Eagle sex position

What's The Eagle Sex Position?

Rose MacDowell

If you see the word eagle and immediately want to put “spread” in front of it, keep reading. We’re about to dive into the erotic ins and outs of the Eagle, a sex position worthy of a leisurely session in the nest with your partner. 

If you’ve been looking for a fun (and rather picturesque) way to go wild, heads up: this novice-friendly take on the classic missionary position will soon have you flying like a you-know-what. 

What’s the Eagle Sex Position?

The Eagle is all about spreading your wings — or in this case, your legs. If you’re the partner on the bottom (the eagle), you simply lie on your back with your legs up, straight, and angled toward your shoulders. Oh, and you spread those legs as wide as your anatomy will allow. Your hands rest flat on the bed/floor/whatever, and your elbows are sort of on the same longitude as your knees. Imagine a V with the soles of your feet aimed at the ceiling and you’re on the right track.  

Can’t picture anything but a jumble of limbs? Check out this illustration by our very own Sarah Riccio:

Eagle sex position pictureAs you can see, the partner on top adopts the traditional missionary position with their hands alongside the eagle’s body. So far, so easy for them, right? Their arms can be either in front of or behind the bottom partner’s legs. Just add penis or strap-on and they’re good to go. 

It’s safe to say that the top partner has less of a physical challenge when it comes to this position, but they also have to support their weight and do all the thrusting. Maybe not exactly even in terms of effort, but close.

Why Should I Try the Eagle Sex Position?

The Eagle became a Google-searched sensation when a contestant on a British reality show said it was his favorite sex position but refused to describe it. If that sounds like a great reason not to try it, consider this: the Eagle is hard to beat when it comes to deep penetration, both vaginal and anal. 

When we say deep, we mean deeeeep. Raising the body and spreading the legs open the way into the vagina and anus, making penetration more direct. Think of a straight hose versus one with a slight bend and you’ll get the general idea.

Physical mechanics aside, the Eagle has an unabashed, “do me now” look that can take missionary from routine to red hot in an instant. 

Variations on the Eagle Sex Position 

Sexy as the original Eagle may be, every position begs to be tweaked and customized. Try these variations for a little extra fun:

The One-Legged Eagle. This variation calls for one leg in spread-Eagle mode and the other resting flat in traditional missionary position. You can also bend one leg at the knee with a foot resting on your partner’s chest, or raise that leg and rest your ankle on your partner’s shoulder. These options are a bit gymnastic, and best reserved for the more flexible among us.  

The Eagle Has Landed. Make the Eagle less strenuous by adding pillows, sex furniture, or other supportive props. We like boosting the hips with a little wedge, or resting the legs on two chairs if you’re getting busy on the floor. Keep those legs airborne in bed by standing a couple of rolls or booster pillows on their ends. Folks with less strength or mobility can also try a half or quarter Eagle, which involves raising the legs slightly and supporting them with pillows or rolled up blankets.  

The Vibrating Eagle. Amp up the Os by adding a lay-on vibe, or try a C-ring designed to pleasure both partners during intercourse. We’re especially fond of flexible toys that add lots of sensation without shifting too much in flight. 

Final Thoughts

The Eagle sex position is more than just a fleeting Internet fad it’s a great way to quite literally plumb new depths with your partner. And while you're at it, don’t forget to try the Amazon, another slighty challenging but oh-so-worth-it sex position that will have you rethinking traditional gender roles. 

If you have any questions about the Eagle or would like a personalized toy recommendation, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always happy to help. Just send us an email at info@delicto.com, or DM us on Instagram or TikTok.