm water for 30 seconds. 


Stainless steel toys have a seamless, ultra-smooth surface and an effortless glide.  


Stainless steel’s smooth surface can also feel slippery, especially with the addition of lube.  


Fans of hard material toys know that glass, wood, stone, and stainless steel are each rigid in their own way. Stainless steel has a solid, means-business feel that makes it ideal for deep massage of the G-spot and prostate. It’s also just plain erotic.    

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Sex Toys  

Stainless steel toys are solid, strong, and in a class of their own when it comes to stimulation. And those are just a few of their many benefits. Stainless steel toys are also:   


There is no sex toy material more durable than stainless steel, period. With a little basic care, most stainless steel toys can last a lifetime.     

Easy to clean

Stainless steel is non-porous and won’t melt or corrode, making it super easy to clean. You can rinse it down with soap and water, spray it with toy cleaner, boil it, or even toss it in the dishwasher. Move over, coffee mug.      

Compatible with all lubes

All lubes, from water-based to oil to silicone, are safe to use with stainless steel toys, and won’t damage or degrade the surface. 


Stainless steel toys have either a polished or satin finish, and look sleek and sculptural. Don’t be surprised if you have the irresistible urge to put yours on display. 

Great for temperature play

The natural conductivity of stainless steel means it heats up quickly under warm water and cools down fast in the fridge. If you’re looking for a toy material that can bring the heat or chill you out, this is a great choice. 


The most important benefit of stainless steel may be its weight. Many of us like a firm, deep G- or P-spot massage, but achieving the right amount of pressure with a lighter toy can be tiring or downright impossible. 

This is where stainless steel literally and figuratively shines. It brings the heft to stimulate deeper tissues without vigorous help from your arm or hand muscles. Just position your stainless steel toy, experiment with maneuvering it, and let its natural density do the work while you focus on pleasure. 

Sound easier said than done? Still a little nervous to put something so, well, industrial in your body? We’ve got some simple tricks to help get you started.  

How To Use Stainless Steel Sex Toys

Stainless steel toys may look intimidating, but are surprisingly easy to use with a bit of practice. Maximize your new toy’s unique features with these tips: 

Add lube

Always, with every toy, every time (and even if you don’t use toys!). Lube reduces friction and amps up glide for greater pleasure, no matter which material your toy is made from.   

Choose the right toy for your needs

Before shopping for a stainless steel toy, know what you’re looking for. A butt plug? Dildo for vaginal stimulation? An enticing new BDSM tool? Something designed for female ejaculation or prostate orgasms? Stainless steel toys come in a wide array of shapes and designs to suit all bodies. 

Go slowly

If you’re trying out a stainless steel toy for the first time, don’t rush it. Move slowly and gently as your body adjusts to the weight and shape of your new toy. 

How to actually move a stainless steel toy? There’s no one right way that works for everybody. The key is to experiment with movement, whether that be up, down, around, in, out, or any combination thereof. 

While a thrusting or circular motion may be your go-to with most dildos or vibrators, stainless steel’s weight might change the equation. This is true especially if you want to stimulate your G-spot or prostate.

Try resting the end of your stainless steel dildo against your G- or P-spot and rocking it back and forth for a deep erotic massage. You can also try a gentle rolling movement, a scooping motion, or sliding the bulbous end of the toy in and out just slightly (think an inch or so).      

The Best Stainless Steel Sex Toys

Now that you know more about stainless steel toys, let’s take a look at some of our favorites! From dildos to butt plugs to nipple clamps, these best-in-class toys epitomize everything we love about stainless steel.   

Njoy Pure Wand This coveted toy is purported to be a life-changer. Whether you’re an aspiring squirter or just want to experience the creme de la creme of stainless steel toys, the Pure Wand is all they say and more. 

Le Wand Swerve Rippled steel beads and a breathtaking curve make the Le Wand Swerve ideal for G-spot and prostate thrills. 

Pretty Plugs Swarovski Butt Plugs These beauties come in three sizes and feature Swarovski crystals in a variety of dazzling colors.

Magnus Magnetic Nipple Orbs Magnus Orbs bring the pleasurable weight and rigidity of stainless steel to nipple play. 

Njoy Pure Plug This ergonomically designed prostate stimulator features polished, top-grade stainless steel and a loop handle for easy placement and removal. 

Sensation Single Pinwheel A stainless steel pinwheel is a BDSM classic. This one uses a single row of prickly spikes for spine-tingling sensation and medical play.  

Expert Tip: If you want to enjoy the best qualities of stainless steel in a slim wearable vibrator, check out the petite and powerful Le Wand Vibrating Necklace. Just remember: because this discreet beauty has a motor, it can’t be boiled or washed in the dishwasher.

Final Thoughts

Stainless steel toys are durable, non-porous, and ideal for deep stimulation of the prostate and G-spot. Interested in finding a steel toy of your own but not sure which one is right for you? Feel free to reach out for a personalized recommendation! Just send us an email or DM us on Instagram or TikTok. We’re always happy to help you choose the perfect toy. 

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