Rumbly Vs. Buzzy Vibrators

Rumbly Vs. Buzzy Vibrators

Rose MacDowell

So, you're shopping online for a vibrator, and you keep coming across two words: rumbly and buzzy. What do these terms mean, exactly, and how do they affect how a sex toy feels, sounds, and performs? 

Join me as I dive into the difference between rumbly and buzzy vibrators. I'll tell you which type of vibration is generally considered more pleasurable, which toys tend to be louder, and why both types of vibrators can have a valued place in your sex toy collection. 

High Frequency Vs. Low Frequency 

All vibrators are designed to, well, vibrate. But what makes them feel different from each other? In a word, frequency.

Frequency refers to the number of times a vibrator motor moves, or oscillates. It's this oscillation that creates the vibration that feels so good when you use certain sex toys. 

A motor that oscillates more frequently creates high-frequency vibrations. These motors are typically smaller and less powerful. The feeling of high frequency vibrations is often described as buzzy, or similar to an electric toothbrush. 

A motor that oscillates less frequently creates low-frequency vibrations. These motors are typically larger and more powerful. The feeling of low-frequency vibrations is usually rumbly, like a bass speaker or the engine of a bus. 

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How Do Rumbly and Buzzy Vibrations Feel?

When discussing how rumbly and buzzy toys compare, it's important to understand what happens to different kinds of vibrations when they touch your skin.   

How buzzy vibrations feel

High-frequency, buzzy vibrations don't travel through solid material well. They lose energy quickly and remain on the surface. So how does a buzzy vibrator feel on your body? The stimulation tends to feel more superficial. It doesn't disperse below the skin and can quickly make surface nerves feel overstimulated or even numb. 

How buzzy vibrations sound

Human ears are more sensitive to higher frequency sounds, making high-frequency vibrators easier to hear. This means they're easier to hear through walls and may be less discreet, even if the sex toy is relatively small with weak to moderate power. 

Buzzy toys also tend to be less expensive, and the motors of less expensive toys are often poorly insulated for sound. This can make a buzzy toy sound even louder. 

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Benefits of buzzy vibrators

Remember: not everyone prefers rumbly vibrations! Buzzy vibrators are great for surface power and intense, direct stimulation. Some people enjoy buzzy sensations on the clitoris, nipples, and other parts of the body that may respond well to pinpoint stimulation. 

Using a buzzy vibrator may feel enjoyable in short bursts, but can overwhelm nerve endings quickly and lead to a feeling of numbness and overstimulation. Using a buzzy toy for a few minutes at a time can help you avoid numbness and enjoy the intensity these toys are known for.

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How rumbly vibrations feel

Low-frequency, rumbly vibrations penetrate solid material more easily. They lose less energy as they travel under the skin's surface, which means they go farther and stimulate more tissue. Because they reach more nerves, the deep, rolling sensations of a rumbly vibrator feel more pleasurable to many people. 

How rumbly vibrators sound

Rumbly vibrators tend to have a lower-pitched sound. The human ear is less sensitive to low-frequency vibrations, which means that rumbly toys are typically more discreet and difficult to hear. If you live with other people and want to keep certain activities private, a rumbly vibrator is the way to go. 

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Benefits of rumbly vibrators

Rumbly vibrators are less likely than buzzy toys to feel overstimulating or cause numbness. Because the vibes from a rumbly toy travel farther and go deeper, more tissue will feel the sensations. More of the clitoral network, a wishbone shaped organ mostly hidden inside the body, will respond to the stimulation of a rumbly toy as the stimulation vibrates throughout its nerves and ligaments. 

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