Best Sex Toys of 2022

Top 10 Sex Toys Of 2022

Sarah Riccio

2022 was a banner year for sex toys. From cutting-edge air pressure designs to mini versions of old favorites, I had the pleasurable privilege of testing many of the latest and greatest.

Although this year's releases included an exceptional crop of well-crafted, body-safe toys, a few stood out for their innovation, unique design, ability to deliver mind-bending orgasms, or all three! Here are my picks for the best sex toys of 2022 in several different categories, including wands, strokers, G-spot stimulators, and couples' vibrators.

Without further ado, here it is: my list of the Top 10 Sex Toys of 2022. 

Womanizer OG Air Pressure G-Spot Toy

The Womanizer OG 

Womanizer has already earned its reputation as the go-to brand for air pressure toys, but its newest offering — the OG — is on another level. 

The product designers at Womanizer said, “Sure, we could make another clitoral suction toy, but what if we made a G-spot suction toy and blew everyone’s mind instead?” Okay, maybe that’s not a direct quote, but that's what happened! 

The Womanizer OG has a long, curved, flexible body with a nozzle at one end. You can hold the nozzle over your clitoris for external stimulation or slip that baby inside of you to experience pulsing Pleasure Air Technology right on your G-spot. 

It. Is. Magical.

It’s also waterproof, which is great because the OG should come with a sign that reads WARNING: May cause extreme wetness or squirting. But seriously, the Womanizer OG is an innovative toy that fills a very eager hole in the market, making it one of the best toys to take into 2023. 

Perfect for: The air pressure aficionado! 

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Tenga Flip Zero Gravity

The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity 

It’s hard to improve on the original Flip Zero Stroker, but the pleasure pros at Tenga have managed to do exactly that.

The new Zero Gravity features a dense, ultra-stimulating texture from the opening all the way to the end for full-shaft sensation that’s great for penises of all sizes. If you’ve ever used a stroker that didn’t get fun until halfway in, this baby is a must-try.   

The Flip Zero Gravity is vibration-free, but that doesn’t mean it won’t rock your world. The combination of squishy suction, stroking, and soft-yet-firm pressure will make you wonder where this toy’s been all your life. 

Plus, the Flip Zero Gravity is blissfully easy to clean, too. As its name implies, the casing flips open, making cleaning and drying a cinch.  

Perfect for: Penis owners who find most strokers ho-hum

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Lelo Dot Clitoral Vibrator

The Lelo Dot 

If you feel like the average vibrator buzzes your entire vulva into numbness, you might need a toy that provides gentler, more precise stimulation. 

Enter the Lelo Dot

Shaped like an apostrophe and made from silky smooth silicone, this toy uses its tiny tip to draw figure-eights around the clitoris in a constant elliptical motion (or, as I like to call it, the infinite loop of pleasure). Sounds heavenly? It is.

In my experience, the Lelo Dot answers the call for pinpoint stimulation in a way that no other toy can. It almost feels like the very tip of a finger encircling your clit, but at speeds and patterns no human could possibly match. 

The Dot is another winner from Lelo, and a much needed addition to the world of precision stimulators. 

Perfect for: The person who likes pleasure precisely how they like it! 

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The Wearable by Deia

The Wearable by Deia 

The Wearable is a gorgeous new couple’s toy from an up and coming brand, and let me just say: what a way to make an entrance, Deia. 

The Deia collection debuted mid-’22, and includes a variety of unique vibrators like The Feather (which is literally shaped like a feather) and The Hot and Cold (can you guess what this one does?). Each toy comes in the brand’s signature navy blue color, and is wrapped in luxurious storybook-style packaging. 

I’m impressed by the entire line of Deia toys, but I chose The Wearable for this roundup because it’s my new favorite couple’s toy for PIV sex. In my experience, wearable couple’s toys often feel stiff, pokey, or press too firmly into the clitoris. 

The Wearable is very comfortable, with a flexible design that makes it easy to find the right fit. The V-shaped external stimulator perfectly hugs the vulva from top to bottom and, instead of pressing directly into the clit, vibrates the sides of it. For me, this is a game changer! 

Perfect for: Couples in need of a wearable toy that's comfortable in every position

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Arcwave Ion

Arcwave Ion Air Pressure Stroker

The age of sex toy innovation has arrived, and the Arcwave Ion is living proof.

This high-tech stroker uses air pressure pulses to stimulate the most sensitive parts of the penis, the head and frenulum. Imagine gentle but intensely enjoyable suction at the lower settings and suction combined with a deep, vibration-ish sensation at the higher settings, and you’ll be on the right track.

