Womanizer Duo Review

Womanizer Duo Review

Sarah Riccio

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously stimulated until your eyes cross and your toes curl, then I’ve got something to show you. 

Meet the Womanizer DUO, a rabbit-style toy that combines air pressure and vibration for all the blended orgasms you can handle. It’s smooth, sleek, and whisper quiet for discreet fun.

In this Womanizer DUO review, you'll find the ins and outs (and back and forths) of this innovative toy so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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Womanizer DUO: Quick Stats 

No time for the full review? Just browse the need-to-know info below. You can also scroll to the end of this review for a list of pros, cons, and frequently asked questions.

Womanizer DUO at a glance:

  • Rabbit-style toy for G-spot and clitoral stimulation 
  • 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Waterproof 
  • Ergonomic, flexible design 
  • Combines Pleasure Air Technology and vibration 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Whisper quiet 
  • 10 vibration patterns 
  • 12 intensity levels 
  • Comes with two stimulation heads
  • Bordeaux, black, raspberry, and blueberry color options 

Womanizer duo unboxing

Unboxing the Womanizer DUO

The Womanizer DUO is luxuriously packaged in a storybook-style box that’s just begging to be opened. It’s sturdy enough to reuse for toy storage, and has some product information printed on it as well.

Inside the box is a user manual that illustrates how the toy works, a business card encouraging you to use the hashtag #imasturbate, and a satin carrying case for the toy itself.

The box also includes one magnetic charger, an extra stimulator head to accommodate vulvas of different sizes and, of course, the Womanizer DUO.

This is the kind of packaging that makes me feel like the brand is eager to take care of me. And when I first opened it, I thought, “If this toy is half as nice as this packaging, we’re in business.”

Speaking of which, let’s get down to it!

womanizer duo air pressure toy

How Does the Womanizer DUO Work?

The Womanizer DUO kind of looks like a futuristic toy from The Jetsons, which might feel a little confusing at first! It has an ornate shape and relatively large size — but don’t be intimidated — it’s easy to use and very intuitive once you get situated. 

Construction and Design

The Womanizer DUO features a dual design that combines both vibration and air pressure to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris at the same time. This is the brand’s innovative take on the traditional rabbit-style toy, a category of sex toy that blends internal and external stimulation.

The DUO has a long, curved, vibrating shaft that slips inside the vagina for a rumbly G-spot massage, and a suction nozzle that applies air pressure to the clit. Its shaft is very flexible, which I found to be helpful in aligning the toy with my anatomy. 

When you press the mouth of the toy into your clit, Pleasure Air Technology kicks in and feels like a combination of sucking and blowing sensations, while the vibrator stimulates your G-spot. Before you know what hit you, you’re in throes of an almost unbearably intense orgasm. 

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Features & Settings

First, there are a few things to note about the controls.

The power button is on the underside of the toy, away from the rest of the buttons. Simply press it once to turn it on, then bring it into contact with your body to activate it. The DUO only activates when it senses your body, and is essentially in standby mode until you give it something to do.

To make sure the DUO is on, put your hand in front of the mouth. If it's on, you should feel the vibration and air pulses right away. From there, take a moment to explore its 12 intensity settings by pressing the four buttons in the center of the toy.

You can also switch up the shaft’s vibration pattern by cycling through its 10 different modes. So, both the air pressure and vibration features can be controlled independently, and in a wide variety of ways. I suggest experimenting with different pleasure combinations to find the intensity that feels right. 

womanizer duo clitoral stimulator

Should I Buy the Womanizer DUO?

The Womanizer DUO is a unique toy that's bound to be perfect for some, and not ideal for others. So, let's recap its main perks and pitfalls so you can decide if it's the right fit for you. 

It's quiet

I did not expect a toy of this size to be this quiet, but it’s practically silent. The vibration sounds are muffled because they’re inside you, and the air pressure is whisper quiet. If noise is a concern for you, rest assured that the DUO is super discreet. 

It's smart

Smart Silence Technology keeps the DUO in standby mode until it comes into contact with your body. Not only does this save battery life, but it lends itself well to discreet play. To completely silence the DUO, just lift the mouth of the toy away from your body and all vibration and suction will stop instantly. 

It's body-safe

The DUO is made from 100% medical-grade silicone, which means it’s body-safe, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and easy to clean. It also feels really soft and smooth on the skin. 

It's vulva inclusive

The Womanizer DUO includes two different stimulation heads to accommodate vulvas of different shapes and sizes. If your clitoris is larger, or you want to cover more surface area, use the large stimulation head. If you’re smaller or want more tightly focused stimulation, use the small head. 

It's intensely stimulating 

The crowning achievement of the DUO, in my opinion, is its ability to deliver blended stimulation. The combination of G-spot vibration and clitoral suction is just *chefs kiss* amazing, and the variety of patterns and speeds kicks everything up a notch. 

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womanizer duo clitoral massager

Womanizer DUO Potential Cons

So, what’s not to love about the Womanizer DUO? 

It's intense

Between the vibrating G-spot massage and clitoral suction, this toy is pretty intensely pleasurable. And for some, it's probably going to be too much. If you're in the market for subtle, gentle stimulation, this might not be it. 

It suddenly stops

The Smart Silence feature is very handy when you want to use it. But when you accidentally lift the mouth of the toy and everything stops, it can be jarring! After a few tries, I got the hang of it, and even found it to be useful for edging.  

Delicto Expert Tips

Use lots of lube

There’s a lot of stimulation happening with the DUO, so it's important to use plenty of lube. The wetter you are, the better it feels. 

Deeper doesn't always mean better

It might be tempting to insert this toy’s entire shaft, but that’s not necessarily the right fit for everyone. In fact, the G-spot lives about 2 inches inside the vagina. So, I suggest inserting a little bit at a time until you find your sweet spot. 

It's not solely for solo play

The DUO can be a super fun couple's toy, especially since it's so intense! If you're looking for a way to give your lover an orgasm they won't soon forget, you might want to see what the DUO can do. 

womanizer duo box

Final Thoughts

Now you’re well on your way to deciding if this is the Womanizer DUO is the rabbit-style sex toy of your dreams. If you're still on the fence or have any questions, send me an email or request a consultation!

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How do you clean the Womanizer DUO? 

Just spray it down with toy cleaner, rinse with warm water, and let it air dry. Mild soap and water or a UV sterilizer work fine, too. 

Is the Womanizer waterproof?  

The Womanizer DUO is 100% waterproof. Feel free to use this toy in the bedroom or the bathtub!

Can the Womanizer DUO make you squirt?  

While there’s no way to guarantee that the Womanizer will make you squirt, it's true that combining G-spot and clitoral stimulation can be a very effective technique to stimulate female ejaculation.

Is the Womanizer DUO worth the money?  

In my opinion, the DUO is worth every penny of the cost. This is a luxury toy that delivers blended orgasms like few toys I've tried, and that, to me, is priceless.