How to Use a Waterproof Sex Blanket

How to Use a Waterproof Sex Blanket

Rose MacDowell
Do you love a rollicking good time but aren't a fan of wet spots and lube stains? A waterproof sex blanket could be right up your alley. But how and when do you use one? Will it really stand up to a marathon solo session or wild night with your lover? Let's find out.

    What is a Waterproof Sex Blanket?

    A waterproof sex blanket is a piece of moisture-proof material designed to spread over a surface to prevent the leaking of body fluids and lubricant. Now, if you're picturing a sheet made from vinyl, rubber, or other not-so-snuggly material, fear not: waterproof sex blankets are more than just utilitarian bits of fabric.

    A good waterproof sex blanket should not only protect your surfaces, it should feel great against your skin. The best options are made from microvelvet or other plush, durable material. They include an impermeable layer that keeps moisture confined to the blanket. 

    How Big is a Waterproof Sex Blanket?

    Waterproof blankets can range in size from large, luxurious spreads that cover a bed to travel-size and mini throws you can take on a trip or over to a partner's place.  

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    How to Use a Waterproof Sex Blanket

    Waterproof sex blankets are some of the most versatile, durable, and useful pleasure products available. There's a myriad of creative ways to use them, so let your imagination be your guide. Here are 4 ideas to get you started!

    Period sex

    It's fun, it's adventurous, and it's unabashedly messy! Lots of us love period sex because it can relieve cramps and, let's face it, sex feels great any time of the month. But it can also require quite the clean-up when it's over.

    If you've ever stained your favorite sheets or discovered a red ring on your mattress pad or mattress (or, horror of horrors, someone else's), then you can imagine how nice it might be to toss a waterproof blanket down and enjoy period sex to your heart's content. 

    The best part? Waterproof sex blankets are not only machine washable, they're stain-resistant, too. 

    Messy kinks

    Whatever your kink and however you like to practice it, a waterproof sex blanket is there to keep the mayhem to a minimum. These blankets protect against more than just body fluids and lube, making them the ideal accompaniment to kinks like:

    • Food play
    • Watersports
    • Wax play 
    • Bukkake
    • Lotion play

    Messiness itself is also a popular kink, so if you like to get pied in the eye or sloppy in the sheets with such delights as whipped cream, raw eggs, peanut butter, and pudding, then a moisture-proof blanket can come in very handy. 

    Peace of mind

    You don't have your period, you don't want to roll around in honey, and you're actually pretty neat when it comes to body fluids and lubricant. So why would you use a sex blanket? Peace of mind.

    Some of us love our bedding, our sofa, or our rug, or just want to keep the hotel room comforter nice and clean. A sex blanket can help you relax and enjoy the moment without reaching for tissues, limiting how you move, or worrying about the evidence you might leave behind. 

    More than anything, a sex blanket can help you discard inhibitions and feel free to get a little wild. 

    Sex toys

    From toys that make you squirt to cum dildos, sex toys can make an incredibly pleasurable mess. Enter the waterproof sex blanket, which can handle lube and female ejaculate with equal aplomb. 

    With a blanket on board, you can keep multiple toys at the ready, set down your lube-covered vibe without a second thought, and go to town with all manner of accessories. Start the session with a mutual full body massage, all while keeping your bedding or furniture free of lotion or oil. 

    How to Care for a Waterproof Sex Blanket

    Waterproof sex blankets are machine washable for easy cleaning. Wash them in cool water with a mild detergent. Most sex blankets can be tumbled dried on a low setting, making them as easy to care for as a sheet but a lot more reliable! 

    Though waterproof blankets can be dried in the dryer, they may last even longer if you line dry them. I like to line dry mine most of the way, then toss it in a dryer on low to remove the last of the moisture and fluff it up.