Best Vibrators For Bigger Bodies

Best Vibrators For Bigger Bodies

Sarah Riccio

If you've ever tried to use a sex toy only to find it wasn't the right fit for your body, you're far from alone. Sex toys can feel too small, too short, too hard to maneuver, and give you more frustration than pleasure.

But there are some that work beautifully for a variety of body shapes and sizes. These toys are easier (and more comfortable!) to use and feel more customized to your anatomy. Here are some of the very best vibrators, air pressure toys, wands, and lay-on vibes for bigger bodies. 

Best Sex Toys for Bigger Bodies

Best wand for bigger bodies 

Fun Factory VIM Ever tried to reach your nether regions with a toy only to come up short? Check out the Fun Factory VIM. This wand has a luxuriously lengthy handle to help you make clitoral contact with ease. The VIM also features rumbly, low-frequency vibrations at every setting, from whisper-soft to superpowered.

The VIM's slightly flexible neck helps you maneuver the toy comfortably in different positions, while its textured head is large enough to deliver the goods to vulvas of all sizes. 

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Best air pressure toys for bigger bodies

We-Vibe Melt A long, ergonomic shape and Bluetooth operation make the We-Vibe Melt of my top picks in the air pressure category. Some air pressure toys require holding at an awkward angle, but not the Melt. Its low-profile shape fits in your palm and aims deeply pleasurable stimulation exactly where you want it.

I also like propping the Melt up with a pillow and using it hands-free with my phone, or giving control over to my partner. 

Suckle Rose Toy Cute as it is, the Rose toy can be notoriously challenging to hold at the right angle, particularly if you have a larger body. Enter the Suckle Rose Toy, which is essentially the Rose toy on a stick! Except that stick is also a penetrative vibrator that's perfect for G-spot stimulation. 

This two-in-one device is the perfect solution if you want both an air pressure toy and an internal vibe to switch things up. It's also super-easy to hold and operate for effortless fun. 

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Best grinding toys for bigger bodies

Vibepad and Vibepad 2 Never tried a grinding toy? Prepare to discover a new and very pleasurable world. The Vibepad and Vibepad 2 are oval silicone pads that feature two smooth, vibrating arches. How to use this type of toy? Just sit down, switch it on with the hands-free remote, and get your grind on. A grinding toy works equally well for bodies of any size and is a great option if reaching down is a challenge.

The Vibepad 2 includes a delicious warming feature and a flickering silicone tongue for pinpoint clitoral stimulation.  

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Best dual stimulator/rabbit toy for bigger bodies

We-Vibe Nova Dual stimulators sound like the best of both worlds with their combo clitoral and G-spot design, but they can also be a bit tricky when it comes to fit. The We-Vibe changes all that with its ultra-flexible, bendy design that lets you mold it to your unique anatomy. Made from smooth, waterproof silicone, this app-controlled toy is even more enjoyable hands-free. 

Best budget vibe for bigger bodies

Romp Hype This budget-friendly toy is ideal for those who wish they could take their favorite bullet vibrator and make it longer. With a slim, simple profile and a squishy-soft tip for comfort, this silky silicone toy is just as good at stimulating the clitoris as it is the G-spot. It's also waterproof, with 10 vibe modes and a run-time of one hour. 

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Best lay-on vibrator for bigger bodies 

Dame Pom If ever there were a perfect toy for solo play and intercourse, the Dame Pom is it. This soft, flexible silicone toy has a broad shape for stimulating the entire vulva as well as the clitoris. Slip it between your bodies when you have sex with your partner, or rest it between your legs for some rumbly, no-hands solo pleasure. 

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Best support for bigger bodies  

Dame Pillo This firm wedge pillow provides lift and support to make your favorite positions more comfy. Slide it under your hips or lower back, use it to elevate your booty during oral sex, or make your G-spot more accessible for solo or partnered play. The water-resistant, removable cover is machine washable, too.  

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