10 Things To Say To Your Lover In The Bedroom

10 Things To Say To Your Lover In The Bedroom

Sarah Riccio

Every day I get asked some variation of the following: what are some things I can say to my lover in the bedroom? How can I feel more comfortable vocalizing my appreciation/desires/thoughts and still sound like myself? Here are 10 tried-and-true ideas to get you started. 

Oh, my God, you feel so good

Say this within moments of entering/being entered by your partner and say it like you've been waiting for this for a long time. Bonus points if you follow this with a few other superlatives, like amazing, fantastic, incredible whatever compliment comes to mind.

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I've never been this wet/hard/excited before 

Whisper this directly in their ear before asking them if they want to feel it for themselves.

Don't stop until I tell you to stop

Say this to someone who loves being told what to do or needs a bit of guidance and direction.

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Be gentle with me

Say this with direct eye contact and a smirk that lets them know you mean the opposite.

Who's *insert body part* is this?

The best response to this one is "it's yours, Daddy," or whichever honorific you use.

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Don't finish too fast

Say this right before getting mouthy with a partner who tends to feel self-conscious about how long they take to finish. Say it like you really hope they take their time.

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I'm going to enjoy myself to this tomorrow

Say this as you set up your camera and press record (with their consent, of course).

You can finish anywhere you want

Say this when you know they're getting close, especially if they've expressed a request to climax in a new and exciting spot. 

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Beg for it

Say this when they ask for permission to finish or really want you to enter them/want to enter you.

You're so good at that

Say this when they're hitting it, licking it, or massaging it just right.