How to become a sex toy reviewer

How to Become a Sex Toy Reviewer

Sarah Riccio

So, you want to be a sex toy reviewer! You can picture it now: free pleasure products arriving daily on your doorstep, explosive orgasms that you actually get paid for, and a devoted following of sex toy lovers. 

Best job in the world, right? Well, yes! But as a sex toy reviewer, I can tell you -- there's a lot more to it than that. Join me to find out what it takes to write and film reviews of sex toys and other pleasure products. I'll tell you how to get started, the kinds of skills you'll need, and why testing toys is just the beginning.

What is a Sex Toy Reviewer? 

A sex toy reviewer tests sex toys and writes and/or films an honest and detailed account of their experience with each product. Some reviewers publish only written reviews, others publish only video reviews, while others (like me!) do both. 

In addition to sex toys, a sex toy reviewer might review:

  • Personal lubricants
  • Sex toy storage 
  • BDSM gear like blindfolds, impact tools, and restraints
  • Sexual wellness products like Kegel balls, massage oils, and condoms
  • Sex pillows and throws/blankets
  • Sex toy cleaners

Anything intended for sexual pleasure is fair game when it comes to reviewing! You can choose to concentrate on one particular type of product or review a wide variety your focus as a reviewer is entirely up to you.

How do Sex Toys Reviewers Get Products?

All you have to do is start reviewing toys and manufacturers will send you free products, right? Not so fast. Many manufacturers send toys only to reviewers with a large and dedicated following.

What does that mean if you're a fledgling reviewer? You guessed it: you may have to buy your own products when you first start out. If you don't sell sex toys or have access to wholesale products, this can be quite a pricey prospect. 

What about getting the toys from pleasure products retailers (like us!)? Keep in mind that most retailers have their own reviewers on staff or will reach out to reviewers who already have an established and devoted following. This means that you may to invest not just time and energy into sex toy reviewing, but money, as well. 

Watch or read my sex toy reviews!

Which Skills Does a Sex Toy Reviewer Need? 

Many aspiring reviewers assume that all they need is a sex toy and a willingness to write down their honest thoughts and experiences. And while both of these are essential, they're far from the only skills you'll need.  

Product review of any kind takes an ability to assess the most important features of an item in addition to your personal experience. Like anything, doing it well takes knowledge and practice. You as the reviewer need to be able to bring something unique to each review. 

Here are some of the most important skills you'll need to review sex toys — and do it well. 

The ability to write

If you want to review sex toys, writing skills are essential. You'll need an ability to describe products, their features, and your experience with those features in a clear and engaging way. 

The ability to write also requires knowing how to say just enough so your reader understands the main points you need to make without feeling overwhelmed by too much information. Unnecessary or conflicting details can derail your review and make your reader click away or look for a faster-paced, more interesting review. 

If you want to write good sex toy reviews, you must also be able to:

  • Use proper grammar
  • Spell correctly
  • Produce accurate reviews on a regular basis (the more frequently you publish, the better!)
  • Structure your reviews in a clear and easy-to-read format
  • Write reviews that are long enough to impart key points, but not so long that your audience gets bored or confused 

Writing reviews also requires publishing through a blog, online store, or other platform that makes them available to readers. It's also important to know how to add pictures to your review and optimize it for Google and other search engines. 

    The ability to connect with the camera

    If you want to film pleasure product reviews exclusively or both write and film them, you'll need an ability to connect with your audience through the camera.

    This may seem as easy as looking into your phone and telling viewers what you thought of a particular toy, but we all know people who have a certain "it" factor when it comes to producing videos. They seem to be speaking directly to you in a way that feels personal and keeps you interested in their content. 

    If you're a person who has a natural connection with the camera, great! Video reviewing could be a good career for you. Some aspiring reviewers will get more comfortable with the camera as they practice, while others will find that filming videos is not the best use of their talents. That doesn't mean you shouldn't review, but you may want to put out written work instead of videos. 

    Knowledge about your products

    If you're going to review products, it goes without saying that you'll need to know what they're made from and how they work. This isn't quite as simple as it sounds. You'll need to be able to discuss sex toy materials and features in depth, and explain if the product is:

    The more you know about the science of sex toy materials, how pleasure products work, and how they function when you use them yourself, the more likely you are to create a helpful and engaging review. 

    Final Thoughts

    All of the above said, I started writing and publishing product reviews with no experience and worked my way into a career as a reviewer over time. By time, I mean several years. I began as a pillow and bedding reviewer, and eventually created my own job in the pleasure product space when I co-founded

    Years? you say. Well, it could take less time for you, but remember that, above all, product review takes commitment and persistence. Like anything worth doing, it isn't easy, but if you've got what it takes, it can be a very pleasurable life.