3 Sex Positions You Probably Haven't Tried

3 Sex Positions You Haven't Tried (But Totally Should)

Sarah Riccio

Looking for new ways to explore intimacy with your partner? Bored of doing it the same way every time? Here are three sex positions you probably haven’t tried, but totally should. 

All of these positions can be enjoyed by any gender and are sex toy friendly. I’ll show you exactly which sex toys are best for each position, and have included sketches of the positions for the visual learners (me) among us. 

Let's dive right in. 

The Relaxed Crab 

If you grew up in the ‘90s, you probably did the crabwalk in gym class, and that’s exactly how you’re going to start this position. 

With you and your partner both in a crabwalk position, shuffle straight toward each other until your pelvises are close and aligned. Then, lower your booties while the giver keeps their feet planted on the bed or floor. The receiver should raise their legs and rest their feet on top of their lover's shoulders.

Crab Sex Position

The relaxed crab focuses more on grinding and less on pumping than many missionary-style positions, which makes it excellent for clitoral stimulation. It's also ideal for folks who don't have a lot of energy to bring to the game, and just want to enjoy a slow-but-sexy intimate embrace.

Try slipping a small lay-on vibrator between your bodies, or use a couples vibrator to amp up the intensity of this position.

My top sex toy picks for this position are:

Lay-on Vibrator: The Arouser by Deia

Budget-friendly Lay-on Vibrator: VeDO Izzy Lay-On Vibrator

Wearable Couples' Vibrator: We-Vibe Sync

The Seated Backbend

This position requires a bit more flexibility, especially on the receiving end. But if you're bendy enough to make it happen, it's more than worth it. 

Start in traditional missionary position, with the giver on top and the receiver on the bottom. Once you've comfortably achieved penetration, the giver slowly sits up and extends their legs under their partner's body.

Seated backbend sex position

Then, with help from their partner, the receiver should lean backward to rest their back on top of their lover's outstretched legs. If you're the one leaning back, you may want to slip a pillow between your back and your partner's legs for extra support. You can also prop yourself up on your wrists or elbows if you don't want to lie all the way back.

Why go to all this trouble? Because, if done right, this position can create exceptionally deep penetration. This angle leaves your nipples and clitoris wide open for additional stimulation, from hands as well as toys.

My top sex toy picks for this position are:  

Budget-friendly wand: Emojibator Tiny Wand

Power wand: Magic Wand Mini

Clitoris and nipple vibe: Dame Fin Finger Vibrator

Face to Face Spooning

If you're looking for a romantic position that takes minimal effort but feels really good, here it is. 

Instead of spooning while facing the same direction, turn to face each other. The receiver position their pelvis slightly above the giver's, and drapes one leg over the giver's hip.

Spoon sex position

While this position doesn't require much energy or flexibility, it does create a tight fit that can take a little time and patience to perfect. But the reward is well worth the effort! Plus, this is another position that puts pressure on the clitoris, and is perfect for slipping a vibe between bodies. 

My top sex toy picks for this position are:  

Wearable couples' vibrator for clitoral stimulation: Dame Eva  

Wearable couples' vibrator for stimulating the clitoris, G-spot, and penis: The Wearable by Deia

Cock Ring: Fun Factory Nos Vibrating Couples' Ring

Learn more: What Do Cock Rings Do?

Bonus Positions

Already done the Crab, Backbend, and Spoon, or just looking for more positions to add to your rotation? Check out the Amazon Sex Position and the Eagle Sex Position

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