Best G-Spot Toys

Best Sex Toys for the G-Spot

Rose MacDowell

Maybe you've heard that the G-spot is the backside of the clitoris and is therefore very sensitive to stimulation. You may also have heard that there's no such thing as the G-spot and the whole kit and kaboodle is part of the clitoris network. And while it may be true that the G-spot isn't a distinct anatomical entity, it does have a unique feel and texture, and we here at Delicto love to give it the attention it deserves. 

Without further ado, allow us to present some of our favorite toys for maximizing G-spot pleasure. These include vibrators, toys made from glass and stainless steel, budget-friendly options, and toys that stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris for sheet-grabbing Os. Let's dive in.  

Best G-spot vibrator

Pillow Talk Sassy From its deep, penetrating vibration to its curved shaft to its bulbous, G-spot-loving head, the Pillow Talk Sassy is designed for powerful internal stimulation. The rumbly vibes penetrate the entire clitoral network, making it easier to achieve blended orgasms and squirting climaxes. The Sassy's firm tip is perfect for massaging the G-spot while its pleasurably girthy shaft stretches sensitive nerves.  

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Best stainless steel G-spot toy

njoy Pure Wand The Pure Wand is like nothing else you've ever tried. This high-grade stainless steel toy brings 1.5 pounds of delicious G-spot pressure to the game. Though it can take a bit of practice at first, the Pure Wand is a legend for a very good reason. Try rocking and rolling one of the rounded against the G-spot rather than moving it in and out for intense pleasure few other toys can match. 

Keep in mind that stainless steel is highly conductive, making it the ideal material for temperature play. Run the Pure Wand under warm or cold water for a little extra heat or a chilly zing. 

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Best glass G-spot toy

GLAS Purple Rain Glass Dildo Glass delivers all the benefits of a hard material toy with less weight and a lower price than stainless steel. Choose the rounded end if you like broader stimulation or go for the tapered tip for more focused G-spot massage. Smooths ribs add delicious texture on the way in and out.

The Purple Rain is made from super-strong borosilicate glass and has a silky, tension-free glide. Plus, it's safe to use with any lube and is a cinch to clean. 

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Best budget G-spot vibrator

Pillow Talk Racy Mini The Racy is the little sister to the Sassy, with diminutive proportions and a quiet, discreet motor. With its slim shaft and smooth silicone surface, it makes a great first penetrative toy. The Racy is pleasantly rumbly for its size and is perfect for stimulating any part of the vagina and vulva, including the clitoris. Its Swarovski crystal operating button gives it some sweet bling, too.

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Best dual stimulation G-spot toy

Womanizer DUO If you want to knock your own socks off with the kinds of sensations that will leave you limp and speechless, might I suggest the Womanizer DUO. This dual stimulation toy rumbles the G-spot with vibration while it pleasures the clitoris with powerful air pulses. The combination leaves no nerve untouched and is intensely, mind-blowingly fun. 

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ROMP Reverb This budget-friendly dual stimulator is small enough to cradle in your hand but powerful enough to send waves of bliss through the clitoral network. 3 vibe intensities, 7 patterns, and 10 air pressure modes make it easy to customize your experience. The Reverb get bonus points for eye-catching design, waterproof construction, and a travel lock for easy transport. 

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Best dildo for the G-spot

Strap-On-Me P&G Spot Dildo Maybe you've tried silicone dildos and they just didn't have the glide you were looking for. Enter the P&G Spot Dildo from Strap-On-Me. This glossy black dil has an uber-smooth surface that slips across your tissues with no drag or grit. With its distinct curve, strong suction cup, and firm feel, this dildo is one of my go-to G-spot toys. 

Another thing I love about the P&G Spot dildo? It comes in 4 sizes to comfortably fit just about any body.