Non-penetrative sex positions

Non-Penetrative Sex Positions

Sarah Riccio

So, you want to enjoy some exciting P&V play without putting one inside of the other. Excellent idea! Here are some fun tips to get you started. 

CAT Pose

First up is the CAT position, and it's not the one you yogis might be thinking of. In this context, CAT is an acronym that stands for Coital Adjusted Technique. This position has a lot in common with traditional missionary, but there's no actual penetration involved.

In the CAT position, the penis slips between the lips of the vulva, pressing into the clitoris and sliding back and forth. For the penis owner, this feels like deliciously warm, wet pressure, while for the clitoris owner, it feels like the warmest, velvety-smoothest dildo you've ever had the pleasure to play with.  

The CAT position is also a great way to warm up for intercourse or tease your partner if you're into that.

The CAT position also pairs exceptionally well with plenty of slippery lubricant. I'm particularly partial to a little warming lube for this one.

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Modified Motorboat Position

Modified motorboat is somewhat similar to the CAT position, but instead of sliding the penis between the lips of the vulva, you're going to slide it between the boobs. Just lube them up, press them together, and create a perfect pocket for penis thrusting!

To make Modified Motorboat even more fun for the giver, you can sit on a grinding toy so you can enjoy some clitoral stimulation at the same time. If motorboating isn't your thing, the cheeks of the tush are a fantastic alternative. The penis will enjoy a very similar sensation as well as some fantastic visuals. 

Instead of a grinding toy for the tush variation, you can use a bullet or wand vibrator on the clitoris to make the experience fiery for both of you. 

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Mutual Masturbation 

Finally, this form of sexy time is overlooked far too often, except maybe for when you're a teenager. I'm talking about mutual masturbation, which can be an exceptionally hot way to connect with your partner without PIV sex. In fact, you don't even need to touch each other for this nonpenetrative position to work beautifully. 

Set up on a bed, floor, or sofa facing each other and stimulate yourselves. Use toys, your hands, or whatever your preferred pleasure tool might be. Make eye contact, moan, tell your partner how exciting it is to watch them enjoy themselves in front of you.

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Mutual masturbation is not only a great way to ensure that you're both getting what feels best for your bodies, it's also a fantastic intimacy-building experience. Why? Because it demands vulnerability. It requires that you be open about what you enjoy and what kind of pleasure works best for body.

Mutual masturbation also teaches your partner a thing or two about pleasing you. Incorporating toys, sexy outfits, or fantasies into this option can make it even more exciting. 

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