How To Stimulate the A-spot

How To Stimulate the A-Spot

Sarah Riccio

Want to expand your horizons beyond the clitoris and G-spot? Ready to experience a different and more intense kind of pleasure? Then you need to know about the A-spot, formally called the anterior fornix.

The what, you say? Join me as we dive into the singular joys of this often-overlooked thrill zone. 

What is the A-Spot? 

Above the G-spot is the A-spot, sometimes referred to as the deep spot because of its position high inside the vagina. To be precise, its technical name is anterior fornix, which is an erogenous zone located between the bladder and cervix.

Like the G-spot, the A-spot is part of — or at least adjacent to — the clitoral network. Many of us think of the clitoris as the small, visible part at the top of the vulva, but it actually includes a wishbone-shaped structure of nerves and ligaments inside the body. Press on or near this network and you'll be rewarded with unique and intensely stimulating kinds of pleasure.  

The A-spot is also known for creating wet, slippery conditions that maximize glide and pleasure. If you're thinking that sounds a lot like squirting, well, the A-spot can be wickedly helpful on that front, too.  

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Where is the A-Spot?

How do you find this A-spot? This sensitive, crevice-shaped area is located on the front (belly button side) of the vaginaat the very top of the vaginal canal. If this sounds like quite a reach, well, it isn't if you've got the right tools. 

The A-spot is a lot like the G-spot in that it can take a bit of fumbling around to locate it, but once you've found it you've found it. Everybody experiences pleasure differently, so not everyone will hit the roof in a good way when they discover their A-spot. But never fear — if you have a vagina, you have an A-spot, even if it takes a minute or two to track down. 

Exactly how can you experience the otherworldly pleasures of the A-spot? Follow me over the jump.

How to Stimulate the A-Spot 

Sex toys make perfect companions for A-spot exploration. Why? Because the right ones are long enough, firm enough, and curved enough to do a masterful job of stimulating this area.  

To target the A-spot with a dildo, choose a toy with at least 6 inches of insertable length to fully stimulate the area. A curved shaft and bulbous end are also ideal for the kind of deep massage that will send you over the moon. 

Rhythmic stroking of the anterior fornix can feel similar in intensity to G-spot stimulation and result in a squirting orgasm, blended orgasm, or (gasp) both at the same time. 

Which specific motion should you use to stimulate the A-spot with toys? Here are some suggestions:

  • Use fast strokes to stimulate this sensitive area, but stay in the A-spot zone by keeping your strokes short. This can also keep your hand and wrist from feeling tired
  • Rock and roll the head of your toy against the A-spot instead of stroking, or switch up rocking and stroking for a 
  • Press the toy into your A-spot for a deeply pleasurable massage
  • Do any or all of the above in combination with clitoral stimulation to boost your chances of a blended or squirting orgasm

You can also try alternating stimulation between the G-spot and A-spot, something that can be particularly fun to do when you're getting close to climax. This is best accomplished with plenty of lube, and can be particularly earth-shaking during anal or oral sex.

Best Sex Toys for A-Spot Stimulation

Dildos and vibrators can both make fantastic A-spot stimulators. Keep in mind that if a toy works for the G-spot, it will often work for the A-spot, particularly if it has a lengthier shaft. 

Here are some of the toys I keep in my regular A-spot rotation. 

Pillow Talk Sassy It's got the shape, it's got the firmness, and it's got the deep, rumbly vibration. It's also got a price so reasonable it's nearly impossible to pass up. This sex blogger favorite boasts a long handle and nerve-stretching girth for maximum A-spot pleasure. It's also one of the best G-spot vibrators you'll find anywhere, at any price.

njoy Pure Wand Don't let this weighty stainless steel dildo intimidate you. Famous for its ability to inspire squirting orgasms, the Pure Wand brings the heft that A- and G-spots need to feel deeply stimulated. It's also deliciously simple, without a motor or operating buttons to fuss around with.

If you've ever wished a toy had a little more oomph, this could be the dildo for you.

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Dame Arc I'd be very surprised if the folks at Dame weren't thinking about the A-spot when they created the Arc. This 7.5 inches in length, this vibrator can reach every sensitive spot and then some. The curved tip fits perfectly around the cervix and has a bit of squish for comfort. 

The Arc is quiet and waterproof, making it a no-brainer for A-spot fun in the bath.

Femme Funn Klio If you wish a single toy could pleasure your A-spot and clitoris at the same time, may I suggest the Femme Funn Klio. With 5 inches of insertable length, it not only reaches the A-spot with ease, it taps and vibrates it, too. It also taps the clitoris, a sensation I couldn't imagine until I tried it. Consider me a convert.

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