How To Use Lube

How To Use Lube

Rose MacDowell

Lube seems like one of those things you should know how to use. It’s as simple as buy a tube, pop open the cap, and squeeze, right?

Well, hold on. While it’s technically true that lube really is that simple, there are some tricks that can optimize your experience with lube and boost your pleasure during solo and partnered play. 

Join me as I discuss how to use and apply lube, whether you’re trying it for the first time or just want to make the sailing as smooth as possible. 

How To Use And Apply Lube

Be generous

When it comes to lube, more is (much) better. Using lube sparingly can result in more friction, less pleasure, and a feeling of “is this stuff working?” 

Start with a few drops between your fingers to see how it spreads, then keep drizzling until it feels very slick and slippery. When in doubt, add more – and then add more. Your skin and sex toys may feel ultra-slippery, and that means you’re doing it right. 

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Be less generous if friction is your thing

I know I just said to spread the lube on thick, but not all of us want – or respond to – the wettest experience possible. If you get off on more friction, not less, it’s okay to dial back on the lube as long as you or your partner don’t experience any unwelcome discomfort. 

Be on the lookout for signs that more lube might be needed, like chafing, traces of blood, or tearing of the skin. This applies particularly to anal sex, which requires an adequate amount of lube to be safe and pleasurable. 

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Use it solo first

If you’re a lube first-timer or are trying out a new formula, I suggest testing it out ahead of partnered play. See how much you need to get a good glide going, and notice how long the lube lasts under real-world conditions. 

What do you think of the texture and odor? Is there anything you don’t like, such as the odor or feel on your skin? How does it work with your favorite sex toys? Taking a new lube for a solo spin can help you decide if it deserves a spot in your nightstand – and if it’s worth using with a partner. 

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Heat it up

Heating up lube increases its viscosity, making it smoother and easier to apply. Warm lubricant also feels less like a cold, unpleasant visit to the doctor’s office and more like the real thing.   

To heat lube up, just set the container in warm water and let it sit for ten minutes. You can also rub lube between your hands to heat it up or use a warming device specifically designed for this purpose. To avoid burns or irritation, make sure the lube isn’t heated above its recommended temperature, which is typically around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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Protect sheets and clothes

To keep bedding and clothes from getting stained, prepare in advance. A towel or sheet can act as an absorbent barrier and make cleaning up after play fast and easy. If things tend to get extra wet and slippery at your place, consider a waterproof sheet to protect your mattress and bedding.

If you do happen to get silicone or oil-based lubricant on machine washable clothes or sheets, spot-treat the area with stain remover and soak in powdered, color-safe oxygen bleach overnight. Dissolve a few scoopfuls in water in your washing machine or sink, wash the soiled items for a few minutes, then let them soak for several hours. Wash again as usual.

If you still see telltale rings of lubricant stains, repeat the soaking process or take the items to a pro for dry cleaning.

Don't hesitate to reapply

It may seem counterintuitive to stop the action to add more lube, but when the going gets rough, adding more lube can be well worth a quick pause to reapply. You'll amp up the pleasure and make the ride more comfortable for a lot longer. 

Creative Ways To Use Lube

Not sure how to use lube other than to put it on genitals (your own or a partner's) or a toy? Here are some interesting ways to lube things up:

  • Have a flavored lube taste test. Flavored lubes have become practically a gourmet item, and they're edible, to boot. Put strawberry coconut up against salted caramel and watermelon mint and see which one wins
  • Put a few drops in a condom. You know how condoms can sometimes feel tight and artificial? A touch of lube can take away that raincoat feeling and add some nice, natural slickness
  • Use it for massage. Silicone and oil-based lubes can pull very sexy double duty as a massage product. Spread out a towel, heat up the lube in your hands, and show off your sensual massage chops