What Are Dual Stimulation Sex Toys?

What Are Dual Stimulation Sex Toys?

Sarah Riccio

Ever heard of dual stimulation sex toys? Not sure what they are? I'll give you a hint: these devices deliver supercharged sensations that put them in a class of their own. In my (very extensive) experience, dual stimulation toys are not only amazingly pleasurable, they are the way to experience blended orgasms.

Come along as I discuss how dual stimulation toys work their magic and reveal which ones I can't get enough of! 

What are Dual Stimulation Sex Toys?

Dual-stimulation sex toys stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot at once, delivering twice the sensation with a single device. By stimulating both the external and internal nerves, dual stimulation can heighten arousal and boost the chances of a blended orgasm. 

The best-known dual stimulating gadgets are rabbit vibrators. Classic rabbit vibes have small rabbit ear-shaped extensions that stimulate the clitoris. Though each dual density toy has its own unique features, all are designed to deliver simultaneous internal and external stimulation. 

How Dual Stimulation Sex Toys Work

Dual-stimulation sex toys use dual motor technology and in essence, act as two toys in one. One motor targets the G-spot while the other focuses on clitoral stimulation. The motors of many dual stimulators have their own settings and can be operated independently. 

You can typically control the intensity for each part of the toy separately. This allows you to amp on the speed on either the clitoris or G-spot, keep the stimulation at the same level, or use only one stimulator at a time. That's the beauty of dual stimulation toys: how you enjoy them is entirely up to you.

Different Types of Dual Stimulation Sex Toys

Dual stimulation toys may use vibration for both the clitoris and G-spot, or use air pulses for external stimulation. An air pulse clitoral stimulator utilizes puffs of air rather than vibration. These toys are typically held just above the clitoris, rather than directly against it as vibrators are.

The combination of clitoral air pressure and G-spot vibration can create deep, penetrating sensations that intensify climax and make it last longer. 

Dual stimulation toys can use more than vibration to stimulate the G-spot. Some have an internal arm that thrusts or pulses, while others rotate or "wave." These toys deliver not just two types of stimulation, but three! 

Best Dual Stimulation Sex Toys AKA Best Rabbit Vibrators

With all the dual stimulation toys available, how to choose the perfect one for you? First, always look for body-safe materials like silicone and ABS plastic. Avoid toys made from porous PVC (which can also contain toxic chemicals) and TPE (TPE penis toys are okay!).

To help you get started, here are some of the dual stimulation toys I recommend most often. All are body-safe, tops in their category, and practically guaranteed to inspire lots of blended Os.

Best Flexible Dual Stimulator

We-Vibe Nova Not sure how a dual stimulator will fit your body? Take a look at the We-Vibe Nova. This ultra-bendy dual vibrator is designed to offer a customized fit so you can enjoy its deep, rumbly vibrations no matter what your physical proportions. The Nova is also app-controlled and can be operated by a partner from anywhere in the world. 

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Best Air Pressure Dual Stimulator

Womanizer DUO If you're looking for a dual stimulation toy that does air pressure very, very well, look no further than the Womanizer DUO. Womanizer is legendary for their air pressure clitoral stimulators, so it's no surprise that their dual stimulator is the cream of the crop. I say in my video review that the DUO is on a mission to make you climax. I dare you to try this toy and tell me it isn't.

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Best Triple Stimulator

Lelo Enigma Wave Lelo's boundary-breaking Enigma Wave stimulates the clitoris with air pressure and the G-spot with both vibration and an ultra-stimulating wave motion. This spectacular combo of sensations is designed to penetrate more of the clitoral network, resulting in mind-blowing pleasure as well as orgasms that last longer, feel deeper, and frankly ruin you for any other sex toy. 

Best Budget Dual Stimulator

ROMP Reverb I'd go for the Reverb just for its juicy colors and maneuverable size, but those are only two of its many pleasurable benefits. Perks include 10 vibe modes, 10 air pressure modes, a travel lock, and waterproof construction for fun in the bath and shower. The Reverb is also surprisingly affordable, making it my top budget-friendly pick. 

Best Quiet Dual Stimulator

Lelo Ina 3 Who says quiet and strong are mutually exclusive? The Ina 3 from Lelo delivers all the power of a premium dual stimulator in a super-discreet package. Beware though: the girthy stimulator, flexible clitoral vibrator, and wide range of settings might make it hard to put this toy down. 

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Best Rabbit Ear Dual Stimulator

Femme Funn Turbo Rabbit If you're like me and are a sucker for classic sex toy design, then the Turbo Rabbit from Femme Funn could be right up your alley. By classic I mean you'll get the fluttering rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation, along with some seriously modern upgrades. Along with lots of rumbly vibration, the Turbo Rabbit features full 360 degree rotation that will blow the doors off your G-spot.

Love your Os hands-free? You're in luck. The Turbo Rabbit comes with an easy-to-use remote control.