How to use a sex pillow

How to Use a Sex Pillow

Sarah Riccio

Ever seen a sex pillow but weren't sure how to use it? Wondering how the right wedge can improve both solo and partnered play? Here are 5 ways to boost your pleasure (literally!) with a sex pillow. 

How Does a Sex Pillow Work? 

How can a pillow make penetrative sex and masturbation feel so much better? Simple physics! When you put a pillow under your lower back, it helps to tilt your pelvis upward. This gives the giver a straight shot at the G-spot and allows them to target thousands of sensitive nerve endings with perfect precision.

As someone who's been using sex pillows in one form or another for years, let me tell you — the difference between tilt and no tilt is huge and, for me, can mean the difference between an orgasm and no orgasm. Or a good orgasm and a phenomenal one. 

When Should I Use a Sex Pillow?

Sex pillows aren't exclusively for partnered play! Pairing a pillow with a G-spot or prostate toy can be explosive during a solo session. You can use a sex pillow anytime you want a little lift or support, and that includes non-sexual activities, too, such as:

  • Under your laptop
  • While working in bed
  • While watching TV
  • Under a book or tray
  • During yoga 
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    Sex Pillow Positions

    Ready to try a sex pillow? Need some ideas? Here are five of my favorite ways to enjoy elevated sex and solo play. 

    Position 1

    First up, put your pillow on the bed or floor with the lower side facing you. Lie on it face up. If your legs are straight out, this will elevate your back instead of your hips. But if you raise your legs in the air, the thicker side of the pillow will sit under your lower back and support your hips, tilting your pelvis upward and giving your lover direct access to the G-spot. 

    Another thing I like about using the pillow this way is that it leaves room for my partner to rest their knees on it, as well. 

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    Position 2

    Next, flip the wedge around so that the thicker side is facing you. Lie back over the top of the pillow with the thick part under your lower back. This is probably the most popular way of using a wedge sex pillow, as it can help tilt your pelvis at the perfect angle for deep G diving.

    Keep in mind that, unlike a regular pillow, a firm sex pillow is designed to hold its shape and support your weight. It won't compress down or get flat no matter how long you enjoy it. 

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    Position 3

    For position 3, position the pillow with the thicker side facing you. Now lie on top of it with your belly facing down. This will give your back an instant arch and your rump a quick lift, making it perfect for intercourse from behind.

    You can lift your rump even higher to explore deeper depths, or to raise your lover's dinner to meet their mouth. Prop a leg up to open the doors a little wider. 

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    Position 4

    With the shallow side of the pillow facing you, drape your legs over the wedge so that the thick part is angled right under your knees. This feels great by itself because it relieves lower back pain and also provides leverage and support when your lover is riding rodeo.

    If you were wondering how a wedge might help someone with a pickle or strap-on, this is one way.

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    Position 5

    With the thicker side of the pillow facing you, open your knees wide and lean over the wedge belly-side down. This will give you a perfect arch in the back, support your lower abdomen, and keep your tush comfortably lifted until the cows come home. It also spreads open the peach, making it a great position for anal sex or rimming. 

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