The Ion doesn’t require thrusting or stroking, making it one of the most relaxing strokers around. Dimensions are key when it comes to a comfortable fit, however, so don’t forget to measure yourself before you add this one to cart. Penis girths of 6 inches or under are ideal.   

Though the Arcwave Ion on high settings isn’t the quietest of masturbators (music UP if you have roommates), it’s waterproof, made from body-safe silicone, and easy to clean. It also just delivers knee-shakingly great stimulation.   

Perfect for: Stroker lovers in search of unique, high-tech pleasure

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Magic Wand Mini Vibrator

Magic Wand Mini 

Next up is the Magic Wand Mini, which is the petite version of the legendary Magic Wand Original. 

While it’s not quite as powerful as its full-sized predecessor, the Mini still offers the brand’s signature strength and rumbly sensations. It’s also made from the same body-safe materials, has a rechargeable design, and boasts a blissfully long battery life, just like the Original. 

The big difference between these wands? The Magic Wand Mini is much quieter and better for travel

As a longtime fan of the Magic Wand Original, you’ll never hear me say a bad word about it. But let’s be honest: it’s big, bulky, and kind of loud. The Mini takes the original design and tones all that down a notch, so that it’s easier to hold (and easier to hide). 

Perfect for: The frequent flier seeking strong vibrations on the go

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M-Elite Platinum Gript silicone stroker

M-Elite Platinum Gript Silicone Stroker 

This budget-friendly stroker is deceptively simple on the outside but blissfully complex on the inside.

Three textured chambers bring you on a wild ride of sensation with soft nubs and stimulating ribs.The Gript is made from platinum-cured Purio silicone, which is both super soft and super durable. 

The Gript has an open-ended, flexible design that fits almost any anatomy comfortably. Some strokers are tough to hold with the addition of lube, but not the Gript. Its textured exterior and ergonomic shape help you keep a secure grip when the going gets fast and slippery. 

The Gript’s also has a discreet look that makes it a great choice if you travel or have nosy housemates. 

Perfect for: Thrill-seeking penis owners who like a great value

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Vibepad 2 Warming Grinding Toy

The Vibepad 2

If I had to pick my number one favorite toy to come out of 2022, it would be the VibePad 2. 

There’s just something about finding a good grinding toy that feels extra special — maybe because it’s a rarer type of pleasure product that isn’t offered in the same abundance and variety as traditional vibrators

The VibePad 2 isn’t just a good grinding toy it’s the best I’ve ever tried. Its flat, flexible construction makes it easy to toss on a computer chair, passenger seat of a car, your partner's lap  wherever you want to get your grind on, chances are you can make it happen with the VibePad 2. 

But what really makes this toy tremendous are the upgrades from the Original VibePad. This new and improved model heats up and delivers tongue-flicking action that drives me wild. Overall, the VibePad 2 is the most stimulating grinding toy I've ever had the pleasure to ride. 

Perfect for: People who love to grind!

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Fun Factory Share Lite Strapless Strap-On

Fun Factory Share Lite

I’m always stoked when a new Fun Factory Toy comes out, but as an avid strap-on enthusiast, I was extra pleased to see the Share Lite hit the scene.  

The Fun Factory Share Lite is a strapless strap-on that’s lightweight, easy to wield, and deeply stimulating for both players. And when I say lightweight, I mean it’s literally lighter than the Original Fun Factory Share (by 22%, to be exact!). This redesign makes the toy feel more comfortable, and less like it’s going to fall out. 

This is one of the few strapless strap-ons I feel safe to use without the extra security of a harness to keep it in place. But my favorite feature of this toy is the long and girthy internal shaft. This bad boy offers the wearer over six thick inches of insertable length, which makes it perfect for couples who want to enjoy penetrative pleasure at the same time.  

Plus, both parts of this strap-on are curved to perfection. So, if shared G-spot pleasure is on your agenda for 2023, you might want to add the Fun Factory Share Lite to your collection!

Perfect for: Strap-on players who love penetration equally

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Le Wand Vibrating Necklace

Le Wand Vibrating Necklace 

Last but certainly not least is the Le Wand Vibrating Necklace, which in my opinion is one of the most successful examples of sex toy jewelry. 

The concept of the vibrating necklace is not new, but it can be tough to find one that's both effective and discreet. But when it comes to style and power, the Le Wand Necklace shines (literally). 

It's slim, powerful, whisper quiet, and made from glistening stainless steel with finishes in rose gold, black, or gold. And, perhaps most importantly, it doesn't look like a vibrator. It genuinely looks like a pretty necklace and nothing more.

Little do onlookers know that this lovely necklace is equipped with a whopping eight intensity settings that'll knock your socks off. Of every toy on this list, this one has got to be the most giftable! 

Perfect for: Lovers who want to give the gift of pleasure! 

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